and they're doing so well

this stats project seems too easy

*squints suspiciously*

i don’t trust it


yowamushi pedal ED3 ♫ GLORY ROAD by HAKOGAKU

kakihara tetsuya as toudou, yonaga tsubasa as manami, yoshino hiroyuki as arakita, maeno tomoaki as fukutomi, hino satoshi as shinkai, and abe atsushi as izumida (。´ω`)

please do not refer to clint and matt as “the disabled duo” please do not do that thing

I don’t have a legit caption for this random selfie. 


Think Shonda locked her writers up in the writers room for three days and forced them to watch seasons 9 and 10 while glaring at them.

Then when it was finally over she was just like, “The FUCK was that???”

‘That’ is what happens when you take your eye off the ball, SHUNNNNDA!

-lays down-

I’ve loved Janelle Monae with all of my heart and soul and mind since I was fifteen years old, but I really miss her Metropolis & ArchAndroid flow…musically, it was so experimental and compelling…

I really want to collect as many of the variant covers of TMR Series as possible but at the same time it’s really hard to find some of them and it’s money I could spend on other books and music ughh 


Just got a call from another real estate agent who wants to show the house tomorrow. He originally said “between 10:00 and 11:00,” so I told him we already had a showing scheduled for 10:30. Now this other agent is going to come at 11:00. But hey, maybe if he tells his client that they’re not the first person looking at it, and if the first agent and their client see the second agent arriving, maybe it will drum up a bit of “we’ve got to put in an offer before they do” mentality.

Or maybe both of them will decide that they don’t like the neighborhood that they drive through to get here like the person Monday did.


Anime characters of varying genres; Saturday 11th, Edinburgh comic con 2015.

Grell : cilanxash

Historia: krabble

The others are unknown to me; if you know or are them, please tell me so that I can put a link in this post!

Phrases I will forever hate

“That isn’t ladylike.”
“Boys will be boys.”
“It’s a guy thing.”

Or really anything of that nature.

you ever want a role so much that it physically hurts