and the way she grows

I don’t know how I got talked into making today a lake day but better today than over Memorial Day weekend. I swear Addie just has to pull the puppy dog eyes and she has me in the palm of her hand. I think it might be the fact that she officially starts pre school in the fall and she is growing up WAY too fast. Why can’t she just stay little forever? I guess I should also probably introduce myself on this site for those I don’t know. I’m Zach. 

How do you even draw armours jfc

So bloodofdaedra​ recently got me into the Dragon Age fandom, and after a week or so of gameplay I finally got the courage to try and draw my Warden!

Her name is Ymir, and she’s a Dalish warrior. She was born pretty much blind, but thanks to her way of growing up, she is very much in balance with her other senses, making her a formidable foe either way. (She is, however, very uncomfortable when visiting Ozrammar because it’s so far underground).

Despite taking her job very seriously, she does have a pretty good sense of humour and likes chilling out with her friends whenever they’re not on a quest.

And she’s, you know, totally banging Alistair bc he’s adorkable and I’ve fallen for him so hard it’s ridiculous

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You talk about this woman you fell for in the past tense... May I ask what happened? I thought you had a girlfriend?

i wasn’t going to tell you guys. i wasn’t going to tell any of you. but I feel like I deserve to be honest to myself and to everyone that’s followed our relationship so closely. 

you know some relationships climb exponentially, and then start to plateau in euphoria, and remain constant, at a high level. they challenge and support each other, but they remain above the clouds, growing together. we were like that. i can honestly say she has helped me grow in so many ways, it’s unbelievable. 

but our graph, our trend, is different. it started out spiked above the clouds. we never started out normal. we were never normal. we were connected at the hip from the start. i don’t think either of us went wrong at any point. i simply believe that we grew so tall, so fast, that we started to block the sun from each other. we couldn’t grow. we held each other back. i did nothing wrong. she did nothing wrong. we just knew, mutually, that it had to end, and we have to find ourselves on our own again. to be truly happy again. 

that is all that I will give you guys, with respect to my relationship. we remain friends, though it’s hard at times. 

Tanabata: Star Crossed Lovers… Literally

Tanabata (七夕; Evening of the Seventh) is a Japanese Festival that started in the Heian period. The festival is influenced both by foreign influences as well as local. A part of the story is derived from a Chinese folklore and was merged with a pre-existing Shinto practice of weaving cloth by the river for a bountiful harvest.

Derived from the Chinese folklore and adapted into the oldest Japanese poetry compilation book, the story tells of two lovers who could only meet once a year. The daughter of the Sky God (天帝), Orihime (織姫) was an excellent weaver and wove marvelous clothing for her father. She lived on the other side of the Amanogawa (天の川; Milky Way). However, Orihime was growing miserble because she did nothing but weave and had little time to meet and fall in love with other people. Upon hearing Orihime’s qualms, the Sky God arranged for Hikoboshi (彦星), a cow herder to meet Orihime. The two fell in love instantly and got married. However, because the couple were absorbed by their relationship, Orihime’s weaving became inconsistent and Hikoboshi’s cows would run around, unattended. This angered the Sky God who then decided to separate the two once again. Orihime cried and cried until the Sky God pitied her and allowed them to meet on the 7th day of the 7th month of the year.

The Japanese celebrate the occasion by writing wishes on a piece of paper which they tie on bamboo. This way their wishes would be delivered to heaven.

                                    Reasons for Black Lois Lane:

  •  Clark just worshipping the ground this goddess walks on because she just does NOT take any shit after the way she was treated growing up.
  • She understands what it’s like to be an outsider and how it is being treated differently because of your status as someone not from the White Upper-class
  • A black woman being acknowledged as successful, intelligent, and kickass, everyone knowing it, and being able to stand WITH and IN FRONT OF one of the most iconic heroes, and being seen as his EQUAL despite no powers and only being just herself.
  • A strong, beautiful, black woman being the one to save the day using her intelligence and power in herself, being her own Superwoman, being a prize-winning writer and able to stand up against superpowered beings on her own without the money of Bruce Wayne or powers of Superman.
  • Mun will die if she doesn’t get a black Lois Lane.

Here’s why I need for Lorcisse to work out.

Since the beginning of the series Lola has been shit on romantically. First the man she loves is coerced into going after Mary, and then he’s killed off. Then she finds a husband whom she grows to love, except he was conning his way to her dowry and also gets “killed off.”

Now she’s the mother of the king’s baby and everyone assumes she’s his mistress, and the only man who’s been bold enough to really pursue her has been Narcisse. Of course he has his major flaws, but he’s also shown redeeming qualities around her. He also understands her desire for independence and freedom. A relationship between them would be dramatic enough without this Catherine de Medici interference. Lola deserves a successful romance with a man who understands and respects her. She’s lost enough in that department.

SVU Season Finale

Honestly you’re all saying that Elliot was there for her and let her grow, yes in some ways he did but when she talked about becoming a mother he would dismiss her and Nick allowed her to grow in the way Elliot didn’t. So stfu she wasn’t “dissing” Elliot she was just thanking Nick for supporting her decision to adopt Noah.


“You’ve been asking me for so long I don’t even remember what it is I’m saying no to . But I trust my prior answers”

“Pleeeeeeease?” Kitty whined, pouting. “I just want to try… You’ve never let me phase you and I wanna know if adamantium will mess with my powers,” she said, pouting her lip at him. “If it starts to go bad, I promise I’ll stop!” She figured the worst case scenario was that she couldn’t phase his skeleton but would take everything else with her – okay, so it was a pretty bad scenario, but… “Please?” Kitty had been working with the professor in an attempt to find if there was any material she couldn’t phase. So far, she had conquered them all (unfortunately for her and her constant falling through her bed when she had nightmares) but she hadn’t yet tried adamantium or vibranium. “Come on, just your claws? That’ll be safe… I know I can make things passable to you, but I don’t know if I can actually make you phasable.”

AU where  Torin is in on the plan to rescue Cinder ( for whatever reason ) and he and Fred adopt her. That way she has some understanding of politics growing up. She would probably be a lot more confident with actual supportive parents. Plus guess whom she grows up with? 

I just really like their dynamic. Imagine them in daily life: Torin will be all calm and collected and Cinder will be all sarcastic and I have a lot of Torin-Cinder Brotp/Family feels after that teeny tiny scene they had in Cress.

Plus they can gang up on poor little Kaito.


Are you people freaking kidding me right now? Are people actually sending Ksenia Solo hate mail? -shakes head- Whoever is sending her hate mail needs to get over themselves!  And they need to grow the hell up! First off she is way to sweet of a person to have to deal with that kinda shit! Second off Ksenia is Ksenia! She is not her character Shay on Orphan Black!!! She’s doing what the WRITERS of the show told her to do!  If you guys wanna hate on anyone hate on the writers not the  actors or actresses! God Orphan Black is gonna turn into Lost girl and The 100 with the damn shipping wars!  People hated on Rachel Skarsten because of Valkubus(And I thought that was sad!) Then people hated on Alycia Debnam Carry  cause Lexa and Clarke kissed on The 100 (again that was sad!) and now people are bad mouthing Ksenia because her character is gonna hook up with Cosima! God you people are freaking crazy! I mean I’m crazy about my ships but I’m not that CRAZY!! And FYI for anyone whose wondering I ship Cosima and Shay and I haven’t even seen the episode with her in it yet… SO yeah suck it!

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And like her sadness just pierces through even when she's happy. I think that's a lot of what Henry's now picking up on, like I think he wasn't at all aware of how sad and lonely she was before, and I'm sure she never let him know. That's why I love their development now, like in 4x13 when she tells him she was really close to being happy and him understanding, that she's so honest with him now.

I forget which interview it was, but Lana talked in 4A about how Regina and Henry are starting to become friends.  I think she hid a lot of her feelings from him for a long time because she wanted him to be happy.  She never wanted him to know what it was to feel the way she felt or to know that the way she felt was even possible. 

But I think he’s growing up and he’s starting to understand his complicated mother probably more than anyone else has ever understood her.  I think Emma and Snow know she’s got self loathing, but I think Henry understands it better than anyone else.  And it’s not just that he wants to protect her.  She wants to protect him.  And by telling him about her thoughts for the frist time she’s finding new ways to fight them.  

I would say that Henry wants to understand her not just because he loves her but because she’s his hero and he values heroes.  And she’s just starting to believe that maybe she doesn’t have to protect him from her inner life because it’s not all ugliness and darkness anymore.  It’s also light and love.

Sums it up. Im glad i gave the game a try. 

Accidentally deleted my other post. i am having wi fi issues.  I was trying to respond to someone who thinks that Mc is being too stupid at magic. I can see your point but personally I really wouldnt be annoyed and her learning process is not annoying in any way for me personally. At all. 

She is learning magic and is  novice in it- of course shell be terrible at it.. she needs time. I can feel for her, being a slow learner at things myself, a late bloomer, and I get easily offended at someone criticising  others for being slow learners.  Everyone has got their pace of learning. Not everyone is or has to be quick on the uptake, No, personally I really like that aspect of her and the fact we;re getting to see the lessons and her being active in it- the story takes its time to contextualise and its awesome this way and the fact that she will grow gradually over time. 

 All her routes have her starting from the same point. She is a novice. I’d cut  her some slack here.  Being genius at magic is hardly the most important thing- shed be a mary sue if she were great at magic from the start, in my opinion. This makes her better because it gives her a chance to be better fleshed out in the future. 

How can you expect someone to be great at magic when she is only starting out? Shes got raw talent  that she needs to learn to control and is an up and coming young wizard with natural ability. I think she’s doing fine and droenfing on your choices she really picks up the things she was taught- she paid attention to Klaus teaching her in my play through and in my choices. . So I really really beg to differ with that point of view.  She will get better in sequels- hopefully well get them. Ill look forward to it myself and to seeing her grow more. 

Also, shełs a pure+hearted MC and im also used to that. Most pure+hearted mcs are at least a little ditzy but its generally cute with younger Mcs like her and I find her  very very cute.  Her design is likeable to me overall, except for the parts when she needlessly zones out and misses out important parts, which creates tension that could be resolved earlier and quicker+ but then we wouldnt have a drama.  

That being said im really liking Klaus story with exception of Mc not listetning sometimes and missing out on important part and Klaus being a bit of a noble idiot  but hes a nice character and i like the two of them together all in all. And I like the direction in which the story goes and that it takes time to unfold. its good. 

trying to finish tmnt 2k12 and..I had almost forgotten what it was like for a show about heroes to introduce new villains……

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I was definitely on the fence about Regina for the last season, but the fact that she chose not to write herself a happy ending and work towards it instead despite the garbage thrown her way recently really made me appreciate that she is growing and changing. I think there are people in every corner of this fandom that just refuse to see character development. And if I hear people crying about OOC actions one more time, I will explode.


you don’t have to like regina or agree with her actions or her writing, just admit that she has changed and she is different now and she’s working very hard to be part of the family and to help the heroes.

this fandom doesn’t get emma OR regina nearly as much as they think they do, whether they love their relationship or hate it. ffff.

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Here is a url!

First impression of the mun:

again: who is this person kadael keeps reblogging?? (this was my first impression of 99% of the people I follow, ngl)

And then: they only have two trolls, RAD. Oh, neat, there’s a girl and a guy, and they’re both teenies, AND OH NO THEY’RE ADORABLE

Current opinion on the mun:

Ship game is A+! Pun game is A+. Weeds tag remains A++++++, will steal things from it to reblog to main forever. We haven’t really talked, but you seem pretty cool! And friendly. I feel like I’ve said both of those before? BUT THE POINT STANDS.

You always come up with awesome questions to ask memes, which is a MARVEL, because coming up with questions is hard, dude. :p Also, the fact you can come up with answers to all sorts of memes is also super neat. I admire the fact you’ve got such a good grasp on your characters!

Which of their trolls I like the best:

how can i choose between the braid and bard :?

I think Weeds is an adorkable nerd, and I love the fact he’s super flamboyant and I love his hair, but Vides is probably my favorite! I love what I know about her backstory, I love that she’s apparently a bit of a fuck-up, I love that she’s dealing with emotions by taking drugs.

Okay, no, I actually don’t love that. at all!!! BUT I do love that’s such an immature thing to do: it’s a terrible idea that, in the long-term, solves nothing, but by god, it is still a solution. Characters acting their age is my favorite thing.

(SPEAKING OF WHICH: never going to get over the fact she ate a whole mouse, what)

Which of their trolls I’d like to RP with:

Vide/Pheres mutual judgement party!!! In which no one is having fun and everyone wants to leave, but NOT UNTIL THEY GET THE LAST WORD, probably.

No, really, either/or, they are both delightful.

Lena has a melodic voice, being half Palestinian and half French and growing up in Germany, the tangle of languages somersaults into song and I hang onto every word. She is very blunt. It is refreshing in a way that makes me throw my head back in laughter, all of us girls laughing, the light peeking through the basement window dancing on our skin. Lena talks about Allah and her hands are steady, I am reminded profoundly of conviction. On youmel qiyama, amongst those in Allah’s shade will be a youth who grew up in the worship of Him. Her eyes glisten and her hands still do not tremble.

Zoha is brilliant, top of her class, wants to study physics and mathematics in university. She is Pakistani and she wears it proudly, salwar kameez a soft, early morning pink against a burst of orange, glasses perched precariously on her nose. She is growing into herself in the hesitant way teenage girls do, a careful stretching of limbs, a slight tremor in voice before answering a question in front of the class, a defiant glance at passing mirrors. She is brilliant and is afraid of her brilliance, as girls always are. Terrified of a greatness we were never taught to own. She throws a handful of popcorn into her mouth and tells us about gamma rays. 

Yesterday they came over to celebrate the first day of summer with my sister. High school girls with the rest of their lives ahead of them, I sat with them in the basement after we watched a movie and marveled at their youth, at their potential, all this bubbling energy before me in a blur of hair and smiles and hands. They are friends. They love and respect and admire one another. They are honest with each other. Their honesty creates a safe space so no one has to hide. Imagine no longer having to hide at 16. The world would have been a different place. A kinder place. 

I had a revelation yesterday; in the environment of an almost fantasy I existed in with my sister, Lena, and Zoha, I felt outside of my body, like a stranger looking in, and what I saw changed me. One day. Very far into the future. I want a daughter. I want a son. I want a family. I want to be someone’s Mama. I want to nourish and raise and sit astounded in the basement of my very own home at this child in front of me, I want to Love. 

Later, I sobbed into my knees. Everything is different now.

Before the girls left, they came to my room and gave me a big hug. Tall and laughing they told me, ‘both of us don’t have a big sister. We always wanted one. But then we met you, and you are our big sis. Thank you for listening, guiding, and believing in us. You’re family.’

I drive aimlessly around the city to think; we do not live alone in the world, we live in it for each other. We live in it for each other.  We live in it for each other.  We live in it for each other.