and the other guy obviously knows this too


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You know how in break ups most of the time on of them is miserable while the other parties their hurt away. I'm worrying if this is what's happening between them. I mean louis obviously don't have obligations and harry too. Why are they still not together? It's been long.

Louis going out each night is glaringly formulaic.

Him partying is announced by PR guy or Update Accounts.

We get lqs of him in the club.

We get hqs of him leaving.

He has a group of girls with him.

They all pile into a car and drive off together.

It’s PR. Him and Harry being apart for a few weeks doesn’t mean that they’ve broken up. Additionally, Harry seemed quite happy in the instagram post we got from Chelsea Handler, and in some of the fan pics we’ve got. I reckon he’s not miserable, he just is tired of always being asked to take pictures no matter what he’s doing.

That was literally the dumbest post I have seen in regard to NaruHina ever.

Naruto has to work. He’s the Hokage, you can’t just up and abandon your entire village (and your family’s) well-being on a dime just to play with your kid, who should be doing other things like focusing on his schoolwork/ninjutsu/whatever. Boruto is not neglected, Naruto obviously knows that he has to find a way to spend time with his family but also can’t neglect his job either, so he compensates with use of clones. The Naruto fandom has this ridiculous notion of what parenting is. Maybe you guys need to walk out into the real world for once and look around. People have to work. Naruto’s job means he has to work in order to protect not only his village but his FAMILY too. Get over yourselves thinking he can just live carefree and spend time with them all damn day long without doing anything else. He’s not a kid anymore. He’s an adult. And in the adult world, people have jobs in order to afford a lifestyle, and Naruto has two kids to raise. He needs to look out for them in more ways than just playing with them all day. Grow up.

Saying that Sarada is questioning whether her family’s marriage is out of “love” because of what she sees in Naruto and Hinata’s relationship–what??? What??? That is not even what happened! Do you not read? Are you unable to comprehend anything that you just saw in 700 or 701? How thick are you? She’s not basing anything off of Naruto and Hinata’s marriage.

She’s questioning Sakura and Sasuke’s relationship because she has never met her father. She’s questioning her parents’ relationship because Boruto has a family and she doesn’t. She’s questioning their relationship because she knows that things don’t add up in her life with her family.

Stop using SasuSaku as a means to pull down NaruHina. Stop using NaruHina as a means to pull down SasuSaku. This fandom needs to get off its fucking ass and grow a spine and quit being shitpieces to each other over the dumbest shit. You are all so petty when it comes to ships, get the fuck over it. 

Just because something is not canon doesn’t mean you can’t continue enjoying it and writing about it/expressing it, what have you. 

If you all put as much effort into your livelihoods as you do with bickering at each other over ships, you’d be owning your own goddamn businesses by now.

Someone on FFnet asked me what ideas I have bouncing around, so I figured I might as well share them here too. (Aside from the mad scientist AU and crow!Anna ideas you guys probably already know about, of course.)

Taken from my profile (with some edits for spoilers):

Of Kings and Queens (tentative title) - TBA
“Drink the potion,” they said. “It’ll be fine,” they said.

An alternate take on a genderbended Elsa, where a stress-relieving potion from the Trolls at a party to celebrate the Great Thaw accidentally turns her into a man. Of course, the rest of Arendelle can’t know about this…and neither can Anna, if Elsa can help it.

Might be Elsanna to cheer myself up. It’s gonna be Elsanna.

Hang in There (possible alternate title is Kristen because irony is delicious) - TBA
A Frozen and Puella Magi Madoka Magica crossover, likely to be a long-ish oneshot or a twoshot. Anna just wants to know why Elsa always shuts her out; why they have to be separated; why her parents always dance around the subject. But no one will tell her. No one will tell clumsy, boisterous Anna who will never be ‘old enough’ to understand why.

Meanwhile, all Kyubey sees is a potential candidate ready for a wish.

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this guy and i have been having a "thing" for about four months, and since summer started we've gotten really close, he said he has stuff going on and doesnt want me to have to deal with it so he doesnt wanna be a in a relationship. I asked him if he was justplaying me but he said he still likes me. Should i wait around, ignore him, stll hangout? I have no idea what to do.

Obviously this guy doesn’t even know what he wants and I think you should put some space between each other until he decides what he wants. It will probably be better for you too. Otherwhise just talk to him about it, you’ll never know


Noel: Look after it happened..Tiger hasn’t been the same around me she kinda just avoids me at least she tries to most of the time and when I try talking to her she barely looks at me..

Red: Okay well first of all you gotta remember Tiger is very fragle right now. She doesn’t really know what she’s doing Noel.

Noel: So…she just kissed for no reason.

Red: Probably…but most likely no.

Noel: I’m confused.

Red: Ugh no wonder you guys aren’t together. Everyone knows you too have feelings for each other except the two of you obviously but Tiger is fragel at the moment so she’s probably just confused about everything also.

Noel: So what now than?

Okay… Did tumblr just break for me or is everybody else having trouble doing virtually anything right now as well?

I was able to post that last post and now nothing works, when I click to write a text post nothing happens when I try to reply to a message the box isn’t opening. Basically NOTHING works. ;____;

What the hell is this? I never thought I’d ever say this but thank god I can at least write this post from tumblr app to ask if others have problems too.

So: Is anybody else having problems? I can’t reply obviously but it would be really helpful to know if just my tumblr went to hell or if it’s something others are facing too.



Thanks for the replies, guys. :) It seems to be working again now. *takes a breath*

 You know what I really love about Vmin?

Jimin gets bullied by the Bangtan members over the littlest things and the only person in the group who doesn’t tease him is V, and even if he does tease him, its not over things that Jimin is obviously insecure about. And V lets Jimin tease him all the time and he never brushes him off unlike the other members.

Whenever Jimin is excited, V gets excited immediately too (and viceversa). Both of them have a way of building up the atmosphere in the group together. I honestly don’t know why so less people ship them, because its so beautiful when they’re together.

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aye, my best friend is a taurus and i'm an aquarius, do you think we will work? we argue a lot but always make it up but idk i don't want to lose her

Yes. It depends what you argue about I guess. Aquariuses love to argue and debate about topics they are passionate about, as do Tauruses. Disagreement between you guys can be healthy but if it gets too heated it can obviously wound your friendship as well. 

If it keeps happening, and you’re afraid of losing her, try to avoid talking so frequently about stuff that you know you will disagree on and just talk about other stuff.

- Bucky

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You guys obviously don’t know me that well….

Who would be the big spoon?

Hitler, as Goebbels wouldn’t exactly be the best at it; he’s too small.

Who would wake up first?

Goebbels probably would, as he doesn’t stay up as long as Hitler does. Adolf would wake up two hours after Joseph.

Do they have nicknames for each other?

Hitler would just call him Joe, and if he’s feeling generous, he’d say things like “Lieben”, “Pet” and “Paul”, as Goebbels would just call him his Führer.

What happened when they met each other’s parents?

Well, as unfortunate it was for Joseph, he never met anyone close to Hitler’s family except his half-sister.

Hitler was generous and civilized, and it was already an advantage since he was the leader of the country. However they kept a low profile of their private lives for safety measures.

How do they apologize after an argument?

Hitler barely apologizes, so Goebbels has to suck up and convince Adolf to forgive him. It takes a lot.

What would they be like as parents?

Hitler wouldn’t really have time, but he would be great with the kids as Goebbels would mainly be away (just look at him and Magda)

Who is more romantic?

Joseph tries to be more passionate, but he’s more of a hopeless romantic, of everything.

What sort of gifts do they get for each other?

Hitler would give Joseph books, up-to-date appliances, new clothing (that Goebbels’ fashion sense desperately needs) and even surprise trips around Germany which usually end in tragedy.

Goebbels doesn’t really know how to give gifts, so he usually gets him something useless or expensively tacky, like a floor mat or a bookstand.

Who gets jealous easiest?

Goebbels gets jealous, and even if Hitler is just talking to a general, the event immediately goes into his diary.

Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?

Hitler gets more enthusiastic about events, as they are upbeat and pleasing, as Goebbels just wants to leave.

Who is the most adventurous?

Hitler is, as he likes to travel to other regions and countries, even if it’s for an inspection of some sort.

Who is the most protective?

Goebbels is most protective, and won’t back down to defend his boss.

What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?

Hitler would be that popular kid at school who is nice to everyone/everyone likes, and Goebbels would be that kid that everyone thinks is kinda strange and just somehow gets a chance with the popular kid who notices them.


*BONUS: Song to sum them up?*

- Two Kinds of Happiness - The Strokes

Do I ship it?

I’m on the fence for this one, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

Also anon I didnt forget you!

A place primarily for Loki Instagrams, but sometimes other subjects pop up too.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I post more casual, day-to-day photos of Loki over on our Instagram account. Just in case you wanted to say hello! Obviously I’m still posting here - better photos and longer stories will always be on the Tumblr! #Hashtagstories will be amusing over on Instagram.

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At first I was thinking gajeel or levy(I'm gajevy trash lol ヽ(;▽;)ノ)but what about rogue?

Well, obviously I ship Gajeel and Levy with each other (if that isn’t obvious enough XD), but Rogue…oh boy.

To be honest, I think he’s totally gay for Sting, and that would probably be my main pairing for him. after that, probably Kagura, I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked the concept of Rogura. I mean, I usually don’t like crack ships, but for some reason this one always appealed to me. I mean, Rogue is this guy who has this terrible dark side to him, and I’ve always thought that was a little too much for Yukino (which is why I don’t really ship Rokino romantically very much), and Kagura is this strong woman who can kick everyone’s ass. 

But then again I ship Kagura with Millianna too so…huehue XD not really sorry.

Send me a character and I’ll telly you who I ship them with!

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Hey, I'm thinking about buying crush60 and just had a few questions. I obviously don't know the specifics of the workouts yet but I get bad shin splints pretty easily after doing high impact cardio. Does this plan take that into account and work to eliminate the possibility of that happening? My other question was regarding the type of workouts. I'm a small guy and haven't done olympic-style lifts (also embarrased with bigger guys at the gym) so how much of your program relies on these workouts?

You arent ever really doing any long distance cardio. You can do any HIIT sprints on the rower or bike too. The lifts are very simple. I don’t use any heavy olympic style lifting in my programs. There is some bench press, squat, and deadlifts, but they aren’t all about going super heavy anyway. I think crush would be good for you, and the community could really help get that confidence back that you DESERVE

I have reset this fucking game so many times trying to get the 100,000 gil from the data dealer guy in Guadosalam. x____x

And a Hypello has just asked me if I’m lushting to see Tobli’s show.

Please don’t ever use that word again.

And apparently Nooj is here visiting Leblanc “every other day”. *bow-chicka-wow-wow* Are they lushting, too???

Oh God, I need to get out of here. Guadosalam has obviously been sprayed with some sort of ungodly sex pollen. Who knows what the fuck Seymour had stashed away in that mansion.

honestly this is so ??? like the positiive messages obviously outnuimber the threatening ones rn but i want to know what i did to make this person so mad at me to the point where they felt the need to make TWO other accounts to tell me to kms??? i barely even talk to anyone on here? really i’m literally in tears right now i don’t understand

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are you only fan of seyoung? there are another 5 members you know lol


Absolutely we know there are 5 other members. Why there is so much Seyoung is because there is more Seyoung fansites than any other member. While the fandom grows this will change and I am sure the feed will change accordingly. The Seyoung fansite masters do know we have gaps in fansites and have been doing their best to give us photos of the other members as well and they should definitely be appreciated for their efforts as lots of photos the other guys are making the feed too.

However at Seyoungs individual activies, there will obviously be no photos of the other guys. That can’t be helped. 


I got tagged by the babe AKA kyoushishi which is appropriate cause I tag her in things sometimes :’D And by sometimes I mean whenever I actually feel like properly tagging people. Also I’m very tired so um… yea I may screw something up lel

What is Your Name?- Quinn but on here its basically Quinnie lel

What is Your Favorite Color?- Black (I’m so original) and different blues and purples. More on the darker shades with the purples and blues

Write Something in All Caps- I LOVE MIWA TAISHI TOO MUCH

Favorite Band/Artist- I don’t… really have one tbh I would just say Green Day cause I know more names to their songs then any other band but I don’t listen to them alot ahaaaa

Favorite Number- 64 for obvious reasons

Favorite Drink- Sprite yo

Alright I’ll actually tag people this time I will… tag.. Bird Family obviously so an-actual-objectum-sexual and pumpkinflavour sorry guys ;; and lets throw in junk0-en0sh1ma and kittyissac why not

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dating his sibling? i know they’re not close at all. she said she just sees him as “another guy” vs her older brother. just in case i get in too deep and want more, i should have a plan. she’s really beautiful, more beautiful than any other girl i’ve met. she’s kind and funny and warm. she’s one of my best friends, but i need to think this through. im but what do you think? would it be wrong to go for it? he’s moved on, obviously, but would it be trashy for me to move on with his sister? (p2)

2/2 haha hey girl. through my eyes it doesn’t matter, after what he has done to you. let him be and forget him. just like you’re saying, if his sister doesn’t mind either then why worry about that. but make sure she feels the same way about you before you get into that too fast, because then you can get disappointed, so be careful babe. good luck

The guy I went out with two weeks ago asked me if I want to go for beer today and I said yeah why not, I don’t exactly hate him. Then he blew me off because he ‘accidentally fell asleep for five hours and it was too late and we should do that some other time’. OKAY THeN. And I tried so hard with the winged eyeliner (I did that for myself obviously, I don’t think he would even notice).

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so there's this one girl that I'm friends with and it's just really complicated. we were close in 6th-8th grade, and for unrelated reasons we weren't friends at all in 9th grade, now it's 10th grade and we're friends again. But, I feel like we're becoming way too close and too quickly. My mom says she has a heart of gold but at the same time isn't the best influence. She's extremely loud and touchy with guys and it's starting to make me uncomfortable. She's temperamental and i feel stuck. Help.

Hi love,

I’ve had the same experience with one of my close friends too. Obviously it is easier to get close with the person the second time because you already have a lot of history between you and know a lot about the other. Before becoming too close, you should think of why you stopped being friends. Was it scheduling, change of interest, betrayal, that will indicate how to approach the friendship again. If you ended on good terms, then sure go be friendly again, but if it was for something deeper, then take this into consideration. You wouldn’t want it to happen again.

Now, as for her being a bad influence that is her decision. You clearly see the flaws in her ways and so you are aware not to act in the same manner. You make the decisions or yourself, and she for herself. If you’re uncomfortable to the point where you feel the need to say something, then do. But understand that ultimately she can act how she pleases and you can make the choice to stay friends or not. You always have control over you, don’t ever think that she makes all decisions. You are not stuck in any relationship, there is always a way to get out. All you need to do is stand up for yourself.

Good luck, Ali.