and that shouldn't even be a worry

So I finally, finally, FINALLY was able to stop by the post office without worrying about candies and chocolates melting in the car for a few hours after. And I am so glad I did. There were actually three boxes for me to pick up, but this one was the most exciting. And good lord, was it heavy. o o

From the wickedly talented and wonderful beyond wonderful codenamecynic, this huuuuuge box of goodies (I’ve never heard of over half these candies much less have them)!! There was only one casualty, which was the pumpkin butter, but it’s been promptly put in the refrigerator. So, hope it’s still good. *crosses fingers* CURSE YOU, USPS! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TAKE A DETOUR THROUGH FLORIDA! 

You should’ve seen me trying to pronounce “sassafras” too. I was all “sass-A-fras”, and Grunt’s grandparents were like, “oh, SAS-sa-fras. Like candied root beer.” 


So we’re about to try these Goo Goo Clusters because Grunt’s grandma got excited. She hasn’t had one of these since she was in Texas. Hmmm…I wonder why she’s only taking one bite…

HOLY HELL, THAT IS SWEET! Wow…that hit me right in the sweet tooth. And the calorie count. How can something this small be 240 calories?! O o

I don’t believe it. *eats the rest* YOLO!

Thank you thank you mahalo dangkolo si yu’us ma’ase 谢谢 ILU BB!!! <3 <3 <3

Pretty sure almost everything Liam does is rooted in his insecurities and now I’m sad.

allowing animal abuse to happen is permitting dangerous and aggressive people to test out how much harm they can inflict on another creature and still get away with.

  • Mark:-in hospital bed and groggy- Hey guys, don't worry everything is all right, once I get out of the hospital I'll be 100% better and making videos, so don't worry okay.
  • Fanbase:-crying and/or worrying about his current and future state of health-

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I'm speechless because of the news of JK and "Producer," but considering his packed scheduled, slightly worried if there's any connection to RM. It's not much if just JK's plans are given as an example, but even SJ has gotten a spot on JS's upcoming SBS variety show and I just heard that KS will have a special MC spot on Inkigayo this weekend. Do you have any thoughts?

Speechless in a good way or bad way? Personally, I’m excited for it, as long as it doesn’t exhaust him out because of his packed schedule. 

Not that I’m trying to dampen your spirits, but Running Man WILL END SOME DAY. Maybe not now, maybe later, eventually it will. Kwangsoo, the maknae, is turning 30 years old this year, and Sukjin is 49 years old. They are all not young anymore. Filming Running Man takes a toll on them, both mentally and physically, and they have been doing it for 5 years. They’re working hard for the sake of the fans, and as their fans, please support them in whatever decision they make. Beside, Running Man is not going to end any time soon from what I see. Well, at least not now, although it’s hard to say. Running Man is SBS’s cash cow, they’ll milk it for all its worth until the last drop. 

And I’m actually happy that they’re venturing out of Running Man and doing other stuff. Their popularity is at its peak, so they should take the chance right now to expand their career in the industry. Running Man is not going to last forever. And I quote Jaesuk’s “Timing is now”.   


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“dogfricker replied to your post “[[MO Alright, so uh, I’m gonna talk…”

I’m a VERY fast reader, but yes I do worry about nowler and I hope nowler will be alright

Not to worry, nowler’s gonna be ok, he’s just ridin’ on the rollercoaster that is liiffeeeee


i rode eclypse aka “the tank” today. and i still have tons of problems with him and i didn’t achieve a lot during the class (failed all the exercises). he gets annoyed if you pull at his mouth when riding, which i accidentally did because he tripped on his hooves during warmup, and refuses to cooperate with you afterwards. like, you ask him to go left and he slams your leg against the wall (it unsurprisingly hurts and i have bruises all over the knee).

but my coach said i was starting to get how to work with him so he’ll make me ride him again next week to see if i’m improving or not (・ω・)

Aw man, I’m still stressing out over that joke being taken as being my actual position.  Well, even more so, on a neat seeming person having taken it that way and apparently not having seen that it was a joke, intended to be in response to the joke they were making, and having potentially blocked me over it (I’m not positive whether they did or not, but they never responded to the apology I sent, of course tumblr might just have eaten it.)

Cause I have trouble gauging things, I was just hoping for a second opinion here (as this could potentially help me avoid such stress in the future), was the tone I was taking with my joke roughly the same tone as the joke they were making?

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Let’s be self depricating.