Right?! He made what I think was an attempt at a crude innuendo by offering to buy us some chicken wings. I said no, I don’t eat meat and thoughtlessly specified, “on Fridays.” That led to a series of increasingly aggressive questions which then turned to all sorts of ad hominem attacks and it went downhill from there. Still trying to figure out how Christian “spite praying” is, lol.

introvert conflict #358 feeling bad because you are saying no to go out with people because you don’t want to miss anything but at the same time you know that if you go with them you won’t be feeling the big mixer there is tomorrow

(( i think it’s funny how i’ve been told by both teachers and rp partners that i’m a great writer, yet very few people outside my close friends seem capable of understanding why my “way with words” doesn’t extend to my ability to actually speak. ))

hailydia said:

You should listen to Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls! :)

that song is amazing, thank you! 

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watermelon and fries?

blacklist “adbr” if you don’t wanna see these 

writing thing [07]

make up two characters and send them on a date

"Really, Constance?" Xerdonis asked, his yellow eyes glowing faintly in the dim lighting of the bar. "I’m never letting you choose where we go to dinner again!"

The light-skinned drow crossed his hairless lavender arms on the table. His elven wife grinned across the table at him, her hazel eyes bright. She had put no real effort into her appearance, instead simply throwing her light brown hair into a ponytail and throwing on a simple outfit.

A waiter came and placed salads in front of them. Constance took a long drink from the green bottle at the table. Even before he had met her, Constance had been an alcoholic; Xerdonis had tried several times to try to wean her off the liquor. It wasn’t going to happen. He had to deal with the habit.

But a bar? Really?

A pretty black-haired woman jumped on top of a table. She waved her hand at one side of the room. Dance music immediately resonated through the room and she began to dance. Men and women alike flocked over to the table she was dancing on, screaming and cheering her on.

"Sometimes I wonder why I married you," Xerdonis said with a huff.

"Oh, you know you love me. I bet she’s giving you a boner, though." Constance winked at him. Xerdonis’ cheeks turned a dark purple and averted his gaze. She laughed at him and took a long drink of her alcohol.

They sat in silence for a couple more moments. Xerdonis squirmed in his seat, attempting to keep his eyes off the woman dancing. She threw her bra down at someone below her and was just beginning to take off her underwear. Constance raised an eyebrow at her husband, but said nothing.

Xerdonis laid money on the table and got up. He readjusted his pants and pulled Constance from her chair, leading her out of the bar and into the dirty streets of Xidwin. Hover cars drifted by over the asphalt, orange streetlamps reflecting off them as they floated past.

"Hey, hey, you made me leave my alcohol!" Constance whined, smacking the top of Xerdonis’ hand. He let go immediately. "You had better fuck me hard to make up for that."

They both grinned at each other and made their way back home.

lul awkward date is awkward

kate-mumford said:

[text]: Ooh I get to dress up? No shorts for you tonight. I know a bar that serves really good and pretty cheap food and strong drinks. It's near midtown but it's a little hole in the wall place. Up for it?

[text] Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m up for anything as long as there’s gonna be food there. I’m starving.