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My final project from Junior Illustration I

I had to create a frozen yogurt brand with an accompanying pattern, so i made Yogoat, a goat-themed frozen yogurt store that specializes in goat milk froyo! 

I made a main goat as a mascot, and variations on it for flavors, and used them to mock up a froyo cup, pint cartons, a business card, and store interior~

I bet Solas knows a lot about old elvhen constellations, Lavellan always asks him to point them out to her at night, and their stargazing meetings are always filled with stories and laughs and tender elvhen phrases (the possibilities are endless)

i drew this while listening to the Moon Song from Her which worked surprisingly well and actually made me wawa in the middle of drawing

redraw of that scene by memory but then pulled up a ref at the end for little details >u>;;

Just Being Me

everything’s a bit darker now

it’s changed a lot since I was a kid. daytime has always been too happy for me, because with the light comes an expectation of being happy, which I simply cannot be so when I was younger the night was my friend and she greeted me with a smile and she always saw me to rest but now I’m seeing her pass before I do and I don’t really know when I’m starting a new day and finishing an old one but it doesn’t really matter because it’s always all the same now isn’t it?

days are losing their light and colors aren’t as prismatic, and things that used to shine have lost their luster so with all the energy I can muster I turn to the night and I trust her to keep me company like no one ever did

it’s changed since I was a kid

everything’s a bit darker now


Ok so I couldn’t choose one…
I gave y’all some consistent ass looks this year…
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i just love these kids…sO…MUCH

 lil sugi throwing his helmet at gin….. gin is smiling like haha losersugi you’re a hundred years too early to beat me and zura is just watching very patiently. i love ths so much i love joui so much.. ALSO THIS IS HOW SHOUYOU REMEMBERS HIS KIDS DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!! he loves his kids so much!!! they taught him so much and made him see things differently THE SAME WAY they loved him so much and they just both changed each other’s lifes so much this relation is just so important i just…

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is the adult life hard

when I know how to actually be an adult I will let you know