and they live happily ever after

I like to imagine dean and cas on a hunt in the south somewhere- they’re eating at a diner doing they’re usual “no we’re not together we’re totally not in love but I’m going to make goo-goo eyes at you for an hour” thing and dean overhears some other customer muttering about “it’s unnatural” and “rubbing it in our faces”

dean gets super annoyed and cas is like “dean we’re not actually together why do you care so much?” and dean is just “well if we WERE together why would it be there business???” so when they’re on they’re way out dean makes a really big show of wrapping his arm around cas’ waist and giving him a big smooch on the cheek (and it’s surprisingly not that weird at all….)

for the rest of the hunt dean and cas make it like a fun little game to see how much they can gross out and offend the uber conservative community of the town

and when they get back to the bunker cas thinks things are just gonna go back to normal, but then they’re standing in the kitchen one day and dean kisses him and cas is just like “?????” and dean just sort of “¯\_(ツ)_/¯“

Unfortunately, some fathers spoil their princesses so much that they aren’t ready for the responsibilities of marriage. Add to that, Hollywood has taught them that a perfectly good looking and extremely wealthy Prince Charming will sweep them of their feet, and they’ll live happily ever after.
Reality, however, is that marriage is not all chocolate and roses. Although men have more marital responsibilities in Islam, women too have responsibilities towards their husband and children, and both sides need to do their part to make the marriage work.
Long story short, whether you are male or female, a successful marriage equals hard work, the fun stuff are the perks of the job.
—  Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar

books read in 2015:   T H E   L I K E N E S S   by Tana French

“The idea was flawed, of course,” he said irritably. “Innately and fatally flawed. It depended on two of the human race’s greatest myths: the possibility of permanence, and the simplicity of human nature. Both of which are all well and good in literature, but the purest fantasy outside the covers of a book. Our story should have stopped that night with the cold cocoa, the night we moved in: and they all lived happily ever after, the end. Inconveniently, however, real life demanded that we keep on living.”

Leaving aside the fact that the Doctor was originally an asexual character, I really believe the New Who writers should stay away from writing canon romance for the Doctor simply because the format of the show is not suited to romance AT ALL. The nature of the show is that it’s neverending. The Doctor changes and moves on, his companions leave and stay behind. That’s the simple mechanics of it, so if you write a love story for the Doctor there’s no way it can end well because they can’t live happily ever after together. And if you try to give the relationship a sense of permanence you just end up with something weird and gimmicky, like River Song being dead-but-not-dead in a computer or Rose getting a human Doctor clone who kind of is him but also kind of isn’t him as a consolation prize.

Also if you keep writing love stories for the Doctor, there is a danger it will cheapen the love story that came before and aggravate the fans who were invested in it. And then it just starts to feel like an Indiana Jones or James Bond film where he cycles through different girlfriends as it suits him. 

By all means, let the fans run wild in fanon, but leave romance out of canon. It’s better for the show that way.

Prompt: I like to imagine that Conor got himself in a better place in dealing with his condition, reunited with Daisy, and got that bar together in Barcelona that they wanted, living happily ever after!

Note: I need them happy too…so here you go :)

He was nervous but trying desperately to keep that energy within himself, trying so hard not to let it send him into a spiral again.  It had taken months to get to this point and he had worked so hard to keep from ruining it now.  He took a deep breath, in and then out…then another and another.  This went on for several minutes and he started to feel a little better.  He could do this. He reached out an knocked on the door.

Daisy opened the door and the smile on her face turned into a look of wariness.

“Hiya” Conor said with barely contained trepidation.

“Conor, nice to see you.  How have you been?” Daisy said, being polite but still reserved.

Conor scratched behind his ear.  “Umm, ok.  Look, can we talk?”

“I don’t know Conor.  I am not sure this is a good idea.”

“Please, Daisy.  Just give me a chance and then I will go.  Please?” Conor was not adverse to getting on his knees and begging to get her to hear him out.

Daisy hesitated for a moment.  “Alright, let me put the kettle on.”  She opened the door to let him in and he stepped inside.  He took a moment to peruse the room, breathing a sigh of relief when he did not notice the signs of any other person who might be in Daisy’s life now.  Perhaps he still had a chance.

He sat down on the sofa and resisted the urge to tap out a tune on his leg.  It would not do for her to think he was in the midst of an episode.  He wasn’t, he just had an abundance of nervous energy. He felt this moment could make or break his entire life and it was a precipice that he was fretfully trying to avoid.

Daisy handed him a cup of tea and he wrapped his fingers around it to keep them from fidgeting. She looked at him expectantly.

Conor took a deep breath. “Look, Daisy, I would like another chance…”

Daisy interrupted, “Conor, I just can’t…”

“No, just listen for a moment, for old time’s sake?.  I can explain” He rushed to cut in before he lost his chance forever.

“Ok but no promises Conor.” She said and waited for him to continue.

“You were right.  I was not taking care of myself and I blamed you. But it was me and I just couldn’t see it.  When I am like that, I feel like I am invincible, you know?  Like nothing can touch me.  I hate taking the meds because I feel like they take away a part of my soul, Daisy.  Do you see?” he implored her to understand.

“I know Conor but you need them.”

“I do.  I’ve improved Daisy.  I have an alarm on my phone to warn me to take them now.  I take them every day.  I am better now Daisy.  Look, I have something for you.” He rifled around in his pocket and handed her a note.

Daisy read the note and then looked at him. “What is this?”

“It’s from my new counselor. You see, it says that I am trying. I am doing everything they ask of me. I want to be more responsible. Daisy, you are the only person that ever sees me.  Not my condition, just me.  I know it wasn’t easy for you but you stuck by me.  You helped me.  I just want a second chance.” He was not having much luck holding in the tears and they were streaming down his face.  He held his breath.

Daisy looked from him, back down at the note and back again.  Conor tried so hard not break eye contact.  He loved her so much and he did not know what would happen if she did not just give him a chance.  He didn’t think he could do this without her.

“Conor…” Daisy was struggling to come up with the right words. “There was some truth to what you said. I don’t like corporate Daisy either. I thought it was what I wanted but now it just seems to run my life.  It is stressful dealing with the infighting and backstabbing.”

“You just wanted to be more than a receptionist.” Conor said.

“Yeah, but I didn’t want to lose myself and to lose what I thought was important.  I want to believe you.  That you are taking your meds and that you are trying to take care of yourself.  I can’t bear it when you are hurting yourself.” Daisy had tears now too.

“I know and I swear I am. Here is the bottle…you can count them yourself” He said, holding out the bottle that contained his pills.

Daisy shook her head. “If we are going to start over, I need to trust you and you need to trust me.  You need to tell me when you need help.  You need to trust that I just want the best for you.”

Conor smiled, “You mean it? About starting over?”

“I mean it” Daisy said as she nodded.

“I love you so much Daisy.” Conor practically leaped over the cushion and hugged her tight.

“I love you Conor.” Daisy hugged him back.


One year later

Conor smiled as he saw Daisy round the corner of the bar.  He continued playing Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor. She sat down next to him and bumped his shoulder but he kept playing.

“I’m not sure the customers really want to hear that.” Daisy said.

Conor laughed, “Well this is for you.  Remember it?”

Daisy nodded, “You played it on your first big night.  You were brilliant.”

Conor closed his eyes. Remembering the time when he and Daisy had just been friends and he did not realize how much he loved her.  He continued playing while she rested her head on his shoulder.  When it was over, he opened his eyes and gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

“You ready?” Daisy sighed as she looked at the clock and stood up.

Conor took her hand, standing next to her. “Kiss for good luck?”

Daisy reached up and kissed Conor.  He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her, then buried his face in her neck. He had everything he wanted in life even though it had taken a rock road to get here.

He lifted his head, “Thank you Daisy.  I love you.”

She smiled at him, “I love you too.  Now let’s get this started.”

He nodded and together they unlocked the door to the bar.  He wandered back to the piano and sat there, watching as Daisy interacted with their first customer.  He knew that this was the beginning of a very happy life for him.  It would not be without its ups and downs, but with Daisy by his side and their dream of a bar realized, it was an excellent start.  He took a deep breath and started playing, “Happy Together” and the tune carried out into the streets of Barcelona.

tainted-knight asked:

But what happened with Peaches when they... grow up? ;_;

Well, Peaches is female, so eventually it sprouted wings and grew until it was the size of a large truck. Ashrel and Bralen didn’t have enough space for a dragon in their apartment and they were getting some complaints form the neighbours, so they were going to release Peaches in a nearby nature preserve (they obviously cleared it with the park rangers first).

When Ashrel tried to say goodbye, Peaches started crying. Like, there were so many tears that Ashrel thought it was raining. Ashrel and Bralen decide to move to a bigger place with dragon accommodations from that point forward.

They all lived happily ever after. Together.

Imagine a TG actors AU where some actors actually get together and live out a happily ever after.

Like Amon/Kaneki’s actor, Touka/Yoriko’s actor, kaneki/hide’s actor and even better–

Takizawa/Tatara’s actor :)

That, I would pay to see.

OUAT/Miami Medical crossover fanfic idea:

Regina transports herself and everyone else to Miami, erases her memories and becomes Dr. Eva Zambrano

Emma is in Miami as well instead of in NY and gets pregnant but not locked up in jail. Going to the hospital for prenatal care she meets Eva who immediately has a soft spot for the troubled young woman and they soon become friends.
At first Emma is determined to give the baby up for adoption but as a relationship forms between them and Eva offers her help she decides on keeping it after all and they end up raising the baby together, living happily ever after

Give up hope. Why the fuck not

At this point I wouldn’t even care if Regina gave up hope, I have. After two and a half years of choosing good and choosing hope all they give her is punch after punch in the face of disappointment. Fuck outlaw queen. She might as well just go back, kill everyone except Henry and she and her son can live happily ever after. Because fuck everyone and fuck Adam and eddy for this. I’m honestly so goddamn tired.

You know. I think Terezi chose the best possible route she could see with her mind powers to let John alter the timeline. 

There isn’t obvious the best possible route where everyone lives happily ever after the end. 

If there was, she might have chosen that option. 

Vriska being alive brought about changes that brought favorable outcomes despite… you know. She being a horrible person before? 

So why not Nepeta or Equius, who could  have been prevented from being killed? 

Well. Terezi is the Seer of Mind. I think she chose the route where she could do the most convincing. 

If John would require to save Feferi, Nepeta, or Equius, he would have to engage a battle with Gamzee and/or Eridan to save them. Even before that, who would trust him if he were to warn them right away? 

If we trace back to how Terezi wrote a whole list of things for John to change about her life, they were REALLY trivial things that didn’t seem to matter much. In fact, I think it would be a step for Terezi to realize that John had that power to alter and convince Terezi that he IS from the future where things went horribly wrong instead of John in their present (of Vriska being socked in the face) is not the John of their time. 

If John dies, that plan is botched. Terezi doesn’t know the full story behind Eridan killing Feferi, nor does she know the full story behind Gamzee killing Equius and Nepeta. She can deduce.And from what she had seen, she didn’t want to risk seeing John dead trying to stop Gamzee or Eridan. 

So she thought back to her entire thing and made sure that she chose one of the two options that she could have made, and she made sure that John COULD convince her to make the other choice through trivial choices that she noticed throughout her entire life so that she knew that John had time traveling abilities for some reason. 

Let Vriska Serket live. 

what if Grovyle lived instead of disappearing and there’s this whole Brother Bear scene where the player gets to choose to be a pokemon or turn back human (idk whERE you’d go though since you’re like. in the past and all lmao)

So OBVIOUSLY you’d end up choosing to stay a pokemon (becuase lets be real here, who the HECK would wanna be human when you could be a pokemon????? and also. again. idk where tf all the humans are)

and you and your partner, and Grovyle and Celebi ALL live happily ever after and no one dies 

My mother, Niabell, was 15 when she had me and my currently MIA twin brother, Twilight, by her highschool sweetheart, who in the end, wasn’t so sweet after all.

About 10 years passed and she met this guy, Goji Puff. Everything looked great, and it seemed as if he was going to get us out of Twizzlerbook and live happily ever after, and this was only reinforced when my mom found out she was pregnant.

This was wrong. So very wrong. Turned out he was a sleazeball who already had a wife and kids! And to top it all off he split when mama told him about the baby.

That baby is now the purple guy on the couch. My brother Lo. If you go into the Twizzlerbrook Herald archives from around 12 years ago, you should have an idea of what happened with mama, Lo, and the swamp. 

Oh, the girl next to him. Right.

That’s a complex situation, her name is Chantilly Lace, but goes by Lacey, and hopefully is going to get it changed legally once she’s 18. She ran away from her over possessive mother a few months ago and has been staying with us, Lo was her closest (geographically speaking) internet friend, and showed up on our doorstep one day.