do you ever have a day where literally everything goes wrong until after a certain point you stop being surprised or hurt by it you just kind of accept that today the universe is spitting on you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it


super dangan ronpa 2: the story of a bunch of teenagers who are kidnapped by an unknown foe, and are forced to kill each other

The worst part about feeling like you’re losing your best friend is that you have NO ONE TO FUCKING TALK TO ABOUT IT.

a conversation i (and many others from hawai'i) have had
  • me:i'm from hawai'i.
  • them:oh! so you're hawaiian.
  • me:well, yes, but not because i'm from hawai'i.
  • them:you're from hawai'i, so you're hawaiian!
  • me:no, i'm hawaiian because my ancestors were the native people from hawai'i. not everyone from hawai'i is actually hawaiian.
  • them:(smugly) but everyone from california is californian!
  • me:except that "hawaiian" actually refers to a culture that existed before contact with the western world and...
  • them:and everyone from texas is texan! you're just using the word wrong.
  • me:yes. yes that's exactly it. my eyes have been completely opened. i can now use the word "hawaiian" correctly. thank you, mainland person, for enlightening me about part of my own ethnic background. truly, you are a gift to hawaiians everywhere.

Teens React to Attack on Titan

  • Crucify
  • Tori Amos
  • Little Earthquakes

Crucify — Tori Amos

  • every finger in the room
    is pointing at me
    i wanna spit in their faces
    then i get afraid what that could bring

    i’ve been raising up my hands
    drive another nail in
    just what god needs
    one more victim

    my heart is sick of being in chains

Released in 1992, Tori has admitted to Crucify being largely inspired by her obsession with Anne Boleyn and her beheading. “I’ve always had a fascination with the beheading of Anne Boleyn. It’s haunted me. I’ve always had a fascination with baptism, water and Christianity. That’s haunted me too. Of course because the Protestant Reformation is entwined with Queen Elizabeth’s mother, I guess I’ve always seen Anne Boleyn as the illicit mistress of the Protestant Reformation. I’ve also really been able to see what a powerful force that she was, to be able to be part of a group that broke away from the Catholic Church. Politics and Christianity, what a marriage.”

Its music video, too, features her in a dress “reminiscent of Anne Boleyn”.

Blood and tears. (That’s what I promised I would draw- not sure what’s going on here).

The Relationship||Stefan & Luciana

Luciana woke up the next morning to see that she wasn’t in her own bedroom in the TARDIS. Looking around, she remembered that she had fell asleep in Stefan’s room. A slight smile appeared on her face when she thought about last night and everything that happened. She actually thought that their relationship would stand the test of time, which she hadn’t actually had that before. Any person that she had liked were either the dead or human. But, Stefan was just like her, except he wasn’t running around with a time machine. She looked over at his side of the bed to see that he was gone. Where is he? she thought.


"That was easy."

Fandom meme (Sherlock edition)

I was tagged by corpsereviver2 (thank you!)

Your name? Neverwhere

Favourite episode? The Great Game

Favourite character? In every universe, I am all about the Watson. (Only exception is Great Mouse Detective, because who doesn’t love Basil? :)

Favourite soundtrack? Sherlock Holmes by Hans Zimmer. I play this constantly at work, as it’s both incredibly soothing and invigorating. Series 3 Sherlock is a close second, the music is pretty much the best thing about S3.

Favourite fanfiction? Or if you don’t have a favourite, do you have one to rec? I still have rj-abacura's 'Top 10 fics' meme to post, so have a 'recently updated' fav and rec: I adore everything beautifulfic writes so of course I’m enjoying The Gilded Cage, and please read Till We Have Cases by fiorinda-chancellor, it’s everything a classicist like myself could desire. SO GOOD YOU GUYS.

Favourite ship? Granada Holmes/Watson, Richie Holmes/Watson, Mystrade, Johnlockary, Sherlock/John but only in AUs. Have I mentioned though how much I crave AUs? ;-)

Favourite headcanon? That Sherlock takes forever to give his heart and his body but when he does, it is with enthusiastic abandon. <— keeping this from corpsie, because I agreeee. Also he has a military kink the size of the North Sea, but that’s totally canon. :3

Favourite fanvideo? I don’t know any, sorry. Probably afingerslipofficial when the web series is made, if that counts?

Favourite AU? ALL THE AUs :D His Dark Materials, Potterlock, dragons, anything supernatural, Regency, Bondlock, space opera, whatever sandbox earlgreytea68 is playing in this week, ANYTHING JUST GIVE ME AUs

Most drastic thing you’ve ever done for fandom? I don’t think I’ve done anything…However I have known people involved in legendary fandom events, like the Bit of Earth scandal for LOTR and being conned by Cassie Clare, so that makes me interesting by proxy, right? ;-) Oh! I also live in infamous Sussex by the sea, although I don’t keep bees. So moving to Brighton could be considered a drastic thing I’ve done to feel fandom worthy, if you think about it hard enough. *grins*

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saikoro-kizuna replied to your post:saikoro-kizuna replied to your photo:god keiichi…
I don’t remember half Ooishi’s scenes in Tatarigoroshi-hen tbh but was he actually that much of a jerk?

yeah tbh. he keeps insisting to see Satoko and then gets all pissy when Keiichi talks back to him. Then he actually starts squeezing Keiichi’s shoulder and hurts him really bad and then Irie has to step in and get him to let him go. Then another one I remember later is him being mean to Keiichi when’s he’s digging, but it’s pretty justified as he thinks Keiichi murdered a man so yeah…but he even splashes a bucket of water in Keiichi’s face…

Oh yeah and then he even intimidates two little girls to give him Keiichi’s name, and sort of talks bad about K1’s mom? ‘Theres rumors your mom is rich and probably cruel because of it’ god Ooishi.

But yeah the scene where Keiichi is looking for Teppei’s body is a lot more understandable, but he was just a huge ass to Keiichi in the scene I just read and was all like ‘I’m massaging your shoulder! Hahaha!’ when he’s like crushing it


PART 1: For this part of the task, you must spill two to three secrets which your character would have shared with Amy. The secrets can be about anything and the length is entirely up to you, the only requirement is that its something your character has only ever shared with Amy.

PART 2: This part of the task requires you to write about your character's connection with Amy -- how close they were, what their relationship was like, anything you think is important and would like to include, really! Again, the length of this is entirely up to you.

This task must be completed by Wednesday, September 3rd and be tagged as #oui:task1

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anonymous said:

Hello! Do you have any advice for running a small online boutique. I opened it about a few months ago but business has been terrible so far.

Unless you already have a following its going to be rly difficult in the beginning, for one already having somewhat of a following and trying to sell products is a battle on its own. But starting from scratch you’re going to need to set up a website or store that looks somewhat professional, go over what your demographic is going to be, but mainly marketing and promoting is what is going to help you. Try and find semi popular bloggers to send products and hope they can put you on, you’re gonna be rejected at times and thats FINE its just part of life and business.

Take it seriously, put in a lot of work & also understand that w.e product you’re trying to sell has a lot to do with it. If the product is good you’re off to to a great start, if its not then you’re going to need to push A LOT and have a lot of smart marketing skills