and the other guy obviously knows this too


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Could you not tell someone who's dating/in love with a guy to continue to label themselves as lesbian. Can't you see how harmful that is to say you're a lesbian & then introduce your bf? You're not responsible for the actions of others but surely you see how it doesn't help with the current thoughts that some men have about lesbians, it adds to the mentality that it's not a valid sexuality, that guys can keep hitting on us, can change our minds, and puts other lesbians in danger when they say no

pt2. Would you say that someone could be vegie when they still eat chicken and bacon occasionally? It’s fine to discover new things about yourself & who you’re attracted to & it’s okay to think you’re a lesbian then find out you’re bisexual or that you don’t want or fit into a label, but it adds to the continued invalidation of lesbian sexuality if you still say you’re a lesbian when you’re with a guy

Could you not send me moronic ignorant messages? Can’t you see how harmful it is to me and my followers to have your stupidity inflicted on us?

You’re opinion is not important at all to me or others, but surely you see how it doesn’t help with the current thoughts that some people have about the intelligence level of humanity? 

Okay, enough with the joking around, because really, you’re so very ignorant.

Firstly, I’m just going comment quickly on how laughable it is that you think that a comparison between someones sexuality and someones diet is actually valid. Because it really isn’t. For a start, normally, what someone eats is their own damn choice, who someone falls for isn’t. 

You can’t make the comparison that a vegetarian or “vegie” as you called it (seriously, that’s not a fucking word, the abbreviation is veggie) eating meat once (not occasionally, because if we’re going to use your idiotic comparison, we have to at least make it as close as possible, and this woman is not having feelings for a few guys every now and again, it is one man. Once) and still calling themselves a vegetarian is the same as a lesbian who fell in love with a man. 

Also, if you REALLY want to use your precious little comparison so much, she didn’t mean to fall in love with a man, it wasn’t her intent - so to keep the comparison as close as possible - it’s like a vegetarian accidentally consuming something with animal product in, they didn’t mean to, it wasn’t their intent. And guess what, yeah, they’d still be a fucking vegetarian. 

Now, labels are a man made thing. Humans made them, so we can identify people better. They are simple, and strict and to the point, to make it quick and easier to do so. Love is not that. Peoples fucking feelings aren’t that. So why shouldn’t this woman be allowed to keep the label that she feels fits her best? (Also, before you get on your high horse talking about not fitting into labels - I did make it clear in the response that the label isn’t important.) 

It’s her damn sexuality. She likes women, so she’s not straight. She only has feelings for this one man, so she doesn’t feel like bisexuality is the right choice for her, as bisexuality is an attraction to two genders, and she doesn’t feel anything towards men other than this one exception, so maybe she doesn’t feel like that’s suitable. So maybe she’s a lesbian, what with it being the label that SHE feels has always fitted her perfectly and still fits her best.

And the cherry on top of this argument - your opinion on what she labels herself? Fucking irrelevant. 

And yeah, so’s mine. But she said she’s a lesbian, and unlike you, I trusted her to know herself better than you do.

Also, it does not invalidate the sexuality.

It’s a fucking word. 

And I’ll concede, yeah, some men are ignorant pricks like that. They are under the impression that being a lesbian and falling for a man would suddenly invalidate their sexuality. Whoops. Just like you.

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You're one of those people that presents your opinions as if they're obviously correct and morally superior. It's frustrating too, because you're very agreeable in just about every other context, but as soon as politics comes up, you turn into "that guy". You know, the guy that thinks his opinions make him seem intelligent and doesn't care if he makes the people who hear him uncomfortable. And no, I'm not some conservative blow-hard, I just find your tone to be a little rude.

I mean….my opinions are correct. They are my opinions.

Does that make you feel better? I’m guessing not.

If the fact that I take the take to write down measured, considered replies to people’s questions pisses you off, then I can’t really help you there mate. But if you’ve already caricatured an archetype that makes you feel this way - if “that guy” is somebody who makes you feel uncomfortable, then it probably has more to do with how you react to other people’s opinions. Especially if I appear “agreeable in just about every other context”. Fine, you don’t agree with my politics. That’s okay. Do you remember the saying about not talking to your friends about religion and politics? Sage words it seems.

Just don’t waste your time sending anonymous messages to people in an attempt to shame them into changing theirs. Because that doesn’t work, and even if it makes you feel better by letting off some steam, it doesn’t solve your problem.

So most importantly, don’t read reply if it’s just going to piss you off…

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i broke up with my aqua bf because we were both way too intense for each other (im leo) and im sobbing rn like we were so good but so bad together??? and we hugged really tight before he left and fuck idk not an ask i just need to talk i guess

I understand you. Relationships with Aquas aren’t always the easiest. Just always know that they’re always thinking of you even if it doesn’t feel like it. You guys obviously broke up for a reason and if things are meant to happen you guys will come back but if not hopefully there will be peace between you two and beautiful closure. ⛅️

Fuck Ramsay, fuck George R.R. Martin, and fuck the guys who do the Game of Thrones show! In season 3, Ramsay eats a sausage. They didn’t need to put that into the show. There was absolutely no reason! Obviously, the consumption of sausage is an attempt at the normalization of eating food. FUCK THEM! I refuse to watch the show now after that. THE CONSUMPTION OF FOOD IS NOT A PLOT POINT and it is not something that normally would happen at that period of time in the fictional show. You know… I was okay with the killing of white cis babies, the torture of white cis males, that one time Kelly C was raped by the horse guy, and numerous other white cis deaths, but sausage death were TOO FAR! FUCK GAME OF THRONES!

Mel and Bob musings

Okay I just need to point something out.
You guys know how Mel is married and Bob is as well? Also you know how Mel is considered a well adjusted citizen of Springfield but he doesn’t have a well adjusted relationship with his wife Barbara. Because she cheated on him with Krusty and they were in a custody battle over there son plus Mel was seen with princess Kashmir.

But Bob on the other hand is one fucked up individual with issues of his own. I mean the guy tries to kill Bart and his entire family and he tried to kill Krusty too. But when we see him with his wife Francesca they are obviously in love with each other plus Franny is completely devoted to him. She even wanted revenge for Bob as well. Like there relationship seems pretty normal for what it’s worth.

So in conclusion does anyone else find this ironic as hell? Like did the writers do this on purpose or something? Like that is a very interesting thing to spot. 😐

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Hmmm, how about love? Hate? Person? I don't even know what your native language is, I just love to hear other languages ;;;

oh it’s korean! haha (i’ll put the romanized version too if u guys want to read them ;;)

love-사랑 (sarang obviously..)
hate-미움 (mee-oom)
person-사람 (saram)

sally95cindy replied to your post “sally95cindy replied to your post “Sorry to bother you but what did…”

I can see how it would seem offensive too. However,with the reactions on here I watched it expecting something extremely bad. I see the these guys insult each other on different occasion but not to seem insensitive why does this cause such an issue?

And hasn’t Jimin himself been saying he didn’t want to put on weight?He also said that his abs aren’t in the best condition so I figured he was slacking off on his usual exercise. They are friends so obviously they know each other better than fans do

That’s a question even I’m curious to know. See when I first watched it, I thought Hoseok was just being his jokey self but even if he wasn’t joking around, I’m fairly sure Jimin himself wants to lose weight so what’s the problem with a friend supporting his decision? Tbh if anyone actually thinks J-hope did something wrong, please explain why because I’m completely failing to see what he did wrong here. But you gotta prove 3 things first:

1. It wasn’t bff banter
2. Jimin doesn’t want to lose weight himself and that it’s J-hope’s idea
3. Jimin was offended

If you can’t prove the above, don’t bother :)

lady-kaguya said: Or how about Sassa for short? No one else is offering awesome nicknames and c'mon; Sassa’s pretty legit. :-D

Of course no one’s offering up nicknames!

There’s like 2 people on here (you and blessingrose) who I talk to regularly ‘cause like we hang out and stuff and like you guys are the only two people on Tumblr who really know me and talk to me!

(I mean obviously other RL friends are on Tumblr too but like you two are obviously the only ones who know me the best and talk to me the most.)

Also no…no you’re not calling me that either. -__-

The Slip Up

I’ve been slacking with the blogs. It’s been a few days and my diet has been a little off track. For some reason I’ve been hungrier than usual. And when I look at the real reason I know it’s because I’m depressed. I’m depressed because I don’t look a certain way. When I think about how other girls are noticed way before me because they’re skinnier, it makes me upset. I think to myself “what’s so special about her? I’m pretty too. I have an amazing personality and I’m funny. She’s obviously boring but he just likes her for her looks.”

Why is it that we only look at the outside? I’ve had guys shut me down but after they get to know me they change their mind. Yes looks attract you to someone before anything what are you really trying to get to know the person?

I have a dating profile like most Single people. I reject men based on their maturity level. I have a problem with a 30-year-old man dressing like a thug. So what attracts me is a clean polished man. It doesn’t matter what age, race and sometimes height. Right after that is when I see if our personalities can match.

Anyway I’m extremely tired. I have to get up in the morning and go to work. I’m looking forward to a steady diet. A bad day or two should it not me


By the way. I don’t know if you guys realize this or not, but if you put a (private) or a (reply privately please) or anything like that in your non-anon ask, I’ll totally honor that. I default to answering publicly since I mostly get headcanons and casual messages, and obviously it’s impossible to reply to anons privately, but if you want to talk about something that requires privacy, it is cooooool with me.

I realized that since you guys have no way of knowing what happens behind the scenes of my askbox, you might not know that that’s a thing that other people do and is totally ok for you to do too.

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Hello! Can I have a BTS/GOT7 ship? :) I'm 175 cm, I have short brown hair and green eyes. I speak English,French and I'm learning Korean. I can play and enjoy piano and guitar, and I also love stage acting. I'm naturally quite introverted, but when I get comfortable with someone I'll be more energetic and I'll laugh quite a bit. Thank you!

Hello~(Sorry for the long wait)

In BTS we ship you with Jin!

Jin would love your many talents, wanting to learn from you often. He would listen to you speak other languages, and pick some up on the way. I feel as if he would try to learn “I love you” in the languages you know so he would be able to recite it to you. You guys could also learn many other talents and languages together!

In GOT7 we ship you with Mark!

Language barrier obviously wouldn’t be a problem for you too. I feel since both of you show sides of intelligence, it would work perfectly! Making every couple and single around you two jealous of your love for each other, and your intelligence.


gatorthepyrador replied to your post: My mom took Rufous to the vet last Fri…

Wow, that’s so dumb! Why even bother weighing the dog if you’re going to be off by at least 3 pounds? That’s a lot in a smaller dog too. So stupid she couldn’t even do it right :/ glad you guys figured it out though :)

I know!! And I mean, he’s a growing puppy! It’s important to document his weight whenever he’s at the vet. But obviously, this tech didn’t care enough…  

Plus I guess she made some other pretty rude comments about how we’re raising Rufous. Like, she was really snippy about the fact that he wasn’t completely potty/crate-trained yet…(IDK why she cared so much about that aspect…it’s not her house and he’s only 10 weeks old)….and that we were feeding him way too much and we were going to make him obese (even though the vet and a different vet tech last week said we were feeding him enough and it is hard to have a really fat puppy because they need that fat for growth spurts)… She also started telling my mom not to feed our dogs food that says “All Life Stages” because that’s essentially puppy food… I’m going to research that tidbit though.  

And then, to add even more insult to injury, this tech called Rufous a Cocker Spaniel????? My mom was like “Umm…are you even looking at the right chart? He’s a Goldendoodle.” And the tech just dismissed it and didn’t even apologize.

I asked my mom if she got the name of the tech. But I guess she wasn’t wearing a tag and didn’t even bother to introduce herself…pretty rude. If we find out the name, I’m totally going to complain.

//Oh my god that took me waayy too long but it was worth it. 

Bonnie’s hand isn’t exactly how i’d like it but I never really was great at hands skldfjdlskjf. Other than that I’m kinda proud of how I did! :D I had a reference (obviously) So this is me drawing Victor and Bonnie’s first kiss from “Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive” Guys just please go read it holy fuck ya need to read it! 

Sooo yeah, lemme know what ya think. uwu

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I've been going out with this guy for about 2 months now and he's super lovely but he also happens to have bipolar. He told me last night that it was too much for him having a girlfriend, I kinda felt the same way but i still care about him so much and don't know what to do!

Well obviously you need to talk to him and not me but I guess maybe try to take it a lot less seriously, see each other casually and things if being in a relationship is too much for him. Ask him what he wants and let him know what you want and work out something together

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so I (f Scorpio) and my best friend (m Leo) have known each other since kindergarten. we're sixteen now, and we both just confessed that we have feelings that are more than platonic for each other. any advice on taking the next step and actually becoming a couple? thank you!!! 💜💜💜

THIS IS TOO CUTE. Remember how important communication is and always say what you need to! You’re a very devoted pair and this relationship has lots of potential. Obviously you already know each other very well so you have a pretty solid foundation. Go on a fun date like an amusement park or the zoo and just be affectionate, hold his hand and stuff like that and let your relationship go from there! Best of luck to you guys, I’m so happy for you both!

I just found out that this guy that I went to high school with, and that graduated with my brother and sister-in-law, committed suicide today and although I didn’t know him incredibly well, I did graduate with his sister and any time I would see him with other friends, he was always super nice and friendly and funny… Like I said, I didn’t know him too well so I’m not like devastated or anything but I’m obviously not happy; It’s sad. I feel terrible for his sister, friends (some of whom I know well) and family. I also personally feel really weird about the whole thing, especially considering that no one in my family really knows the full extent of my depression when it’s at its worst. But I need to remember for myself and it’s important for anyone with severe depression to remember that if you’re suffering severely as Justin did, please reach out and get help. He got help briefly but vehemently refused to take medications. I refuse too but they can help save your life and I need to consider that when I get bad.

Please, if you’re extremely depressed/suicidal as I am at times during the year, please reach out to a friend/loved one, mentor, teacher, etc. The national suicide prevention lifeline is 1-(800)-273-8255 OR, for socially anxious people such as me, you can text them by texting START to 741-741, both free of charge.

If you’re suffering, please reach out and please hang in there. I know I question it myself at times but it will definitely get better one day and it will absolutely be worth the wait. You can do it.

You are important and you are very loved. Keep going.

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your blog is amazing. I read all your beautiful writing and post when I need advice cause you also give thoughtful and well written words of wisdom, so thank you. My question is I'm dating a guy who I love and I know loves me and everything is great the only set back for me is that I see that he likes other girls Instagram pictures, and it's hard because it's obviously just cause it's a hot girl in a bathing suit or whatever. I really don't wanna start probs but is that something to worry about?

i wouldn’t be too paranoid about it. just because you’re dating someone doesn’t mean you can’t be attracted to other people!!! most teenage girls are still gonna swoon over zac efron whether or not they’re in a relationship hahah, so it goes the same way for boys. what i would be concerned about if there seems to be a lack of loyalty or if he starts talking to any of these girls or picks them over you or something like that. but it doesn’t seem like this at all so i think you should be okay! x

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She usually invites me over for dinner with her fam or every Tuesday we go to the movies, I usually see her everyday. She gets pretty upset if I don't reply for a while haha, but who knows I mean if she talks to other guys she's obviously not into me right?

Not necessarily. I’m a girl, we do weird things and if we don’t see the other party is interested we move on. We don’t make too big of a deal about it. I’d talk to her :)

Does any other person get turned on by seeing their sex partner(s) get turned on? Like for example in the heat of the moment when a guy moans, obviously signaling that it feels nice, I get even more aroused because I know that I’m making him feel so good, like I was responsible for that moan..

Idk though *shrugs* I’m too high right now