AU (or not cause the show makes it look like it’s goddamn canon) where Agent Graham and Doctor Lecter are partners solving crimes, with Will eating junk food and drinking cheap coffee and Hannibal trying to force home made food on him in his neatly packed containers but Will “ain’t no prissy lady and won’t be eating some fancy shit”, while he stuffs himself with yet another donut instead and wonders not for the first time why did they even end up paired up? Oh yes, he needs chaperoning, because he’s special (the word they classifed him with is different but let’s not go there) it’s all prejudice bollocks anyway. Also Will is wearing tattered jackets and plaid shirts eying Hannibal’s suits with constant amusement “Do forgive me William, for being presentable party of our teamship,” “Yeah, fat load of good these suits are when we need to chase suspects in the forest and get our asses dirty and who’s actually doing the chase then?” “I am there to console and support, as crucial role as any,” “Please, support and console my ass” “Poor choice of words William”. Yep and  basically all that good cop/bad cop dynamics applies, where agent Graham is hostile and awkward with witnesses (“I need information not their phone numbers”) doctor Lecter spreads his charm and words of kindness and sophistication instead (“Amusing since all you’ve got in return while applying your method is series of grunts and curses and not a single piece of useful information”, ‘Shut up, smartass.”)