1x23/2x01 vs. 6x05


I don’t know if she was pregnant, but after that I seriously doubt her child-to-be is alive or, in the best case, well formed. So chill out, guys.

For certain people, Carol will never do anything right.

Which, whatever, you do you I guess.

But I find it interesting, that if you dig into the reasons that routinely come up (especially after last night’s episode) you’ll see that a lot of the women going after Carol are doing it because of internalized misogyny.

I see complaints about Carol not obeying Rick or deferring to his leadership, even when he wasn’t actually the leader of the group. I see complaints about how Carol doesn’t take Daryl’s feelings into consideration, despite the fact that these same complainers state that Daryl cares about Carol the same way he cares about all the group members.

I think it shows a lot of about what is going on in certain fans lives and their minds when it comes to this line of thought. They’d been indoctrinated with the idea that women exist to serve men.

Women are wives and mothers and caretakers first. Their personal needs must always be put on the back burner while the other people in their life, especially the menfolk, are put first.

You can eve see it in the writing of Carol, way back in season 2. People shit all over her for not going after Sophia and how that shows what an awful mother she is but everyone seems to forget that the writers chose to do that. You want to know why? Because Sophia going missing had nothing to do with Carol or commenting on her as a mother. Sophia going missing was all about Rick’s manpain in losing a little girl and setting up a conflict between him and Shane to show their different mindsets in the apocalypse. The writers never even considered how Carol would look as a mother by not running after her own daughter. It’s the same reason that not a single other person on that highway went after Sophia (even though everyone but T-Dog and Carl was more than capable of it) because Rick had to be the one to lose Sophia so he could angst around the farm about it. Sophia and, to a lesser extent, Carol were used as plot devices to serve the men and their stories. The storyline of Sophia going missing was never once meant to speak about the character of Carol. It was all about the men.

I’m excited to see what is going on with Carol in season 5 because I think they are righting the previous wrongs done to the women on the show. Carol’s storyline isn’t going to be about her having to earn her place back in the hearts of Rick and Daryl. It’s not going to be about Carol helping Daryl move through his newest bout of manpain.

As much as it broke my heart to see her ready to leave everyone behind, I think it bodes well for Carol and her character (and perhaps all the women on this show.) For once she was putting herself and her needs first. She wasn’t comfortable being with the group and instead of sticking around because it would make Daryl sad or because the group needed her strength or Judith needed a caretaker, she said “Fuck it!” and did what she NEEDED. For HER.

I admire the hell out of Carol for that and I hope she keeps it up.

alSO OKAY so bear with  me because I have fifty asks in my inbox that I should be answering BUT all I can think of is a missing scene from ROTJ that is Very Important. 

Because you see, I am absolutely fascinated with

a) the relationship between Mom Mothma and General Rieekan and Leia and them - like, I really like the idea that they almost subconsciously individually started thinking of Leia as their something-akin-to-a-child, (Rieekan as a fellow Alderaani and friend of Bail’s, and Mon as her mentor in the Senate) and so were inherently protective of her while simultaneously questioning her life choices and trying to watch out for her well being etc etc, (WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY BEING LIKE “hey Mon do u think she likes him” “Carlist I am not having this conversation” “but do you think she does” “I hope to goodness she doesn’t” “I think she does” “Carlist no” “I think he’s good for her” “Carlist dO NOT DO THIS” “admit it Mon, he’s a good man” “I am not having this conversation - and, also, how in Force’s name do you know she likes him?” “Mon. Mon are you serious” “I’ have to admit that was one of my weaker comebacks” “evidently.” “Oh, do shut up Carlist”);

b) I am forever enamored with the idea that the Rebellion becomes this tight-knit group of outcasts and ragtag miscellaneous heroes-who-don’t-think-of-themselves-as-heroes and like, you’ve got everyone from high ranking government officials to royalty to pirates to the equivalent of scullery maids OR WHATEVER and they’re all on equal footing within their sort of undisciplined military structure but somehow it works because they all believe in their cause so damned much and they’re basically like this huge whacky family;

and, c) the idea that close to the end of the war new Important People betrayed the Empire and joined but were like, suspicious of The Way Things Worked or ALTERNATIVELY were there the whole time but never really actively took part until the end and were unfamiliar with the dynamics OR SOMETHING, and end up making ignorant comments that make the hackles of certain people who you wouldn’t think their hackles would raise, raise.

WHICH BRINGS US BACK TO THE MISSING ROTJ SCENE, because I need there to be a moment in which Leia and Lando and co. have just returned from The Rescue with Han in tow and this is like right before the briefing in the Big Conference Room where they’re like “oh yes time to possibly go to our deaths hooray” and Mon Mothma is standing there with General Rieekan and Unknown Self-Important Diplomat (this is terrible I want to say it’s Borsk Fey’lya omg) and they’re discussing Important Things in quiet tones and the Diplomat is like “oh … has princess Leia - er - returned?” and Mon is like “thank goodness yes all is well” because by this point she has resigned herself to a) people fall in love in the middle of wars and it’s not always conventional and appropriate but damn that because sometimes it’s important to believe in a person and b) Han had come to her earlier FINALLY requesting a commission and she has been smiling secretly to herself all afternoon because he looked so nervous (she hasn’t told Carlist because he would gloat - and, also, I will get into the Infinite Comedic and Dramatic Potential that is Han Solo and Mon Mothma’s relationship some other time BUT IT’S RLY IMPORTANT OKAY)) - and so, anyway, she’s pretty content with the way things figured because Leia’s back they have a damn good pilot and military strategist actually in their ranks officially now and the plans for the assault on Endor are coming along nicely so that’s all good. But then the Diplomat’s all like, in this hesitant voice, “are you quite sure - that the princess is fully dedicated to our cause?” and both Rieekan and Mothma are like “waht”. And the guy’s like “well … I mean … she did abandon us in a time where we required the most help we could get - to rescue one man , who, er, quite frankly, brought that whole thing on himself -” (here Rieekan and Mothma’s eyebrows simultaneously climb higher on their foreheads) ”- so perhaps her loyalties don’t - ” and Rieekan is like “bro are you on drugs” but obviously in a much more polite and professional manner while Mon looks pained because that is essentially what it looks like to someone who has just become involved and that’s enough to cause uncertainty and what does she say? because she can’t explain years of observations and personal conflict and becoming attached to the young daughter of Bail Organa in one quick summary pre-briefing, can she? 

But then, quite suddenly, her thoughts and the uncomfortable/snooty-looking diplomat’s words are cut off by the sound of laughter coming down the hallway, intermingled with the usual chatter of the migrating officers towards the conference room.

And the three of them turn to see this:

you know that thing where two people are standing really close to each other but not actually touching? And yet everything about their postures suggests that they are almost leaning into each other unconsciously for support, or whatever, and their hands aren’t touching but like, barely brushing against each other and they look like they’re sharing this incredible inside joke? So anyway, they turn to see Han and Leia walking down the hallway and Leia’s laughing, her whole face lighting up in a way that Mon has not seen for six months, and dammit all, Solo looks so damn nervously sincere under that stupid crooked grin that she presses her lips together and keeps watching, watches as they maneuver through the crowd and pretend that they don’t really want to be close to each other but really want to be close to each other and they;re obviously unsure of where they’re going with this whole thing and all Mon can think is well colour me fuscia, he hasn’t told her about the commission yet, and she’s about to call out  a greeting to them when she hears an annoyed noise from the Diplomat. 

"You see," starts the unassuming Diplomat, "are you quite sure you should be encouraging this sort of behavior among the troops, because -“

And before Rieekan can so much as open his mouth, Mon has whirled back around and, in the most dignified fashion possible, told the poor chap to stick it up his ass.

Whereupon she promptly sweeps into the conference room.

Carlist looks amused throughout the entire briefing.