and then i was just


— I’ll draw out your full potential. You just need to trust my mitt and throw your best pitches. It’s that simple. We’ll be great partners.

i know im very nice and cheery 90% of the time but dont ever think that means im going to be pleasant & gentle about police brutality and systematic racism. a new name is added to the #JusticeFor hashtag every week and you think im concerned about hurting your white feelings with the goddamn truth?

if you got an issue with me not liking the police because theyre murdering my goddamn people. you can unfollow me and continue to ignore the innocent black bodies piling up. but i do not have the privilege of ignorance and i will not act like i do just to make sure your experience on my goddamn blog is comfortable & pleasant


I saw a few tags on my original promo gifset wondering about the identity of the person walking by Skye as she sits in the hospital bed, so I figured I’d make a quick gifset just to make that clearer - I’m 99.99% certain that it’s Fitz (and not Simmons, as some tags have suggested). Once the scene is slowed, you can see Fitz’s blue collar quite clearly, as well as the sweater’s ribbing and his particular arms-on-hips stance. Additionally, once the scene is lightened you can see that the person she’s hugging in that later shot is Fitz (again, same blue collar).