and this goes for out of cosplay to

Doing a lot of rearranging of my cosplay lineup - I’m changing priorities on things based on people who will no longer be coming to certain cons, and also reevaluating exactly how much time I have for a cosplay. For example, I thought I had more than two weeks for Patroklos, that I’d have time to crunch it out between Katsu and PAX. Lo and behold.

So, while I move things around between now and AB and Zenkaikon, I’m going to try to do something productive with Patroklos anyway? Mostly figuring out his fur stole. We’ll see how it goes!!

i saw a really cool gintama hoodie based off gin’s outfit and now i kinda wish there was merch based off personas but also i kinda want that gin sweater

don’t just assume that the cosplayer’s gender is the same as the character. when i cosplay female characters, my goal is obviously to look female even though i am male. when you’re talking to a cosplayer at a con, or commenting on/tagging cosplay posts, or even with people out of cosplay, don’t just guess someone’s gender. it’s not hard to use neutral pronouns for someone who’s gender you’re unsure of, even if they look like the girliest girl you can imagine.


What? Were you expecting something else…?

blackychann2 asked:

You may get this question a lot, but what advice would you give it to first time cosplayers? Never done this before but I want to try soon. Is there any advice to videos or anything that you could give me?

This video quickly goes over the basics of a cosplay and might be helpful to you and I wrote a guide to starting a cosplay here.

Otherwise, here is a quick overview:

  1. Gather reference pictures. 

  2. Make a list of all the individual pieces involved in the costume: hat, wig, makeup, gloves, shoes, pants, shirt, jacket, jewelry, props, etc. 

  3. Plan out the individual pieces: will you be making them, buying them or altering them from existing clothing? Make notes to keep track.

  4. Do your research: if you are buying it, look to see where it can be purchased and make note of prices. 

  5. Make / Buy or Alter: If you are altering, do you already own the piece to be altered or do you need to search for a base? 

    Making involves a lot more research. If it’s something you are going to be sewing, start by looking at sewing patterns to see if there is a base that can work. If there isn’t, can you draft this on your own? Are there tutorials and guides to help? If it’s a prop, do you have an idea of what it could be made of? Can you further break it down into individual shapes? Are there tutorials for it specifically? If not, are there tutorials for something similar?

    An open and creative mind is key. If someone hasn’t written a tutorial you’re going to have to do a lot of figuring out on your own, which is half the fun :P. Even if someone wrote a tutorial you still need to problem solve throughout the process. 

  6. Jump in: Choose one piece to start with and go with it. As you work on it you may have to jump back and grab more references, or make a new list of it’s individual parts (a coat might have buttons, fabric, faux fur to purchase and embroidered designs to figure out how to achieve). You may need to do more research if a method fails or you get lost.

    Don’t forget that there (usually) are other cosplayers out there who have done the same thing. So if you’re completely lost, ask them how they made theirs. Most cosplayers are happy to give advice! 


So funny story: turns out I’ve been cutting sleeves wrong for 7 years which is why my sleeves never worked! Finally asked @vandorwolf if she knew what was up and she walked me through how she cut sleeves. I tried it and it worked!!! My Star-Lord jacket (getting close to being finished!) fits so much better now :) goes to show how awaking for help can really shed some light on things you’re stuck with XD #starlord #peterquill #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy #cosplay #marvel

hallowedaretheori asked:

Hey, I asked you via the submit section but now I saw this one and now I just feel dumb. I dunno if you've seen my other post but here it goes again: Saw your amazing TPS Handsome Jack cosplay, and I am wondering how you did your jacket. It looks absolutely stunning and as I've been looking into making my own Handsome Jack cosplay, I have to ask the master, meaning you, for advice in this :) Thanks

Hey there!
I took a few detail shots of my jacket for you :)

The base for this was a black leather jacket. I modified it (it looked kinda like this before) - that means, I cut out the inner lining, sewed the jacket tighter, so it fitted my body and I sewed a new collar and attached it to the jacket - same for the sleeves. 

After the modifying I painted the whole thing in brown with acrylic paint.

The buckles, the buttons on the manchettes and these strange pieces on the collar are made of craft foam btw.

If you wonder why I taped a piece of foam on the inside of the back - it’s there to cushion my back to make my silhouette more like Jack’s ;) I also attached shoulder pads for that reason.

I hope I could help you with this!
Thank you for your interest <3

This is Hinata (Sweet Gale Wayne)
He only goes by his first name since he doesn’t want people to know his last. He lives in Japan and just started school in Tokyo. He attends an art school for fashion because his true passion is cosplay. Hinata hides his face when out in the town, specially when he’s not with friends because he doesn’t feel comfortable when not in cosplay.

He grew up in a pretty normal household, a mom and a dad and a younger sister. Nothing really exciting there xD just his mountain of manga and anime and video game collection that piles up in his room. He collects figures including nendoroids.

When he comes to the art school he quickly makes friends with Shouhei and Hatori (owned by @hooper_cross ) and though he kind of gains a crush on Hatori he hides it. (Specially since making any moves gives him an anxiety attack) also because Hatori and Shouhei are in a polyamourious relationship with their other partner Jack (also owned by Hooper).

So he’ll just make Hatori cosplay with him as his favorite ships and be done with it. Though over time unrequinted love starts to get painful.

I hope you all will love this dork as much as i do!! Maybe not that much lolol i love him too much!
Soon Darjeeling Aesthetics will be doing his faceup!

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The cosplay cycle
  • The idea:this looks fun/cool let's do it
  • Planning:piece of cake-- no wait. Shit. How does that work?
  • Making it:This isn't so bad... *goes back to the store 10 times and buys stuff online periodically* Okay I got this. WAIT A SECOND. WHERE'D THAT PIECE GO. *freaks out* Why did I do this to myself?
  • Deadline approaches:FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU--- I shouldn't have spent 2 weeks playing that game/watching that show
  • Putting it on:I can do this in 10 minutes. *An hour later* Do my eyebrows look straight? Is everything attached to me?
  • At the con:Why did I choose this? I'm sweating like a pig/freezing
  • Random Passerby:Nice cosplay
  • Me:Completely worth it

So funny story, about PAXSouth.

I ran into literally ALL of my photog friends hanging in one group, and there was one I didn’t recognize. He goes, “Hi! I’m Vince!” He’s toting around a hard suitcase on wheels. Super nice and chill, it was awesome to meet a new photographer!

Eventually, we went outside to shoot, and he’s all, “Okay no, I gotta take some pictures.” Pulls out his suitcase and opens in, and there’s literally THOUSANDS of dollars of equipment in it. He pulls off his sweatshirt, and I see his shirt says ‘COSPIX’ on it.

So I go, “Oh, are you with Cospix?”

And he just laughs. “Nah, I am Cospix?” And I musta had this weird face because he laughed again and goes, “Yea, it’s my website.”

I WAS DONE. CREATOR OF COSPIX WANTED TO SHOOT ME. So three extra lights later and lots of help (including people climbing into trees and onto rocks way above me), I was presented with these two pictures. I’M STILL IN AWE.

I got to meet awesome new people! This is why I cosplay, ahhh!


Although I have a lot to go back and fix up, I’m really happy I got to wear Lucina at Katsucon. This costume was an entirely different beast than I had ever tackled before. And i couldn’t have finished her without the help of my friends. Special thanks specifically goes to: rinachur for going out of her way to make my pauldrons. amyntheoutcast for tackling my gloves while I spazzed about not having enough time or knowledge to do it myself. mischieviousmelody who took time out of her busy schedule to help me paint. You all are angels and I can’t thank you enough. Myself as Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Amazing photos courtesy of vespalady. You should all go check her out!!! Katsucon 2015

#wcw goes to @jessicanigri
Recently I’ve gotten a lot of hate (like crap on 4chan, who pull the most weirdest accusations out of their butts apparently) and people just being plain old idiots.
When I feel down about it, I look at Jess and see what she’s accomplished and it gives me strength to continue cosplaying.

Soo this is also a thank you too ^-^”

I decided to cosplay as Thranduil… 
…and the babe goes and tells me via text “…you’ll look amazing. I should be Bard.” 

The internal freak out that I just had…! *w*