Happy AU thing in which No.6 is a normal city, there was no Mao massacre, no killer bees, no horrible things happening. Nezumi’s living peacefully in his village with his parents and his younger sister (I thought she’d probably look kinda like irl Eve if she hadn’t died); I like to think she’d be a little shit like Nezumi too, so they would have this bickering, sassy relationship. They’d sing together at festivals *sighs* One day Nezumi screws up his arm in the woods somehow, and then they meet Shion and Safu who went trekking during holidays. Shion treats the wound (some things never change) and so friendships begin and escalate quickly

bookmans-lavi said:

"Fire, fire!" {{--If you do a drabble I'm fine with that 'causeIloveyourwriting > w > --}}

Our muses are trapped in a burning forest

Kanda gritted his teeth as he continued to drag Usagi’s weight on his back (it wasn’t dead weight it wasn’t), the stench of smoke, blood, and burnt flesh filling the air. Kanda could barely see a foot in front of him, that was so oppressive the black smoke was. Usagi had fallen to the affects of smoke inhalation what seemed like a lifetime ago, and Kanda could barely feel his breath on his neck.

They had done battle with several level threes and a few level twos, one which had just evolved and found that they had the ability to shoot off flames. It soon went out of control (fire itself was uncontrollable, a monster holding flames was dangerously so), as the trees blew up in flames (fire burnt black). They had managed to kill all of the Akuma, but not before it was too late for the forest (and not before they could escape the heat).

「蓮」- “Shiiit,” Kanda hissed lowly as a burning tree fell in his way, again. He could feel his strength waning, even as the seal pained his chest, trying to quickly counter the affect of the smoke (trying to heal the burns he had gotten protecting Usagi’s unconscious body).

He glanced at the head on his shoulder, seeing how the flames had made Usagi’s hair an even more vibrant red, but also casting his usually pale skin even paler, the air barely leaving his lips as he tried so hard to breathe in an atmosphere so unforgiving. Kanda gritted his teeth and kept walking.

(Even if he wondered if he would finally die being bathed in flames over and over again, he wasn’t going to let the fire take Usagi’s life, not if he could help it.)