and this scene gave us how much they care about each other

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Did anyone else get confused in the last episode? It seemed like the writers wanted us to root for the Dragon Queen Brothp, even though it was all about Regina and Maleficent encouraging each other to be evil. Was I suppose to cheer when Mal finally went dragon again and torched King Stefan and his guards? Or when she cursed poor Aurora? How about when Regina and the QODs were acting like a bunch of juvenile delinquents? Am I suppose to be happy August is going to be tortured by them, Sunday?

It’s like I said in another post: I didn’t care much for the DQ scenes in the flashbacks. I enjoyed their dynamic a lot more in modern day SB than anything else. I’m not sure why, but I do.

I think we were supposed to feel sorry for Maleficent, but I don’t. There wasn’t anything in that episode that gave me the opportunity to feel sorry for her. I mean, they didn’t even give us a reason as to why Maleficent hated Briar Rose so much. As much as we hated Regina, at least they gave us a reason as to why she hated Snow so much. Albeit a shitty reason, but a reason nonetheless. If we would have gotten more from Maleficent’s story, I think we would all be feeling differently right about now. Except we didn’t, so now we don’t. 

But no, none of this is good. I don’t even care about August, but none of this is endearing me to any one of them right now. Is it really this serious? It’s almost laughable that these women are supposedly a threat to SB. If you think about it, I’m waiting for someone like Cora, Pan, Zelena, or Ingrid to come running out. At least they were pretty scary all on their own, but this is something else.