and the other I walk with but she's always talking to her best friend

I feel like a constant thirdwheel

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i've known my best friend in the entire world for 5 years now! she talked to me when i was the weird new kid in middle school and she was so supportive through all of my rough times. i finally came out to her a month ago and it felt like this huge weight just disappeared. we live down the street from each other so we go on walks and bike rides all the time and we take pictures of the pretty places we explore. she's in france for the summer and i miss her so very much but i know she's having fun

That sounds like an amazing relationship the two of you have, I’m so happy that you two have each other, having a best friend you can rely on is honestly one of the best feelings. Skype her whenever she or you can because I know how irritating the time differences can be, if you have it snapchat is always a good way to communicate and she would most likely put pictures of what she sees as her story so you would get to see a lot. 

I’m so weird. like, I crave deep talks. like tell me at 3am about the first time you got your heartbroken and how you hated your dad growing up and how whenever you looked at your mom the only thing other than sadness you saw in her eyes was the gloss from all the drugs she’d done and how the only time you felt religion was when you laid with her and how you want to feel something so fucking bad and how the only state you live in is constant disconnect from the world. tell me how your best friend slept with the girl who said she was in love with you and tell me how when you were 17 you walked in on your best friend having sex with another guy so you stayed up until 4am comforting him telling him you’d always accept him for who he was and tell me how you spent 3 months of your youth trying to forget who you were because it was the only thing that made the pain stop. tell me about how you went through 10 girls in the past month but you don’t want me to be the 11th and how your parents told you after you graduated that they knew you weren’t going anywhere in life and tell me about when you were so overwhelmed from the death of your best friend that you tried to burn your skin and his house. tell me about how much you love telling me about yourself because no one ever bothered enough to ask. tell me how much more you value your live now that you’ve found me and tell me how you care so much for me that you’d go through everything again.

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i'm sorry about your ex. she doesn't deserve you.

at the beginning, she did, though. we deserved each other, we were good for each other. she made me happier than i’d ever been. the day after we got together i had to ask her if i dreamt it, if dating was real if she was real if everything i was feeling was real. she told me she had to check the message she sent to her best friend to make sure, too. we were like a damn katy perry song, where the winter chill somehow smelled like spring. she always felt like strawberries to me. i’d walk out of class for half an hour almost everyday just to sit with her, just to hold her and remember that she is there, she’s in my life. she once told me i confused her because she doesn’t even like pink - why did i look so pretty in it? the day she told me that, i hadn’t slept more than 3 hours a night for the past week and hadn’t washed my hair in as long.

she was good to me in the beginning. i don’t know why everything stopped. i don’t know when i stopped being good enough for her.

but i’m bitter now. i’m bitter i couldn’t have been good enough. i’m bitter that she didn’t try hard enough to make things normal after everything went to shit. i’m bitter she didn’t try hard enough to be with me. i’m bitter she never fought for me.

and maybe i shouldn’t be bitter, maybe i should be happy that she gave me months upon months of love and laughter and just, well, goodness. maybe i should respect that she was good to me in the beginning. that we were good before she disappeared. maybe i should be happy that for a while, i had a person who was on the phone with me at 2 in the morning while we planned out our future home. maybe that should be enough. i don’t know if it ever will be, though.

and i don’t know why i’m telling you all this, i really don’t. hell, maybe she’d be furious i’m talking about it, but i think i want people to know she was good. she was good to me for a long, long time.

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1-10 huehuehueheuheuheu (or if that's too many 1-5)

the person i like and why i like them.

At the moment, there’s no one I have a crush on. But I’ll talk about my best friend. I love her because when we’re together, everything seems so simple and even though I hate slience when being with others, I enjoy it when we both just walk to school in the morning. Nothing feels too stupid to talk about with her and I it seems that she gets me more than anyone else does. Thank you, my potatoe.

a famous person i’ve been compared to.

I have no clue, haha (A friend of mine has always been compared to Aurora from Sleeping Beauty)

5 things that irritate me about the same sex/opposite sex.

Some guys spitting on the ground (disgusting), using Axe, teaching their sons they should be manly and never crie, “If he annoys you that means he likes you” and saying girls have it better.

the best thing that has happened to me this week.

I saw Jurassic World with two friends I don’t see frequently enough and it was wonderful spending time with them again and watching an awsome movie!

weird things i do when i’m alone.

I sit in the worst posistion ever, L would cringe. Also, I listen without headphones and sing and dance passionately to the music (but many people do that).

how i’d spend ten thousand bucks.

Buy the DVD of Death Note (100 fucking euros) and save the rest for other small things. But if it had to be for one thing, then probably for a nice holiday or something.

things i like and things i don’t like about the way i look.

I love my eyes and Hands. However, I’m too fat and I have breaks (just on the lower half of my mouth which makes it even more strange), that’s why I never take pics of me with my mouth open.

my last night out in detail.

Well, I already mentioned it, Jurassic World with my friends. Before that, we went to one of the restaurants and I ate a huge Chesse Burger that was wonderful. Therefore, we didn’t buy Popcorn for the movie itself, just something to drink. The movie itself was of course wonderful and my friends (we went to middle school together but now they’re at different highschools) and I had much to tell each other.
The best moment was when Claire ran away from that T-Rex (whoooops spoiler) while still wearing high heels. I just turned to one of my friends and whispered “life goals”.

something that makes me sad when i think about it.

>That there isn’t really anything that makes me an interesting person or that I’m good at. Just another brick in the wall (love that song omg)

something i’ve lied about

“No mom, I didn’t use your wifi last night at 2 am, what are you even talking about!?”

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25: Talk about an ex best friend.

i had a best friend for a couple of years. i think our friendship lasted from 5th to 7th grade. the first time she came over, we threw sausages and cheese at this sex predator’s house who tried to talk to me. (he got arrested a couple months after because the adults in our neighborhood realized what he was up to and he was found with drugs and all). we told each other everything. we shopped together. we always walked to each other’s houses. we gossiped. we helped each other with our myspaces. we did everything together you know, we were like how most best friends are. 

things started changing and we just started fading. we’d still bump into each other every now and then and catch up like just old times but it was somehow different. she dropped out and i never really saw her after. fast forward a few years and i end up running into her at macy’s. she works there now and she’s pregnant. things changed and i miss her when i think about it

when i was little i went to my poupou’s restaurant a lot and there was a waitress there who was always super nice and would talk to us and just an A+ server i loved her so much

well here i am 19 working in that same restaurant and the same waitress is still working there and she still calls me by my childhood nickname and it’s kinda surreal but also very awesome

but one thing i never noticed is how fucking hilarious she is, like not the kind of sarcastic intentional humor but just her general mannerisms are so funny

she’s best friends with another server there and they’re like lucy and ethel i s2g and they have old lady names so it’s funny in the “white suburban mom meme” way whenever they talk to each other like ill walk through the kitchen and hear “marilyn 10,000 snakes. 10,000 snakes marilyn.” and i just. i can’t. idk. just had to share.

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Greetings! I need some advice. I have had this one friend for at least 3 years. She has always been my best friend. During my 7th grade year (this year) she has been kinda mean towards me. As in she runs away from me when I try to walk with her to class, the bus, an to lunch. She sits at me and my other friends table, eats all of our food and leaves. She talks about me behind my back A LOT. She is always talking about me to my friends and says mean things about me. She also lies to my friends :(

Baby-girl, you need to leave that friend behind you. All she does is hurt you, and I hate to see you sad. Also remember that friends you got in middle school ain’t gonna be the friends you got for the rest of your life. It may really hurt now, and that’s okay, but it’s not gonna hurt so much in the future. My advice is to talk to her, ask her why she’s playin’ you like that, and if she doesn’t offer some kinda condolences, you should move on with your life.

Much love, Russel

I’m sorry for being so miserable I hate to make everyone else hate me but I’m all alone right now. I have no one else.

*if you are in a sad mood, please don’t read this. Go search the cute puppies tag*

I feel like I’m losing friends that I never really had.

My one close friend was really abusive, and I took it for such a long time because I felt like I had no choice. But now I realize I do and I am walking away. Here’s the catch: she’s abused too! Her home life sucks. I’d always been there for her in times of trouble… But she never was for me. And once everything was okay again, she would only talk to her other friends. It hurts.

My childhood best friend had chosen some girls who were always mean and malicious just this school year. We’d gotten in our first major fight the last week of school. It sucked, I’m still miserable over it. Or in fact, he often chose anyone over me. But we are sort of okay now, guess. But I’m going to a new school next year, and he’s moving a few hours away… It sucks. I am losing him to.

Ironically, he had issues with being suicidal too. He always confided in me. But I felt like he was miserable enough without my problems weighing on his shoulders. I didn’t talk about my issues or feelings.

Lastly, my Nicole. My dear, sweet, Nicole. She tried to come out to her mom, and was supposed to be kicked out of her own home and family. But while packing, she had a mental breakdown and was admitted into a mental hospital, where she was diagnosed with depression. A week later she came back to her mothers house, and she’s banned from electronics. And when she gets them back, she’s not allowed to talk to me anymore.

Nicole’s schoolmate has been keeping updated, and relaying messages to Nicole for me. Nicole hasn’t said anything to me yet.

She was the best friend I’ve ever had. We could confide in each other, we cared about each other. Dare I say, we love each other.

Also my dad might be dying or really unhealthy? Idk.

I have a friend who I have known for a while, that I hadn’t talked to for a few weeks. I talked to her a few days ago via phone call; she was crying. She told me about how secretly insecure she was (and I can assure you, this girl has nothing to be insecure about-she’s pretty, funny, kind, has a great personality… I could go on). I did what I do best: sympathize and empathize, an listened. After I got her out of a bad mood, we started talking about phan (btw we are phan trash). When out phone call was done, she said she felt a lot better.

What do you think? Can I confide in her? Can she bear the weight of my troubles? Also, I kinda used to have a small crush on that person; I don’t really anymore, bc she’s someone I care about, and have been friends with for a long time, and I don’t wanna see her that way.

I’m sick of worrying about other people’s feelings, but I can’t stop. I have my own issues, but their’s are worse and more important. Why am I so god damn nice?

Glinda Upland is one of my favorite characters…. Little did I know a few months ago, I’d turn into her.

If you read that, thank you, please go do something a bit happier now. Google cute kittens.

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talk about number 2 and 25

  • 2:Talk about your first kiss.

that hasn’t happened yet

  • 25:Talk about an ex-best friend.

her name was natalie; she lived near me in my neighborhood. it was really funny because when i lost my first tooth when i was 6, i hadn’t known her yet. but the tooth i lost i spat out and i spat it out in front of her house. so we always thought it was kind of funny. we were really similar, she was a year older than me and we both played piano and liked the same games and stuff and just at the time it was great. we told each other a ton of secrets and her family was so sweet to me, they loved me. for us it was constant walking back and forth from each others houses. we even had a mutual ″enemy”. we didnt go to the same schools so we only saw each other outside of school which was fine. in fact, i had my first inside joke with her. but since she went to a different school she made lots of other friends besides me and i slowly got replaced. and we kind of stopped talking and hanging out despite the fact that we even built a clubhouse (with my dads help) from the ground up that was in her backyard. around the time it fell down due to a bad storm we kind of stop being friends. 

a few years later she invited me to her 17th birthday party and it was so weird. her friends didn’t know her at all. like i brought up stuff that i thought was common knowledge from when she was younger and her friends all asked her what she was talking about. we said we would start talking again but it didnt happen


Here goes the story about misunderstanding and miscommunication.

There’s this girl. We’ve known each other for a long time. We have one common thing in our lives: a girl who is my best friend and who she claims to be hers.

And she treated my best friend like shit even though my bf cared abt her so much, always asking after her, she never answered or asked her back. So I told my guy best friend that. Maybe he told her, cause she is his best friend too. So you see, my best friends are her best friends, but I am not hers. Why? I think it’s simple, we have mutual best friends but that doesn’t mean that we should be best friends. And we can’t. And I effing know that. haha. I don’t like the way she treated my girl best friend.

Anyways, we havent talked for a long time. But then one day, my girl best friend couldn’t stand it anymore, she walked away from that girl. Then the girl realized after abt a year (facebook thingy it’s soooo long to tell). And she apologised, she said she wanted to be friend with her again. And the convo went on and on… she explained why she’d been acting like that, my girl bf let me read the whole convo and we both found her reasons ridiculous. Oh boy.

Then, surprisingly, she mentioned me. oh meeeee:))))

Guess what, she said she wasn’t like me, she ain’t JUDGE people.

And I was like.. wtf

In that moment it seemed like she slapped herself in the face. She was also judging me you see?

I don’t think that there is a single living person who has never and will never judge someone. We live in a community and we communicate. There will be times when we see and feel things that are different from our mind set. we judge. But it’s a matter of perception whether you judge the right thing or not, and whether you make the same mistakes or not.

Our story is long, a lot has happened and i know one thing, which is I would never leave my best friend wondering like that, never.

June 17th- 7:08 pm

jasmine is so obviously uninterested in or friendship it’s obnoxious. my summer has been really good so far not even a week in and i feel good. idk about the losing weight thing i’m trying to be positive though. just sitting in my room listening to sad music thinking about how i share 1 good friend with my sister, not in a bad way just thinking. i dont think i like jasmine all that much anymore. she makes no sense. ok this girl carly and i were best friends for like two years, now i hindsight i just let her walk all over me. i got depressed and when i tried to talk about it, it was always brushed off, and eventually she started saying mean things. like about my weight, or how i shouldn’t go into acting and a lot of other bullshit. after we kinda stopped talking jasmine told me carly felt as if she wasn’t allowed to be better than me, which is total bullshit. jasmine bought into it, idk why. she told me in person that she thought this girl was self absorbed and didn’t care about us. and i know she talks about me. all of the sudden jeff in my film class who was infatuated with her wouldn’t talk with me

I know I’ve talked about it before and was all about talking about it cuz of honeymoon phase, but as our relationship has grown and we’ve seen all of each other and shared all that we have and grown to love and respect and see each other’s real selves, it’s without a doubt clear to me now. I wholeheartedly and sincerely want to marry Emilee Paige Horner. It’s official. She is the love of my life, my other half and my best friend. She is a beautiful soul with a heart of pure gold with the joy and charisma of a child with the world in their hands and the ability to brighten any room she walks into just by her smile and the beauty of Aphrodite herself and I love her endlessly and I need her and always will. I’ve known from the moment I met her there was something extra special about her. I can’t wait to make her my wife. That is, if she says yes…oh how I hope she says yes….

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what are your friends like?

my friends are more interesting than me tbh
fightmeimdead we want to fight each other 24/7 but deep down we’re real homies ❤️ we talk about memes a lot and call each other r00d and I’m an asshole to her in a loving way but we are bros 4 lyfe she’ll always be the person I can tell everything she’s reliable af and is a v caring friend ok she may seem dark on the outside but she’s bright and wonderful on the inside

dreamswitheyes0pen she’s like a second me we give each other music recs and she reminds me of the sun emoji she’s a walking aesthetic and she gives amazing advice and we come to each other when we need to talk about/solve a life problem she is my distant rock

idk where I was going w this but my two best friends are my ultimate faves thank u