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AS PROMISED, John O’Callaghan and Sean Silverman doing karaoke to No Scrubs.

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Small preview of the updated/renovated exterior of the Manor House.

This lovely Manor has been in the Denton family since they founded Elizabethton nearly two centuries ago. The mansion underwent a complete rehabilitation when Daniel Denton inherited it from his late grandfather. It has six bedrooms in all - the master bedroom (downstairs), four bedrooms (upstairs), and two in-law suites with a shared bathroom and kitchen above the spacious two-car garage. There are six bathrooms and one half bathroom. The house also boasts an indoor swimming pool, a whirlpool suite, an outdoor kitchen, multiple balconies, and a quaint garden pond accessible from the master bedroom suite. Perhaps the home’s most charming quality is it’s family friendly landscape. The backyard plays host to a small playground including a swingset, seesaw, treehouse, and playhouse fit for a princess. 

Neoliberalism aims to dismantle the social democratic institutions that arose in the mid-twentieth century to protect national workers and their families. This is accompanied by consistent downward pressure on wages through the threat of exporting capital to cheaper countries or importing cheap labour. The result in the rich countries (and in South Africa!) is racist xenophobia exacerbated by job insecurity and rising levels of poverty at home. This is how apartheid is globalized as a social principle. More than two centuries ago, Immanuel Kant argued for the ‘cosmopolitan right’ of free movement everywhere. How far away from our mean world! But, sooner or later, economic and political crisis will force a reconsideration. A human economy approach must not just show how people organize themselves today in the face of global inequality, but how society might be made more just.

The fact that so many western books still name the United States “the greatest or most powerful or most influential” nation in the world only tells you how far western political discourse still is from becoming a serious endeavor. Non-American activists have long recognized that most of the policies with the greatest reception from the American public are directly damaging to Americans and, often more severely, damaging on the citizens of nations which are ‘undeveloped’ by western definition. American politicians singlemindedly work to perpetuate colonialist policies overseas and support heavily discriminatory action domestically, and it is successful because Americans are are still blinded by commercial success: the The United States has a stronger moral and philosophical basis than than anyone else (not true, by the way) and was successful in two military conflicts a century ago, therefore they must be the greatest. International historians grow up researching and understanding the cultures of not only their home nations and Europe. This allows them to gain an understanding of the past and their relationship to the international community. American politicians are often totally ignorant of international history outside of Europe, they barely know anything about the millions of people displaced and persecuted away from the soil they currently live on. No wonder they will think that the The United States did anything worth of being saved.

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Roland loved children, one of his more redeeming qualities.

Roland had a twin sister that died during child birth, along with his mother.

Roland does not know his exact age, his birthday was also the anniversary of his mother and sisters death. .
A fact his father never let him forget. He jokes that he is somewhere north of two centuries, but he long ago blocked out the calendar date.

Very slowly burning, the big forest tree
stands in the slight hollow of the snow
melted around it by the mild, long
heat of its being and its will to be
root, trunk, branch, leaf, and know
earth dark, sun light, wind touch, bird song.

Rootless and restless and warmblooded, we
blaze in the flare that blinds us to that slow,
tall, fraternal fire of life as strong
now as in the seedling two centuries ago.

© Ursula K. Le Guin, ‘Kinship’ originally published in Orion Magazine (November/December 2013)

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Johnny pauses for a few seconds, trying to /remember/ how to braid hair. He had only braided his own, almost two centuries ago. “… Uhhh. Can ya’ remind me of how to do that?”



Did you forget? He snorts in amusement, making a quiet comment that perhaps he should grow his hair again. You split the hair in three parts. The first overlaps the second and the third overlaps the first, then the second overlaps the third. Do I have to show you?”

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She had not seen his wretched face  since she had left Paris over two centuries  ago, and that alone was enough for her heart to skip a beat with an old, remembered  distress. What the hell could he possibly want?

With a rigid jaw, she spoke icily, “To what do I owe the pleasure?”



i hate people who care about intelligence and being intellectual. i hate people who value someone based on their knowledge of crusty old white men who wrote worthless crap about philosophy psychology and the world two centuries ago. i hate people who look down on people who cant understand math. i hate people who look down on those who dont want to learn about bukowski or basic fractions or grammar. i hate people who snicker and think theyre better just because of some number they get on an iq test. i hate people who think iq tests matter or actually determine anything useful. those people that want to “sterilise” “stupid people” so they cant “reproduce” who cackle about their intellectual discussions about nothing and then say “stupid people need to be killed” on their next breath. its  not only so fucking ableist that it makes my nose bleed, its just unhuman. its cold. its disgusting. and if you say how vile and gross it is you get patted on the head and deemed unworthy of further communication. and its constant

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✭: An obscure interest

Beau’s daily routine consisted of the same thing, wake up at dawn, make coffee, grab a book, grab the newspaper, head to the balcony where there was a table and chairs waiting for him. His coffee would always set in the same spot and there was an ancient brown stain of the ring rested there. He would take the same seat, one that overlooked the district, and he would watch the district wake, every single day.

Beau chose to live in Rurikton because of the rich history it had in attachment to his Ascalonian heritage, and the book he always had on hand was, without fail, every single day, a story of olden times in Ascalon, whether it was fictional or historical, romantic or heroic, if it took place more than two and a half centuries ago, he was reading all about it.

Every day, before he cracked his book open, though, he loved to watch his historical district wake, because every single morning, at the bread cart down below, the smell of a wood fire and the first breathy peaks of artisan bread would rise to his balcony. The old man below who would work that stove had been doing so for as long as Beau had made use of the manor. It was to the point where he could not enjoy his cup of coffee and his book without knowing that the food of the old world was being magnificently crafted down below.

This was history at its best, and before modern convenience began to sully the city, it humbled Beau to know that every single day, that man used ancient technique to create something that has been in existance longer than the Larkspurs have even mattered.

History was the only thing that could excite him as much as the Baroness.

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Given you're a boy, I hope you at least think men and women should have equal rights. I hate feminism too, but the original purpose of it (a century or two ago) was just to have women recognised as equal human beings. There's nothing wrong with that.

I’m an egalitarian.

What is the word of wisdom?

"Our body is a precious gift from God. To help keep our bodies and our minds healthy and strong, God gave a law of health to Joseph Smith in 1833. This law is known as the Word of Wisdom (see Doctrine and Covenants 89:1-21).

In addition to emphasizing the benefits of proper eating and physical and spiritual health, God has spoken against the use of:

Coffee and tea.
Illegal drugs.
God promises great physical and spiritual blessings to those who follow the Word of Wisdom. Today, the scientific community promotes some of the same principles that a loving God gave to Joseph Smith nearly two centuries ago.”

Paris ~
Tranquilly sipping rosé in my mom’s company in le marché des enfants rouges which used to be an orphanage two centuries ago if I’m not mistaken. Being back to this city makes me realize how incredible it feels here, as well as very peaceful. I feel like taking photos of everything everywhere but no,no, I won’t act like a tourist in what used to be my city :)

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I don’t know about your acquaintances, but I personally didn’t even meet an actual anglophone until high school, and with our strict language law, in a lot of places in Québec we don’t feel much of their presence, let alone their political dominance

I believe they both grew up in Montréal, which I know is much more cosmopolitan.  To get that kind of Anglo-free life in Louisiana one would have to live like a Cajun in aggressive isolation from civilization, and I’m too much of an urbanite to ever survive in the bayou.  Anyway, I’ve gotten the impression from every Cajun I’ve ever met (even the one I slept with) that they don’t like Créoles or New Orleans very much.  The reasons for that are numerous, and it’s a shame that we can’t even rely on other Francophones to support us.  I’m fairly certain that Créoles initiated that particular enmity, but that was over two centuries ago - quite beside the point now.

[healthydiet-healthydiet] Catholic All Year: Tips for Taco Tuesday . . . but on a Friday, and ...

Healthy Diet Tips‎ : “When we look at our contemporary health problems here in the West, we’re quick to focus narrowly on diet. And it’s certainly true that the average American today eats very differently than the average American did a century or two ago.

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That is what a vampire WOULD say. I bet you been brooding lately? Or hanging around some very uninteresting boring female who has her mouth half partially open who's milkshakes bring all the nocturnal beings to the yard. -SHOVES FLASHLIGHT IN HIS EYE- WHERE WERE YOU TWO CENTURIES AGO ON THE NIGHT OF HALLOW'S EVE? *Flicker flicker*


"If you’re so adamant that I’m a fictional being of the night, fine. But if you don’t remove this trinket from my face immediately I’m going to rip out your jugular with my teeth. Then you’ll have your vampire’s tale, and it’ll end like all the others:

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"Two centuries ago, I've asked a man if he had a starship so we can go somewhere else, not to be bothered with the angelic war. But he was far too serious, you see, and he delayed the second coming of Christ."


"Second coming of Christ? You mean like Jesus? You sure you are okay buddy?"