and that he cares to ask

I will love you to the best of my ability, but please know that if he comes back that I will choose him over anyone, even you. I would swim oceans for you, but I would drown for him.

I will care for you as much as I can, but please know that if he calls in the middle of dinner with you, I will go outside and answer the phone. Your voice is music to my ears, but his lips are home to me.

I will want you more than most anything, but please know that if he comes knocking on my door I will ask him to stay all night. Your hands fit mine perfectly, but his touch is what I fall asleep thinking about.

I’m sorry that I may not be there all the time, and I’m sorry that I may call you by the wrong name when I laugh as you tickle me, but he has always been who is on my mind.

—  He will always be who is on my mind

dorian trying to be friends with the chargers while trying to act like he’s not trying to be friends with the chargers.  trying so hard because its important that they like him because its important that bull’s family likes him. 

i just had the weirdest day im not even kidding

(sorry for this omg)

i came home as usual being angry af on my family well bc im so done with them not caring about me. so i was upstairs in the living room on my laptop and my dad came up and was like “hey so whats up” and i was like? are you kidding me?

and then he started to ask me why im so angry all the time and i was like im not telling you?? and then i said “just leave me alone” and then he said “maybe that’s the problem, we leave you alone too much?” and then i started to cry so HARD

and i literally rambled on for like 30 minutes about he never cares about me, that he is never proud of me, that its just about my brothers ALL THE TIME and no one in my family cares and i’ve already lost my mom (she is not dead i just dont talk to her bc of reasons) and i said it doesn’t feel like i have a family or a dad anymore


and he came over to me an hugged me and we cried and hugged each other for like 5 minutes and i was like is this happening? like i haven’t even touched him in years? 

and then we talked all about how we both can improve our relationship and how we can go back being dad and daughter instead of strangers

and well of course this is amazing but i’m just so fucking overwhelmed. like i haven’t hugged him, i haven’t cried infront of him, i haven’t said how i’m feeling since i was maybe 13?

and it’s all so much at once, it’s like trying to get to know him all over again. and i told him that this isn’t going to change over night, i have to take my time to process all of this and actually try step up and say something and not let my brothers overspeak me all the time. but its going to take time i know that.

but this is all SO WEIRD its like a fucking movie??? and im so sad it took him so long to realise that he had done something wrong. 

im sorry about this post i just needed to get it all out 

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I legitimately felt sorry for Lucifer, yes he was pissed off at humanity but, he got cast into hell for loving God, and free thinking.. Take Zachariah and Michael for instance, they tortured and manipulated poor Dean into oblivion.. Whereas, Lucifer legitimately cared about Sam and never lied or tried to trick him.. Compared to the other villains in the series. Lucifer was chill, and I have a feeling he'll be back.

And this is one of the reasons the fandom loves Lucifer, and everyone thinks spn fans are going to hell.

daily kagehina #9

There are people who refuse to accept the fact that they’re together.

They say that Kageyama’s too harsh, that Hinata’s too sweet, that the two of them will just clash and bring each other down. Hinata doesn’t really care. Kageyama, on the other hand, takes every rude whisper like the old title they’ve bestowed upon him before.

So Hinata takes every chance that he can get to remind his boyfriend just how important he is to him, just like how Kageyama has restored his self-confidence many many times.

"You see that?" Hinata asks, beaming as he points at the place where the ball hit the floor. "You tossed that ball to me. I spiked it. We did that. We got that point."

If Kageyama’s mood doesn’t lighten, Hinata just continues to smile and then points to himself.

"You see this? This is because of you."

Preference; You're On Your Period

Preference #8; You’re On Your Period

**requested by anon; “can you do one where mike and calum take care of you on your period?”

masterlist yo


Shit!” You yelled loudly.

It wasn’t even a full minute before Ashton was knocking gently on the bathroom door, “(Y/N)? Everything alright in there?” He asked.

You sighed, “well the good news is I’m not pregnant. So yeah, everything is fucking fantastic besides the fact that I think I’ve been stabbed several times in the vaginal area!”

You heard Ashton chuckle lowly as you washed your hands and moved to open the door, “are you going to be cursing like this all week?” The sight of his outstretched arms were enough to make you fall into them moaning.

“At least for the next three to five days,” you replied sassily before sighing once again.

Ashton laughed once again and kissed the top of your head, “need anything babe?”

Shaking your head you leaned further into his chest, “nothing helps except my heat blanket and I can’t find it.”

You watched as Ashtons face lite up, “no (Y/N), I took it to be cleaned. I have it!” Ashton lifted you up and placed up gently on the couch beside him. He wrapped his arms around you as you laid your head on his chest. “Here we go,” he mumbled as he placed the heat blanket over you. 

You let out a quiet sigh of relief as you felt ashton pressed against your back and your muscles begin to loosen up.


“Here?” Calum asked, his fingers kneaded into your lower back as you moaned lightly. Once a month, not only does your stomach cramp up, but your back felt like there were little time bombs ticking away, all of them exploding at once; every five minutes. You let out a deep breath as he slowly moved his hands up your back and began to work on your neck.

“Thank you Cal…” You whispered hoarsely while flipping over.

Calum leaned down, kissing you gently. “Of course. Wouldn’t want you to be in pain, would I?” He smirked and moved a loose strand of hair out of your eyes, tapping your nose with his finger as his body leaned over yours.

Suddenly you felt your back tighten and you let out a huge groan, “agh, fuck me!”

A small chuckle emitted from Calum’s throat, “I want to say yes, but we might have to wait until next week babe.”

While sitting up you smacked his arm. You stretched your arm behind your back in attempt to massage one of the knots. “No, no.” Calum fussed, “come one, let me do it for you.”

He placed his hand over yours, trying to move it away, but you shook your head; “Calum stop, you’ve been doing this for the past three days. You deserve a break.”

Calum shook his head, “you go through his every month (Y/N), it’s the least I could do.” He moved you between his legs and began to rub up and down your back. “Thanks,” you whispered as he flowered kisses along your spine.

“Of course,” Calum mumbled against your skin, “I love you gorgeous.”

“I love you too.”


"No, no, no, no, no…" you muttered to yourself as you searched through the bathroom cabinet in desperate need of tampons. Sighing, you sat down on the floor and slammed the cabinet hearing the sound echo. 

Luke cautiously entered the bathroom, “hey baby, everything okay?”

You shook your head, “no I can’t find any tampons or pads and I don’t want to ruin all my underwear, and I want to cuddle with you.” You said the last sentence with a pout.

A blush crossed Luke’s face, “I can um, run to the store down the street and get you your, uh t-tampons?” You watched as he looked down at his shoes and ran his fingers through your hair, 

You pushed yourself off the ground slowly and walked over to him before kissing him on the forehead, “could you please? The ones I want are in a blue box okay? Make sure they’re regular too please?”

Luke nodded to himself while mumbling, “blue box, regular, tampons..yeah okay I’l be back soon.” He gave you a quick peck on the forehead and you head the door shut as he left.

While Luke was gone you sat on the couch thankful that you didn’t have any cramps…yet. You turned on the tv and scrolled through netflix as you waited for Luke to come back. Soon, you heard the door open and Luke came through holding a plastic bag. He sat down next to you and said, “the things I do for you, check twitter.”

You clicked the blue icon and saw your mentions flooded with pictures of Luke buying tampons for you. Giggling, you kissed him, “awh Luke, I love you so much.”


“Ugh Michael,” you moaned. It was three in the morning and you were experiencing the worst period pains and chocolate cravings of your life.

“Yeah babe?” Michael mumbled sleepily.

Trying not to sound completely whiny you said, “I’m on my period, I have a headache, I want to eat the four whole boxes of chocolate, and I am having the most painful cramps.” You watched as Michael slowly got up and made his way into the kitchen, he quickly returned with some medicine and a glass of water. On his way in he turned on a track with the sound of waves crashing softly before returning to the bed.

“Take this (Y/N), you’ll feel much better.” Throwing your head back, you took the pills followed by a large glass of water. You looked up at him and smiled thinking about how grateful you were for being with such a great guy.

“Now go back to sleep baby.” He told you softly.

“Can you sing for me please?” He nodded ‘yes’ and softly sang to you while rubbing your back. You began to loose yourself to sleep. The next morning you woke up to Michael sitting beside you holding a tray of chocolate pancakes.

"Chocolate?" He asked, you smiled and wrapped your arms around him, feeling much better than you had the night before. You softly kissed his cheek before picking up a fork and taking a huge bite of a pancake.


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the look on his face, that moment of clarity, after Peggy says she knows her own value and not caring about other people’s opinions, he just pauses.

and she smiles as she walks past him to her desk.

he slips off his crutch.

when he asks her out, he’s the Daniel before the war, the happy and carefree man, and he’s just beaming.  he’s not weighed down by insecurity or fears. he’s confident and happy.

and that’s all because of Peggy Carter.  

he does the same for her, reminding her that she wants to be happy again. she wants more than a job that consumes her.

while Peggy radiates sunshine every time she glances in his direction.

I could talk about this scene forever because it so freaking beautiful and flawless.

MacGruber 2 is not only happening, it might have already happened

While attending the premiere for his highly watchable new series Last Man On Earth, Forte revealed that not only was a sequel to MacGruber happening, but that the whole thing might already be in the can, finally done at the age of who the fuck cares. Forte was asked when the movie would be in theaters, and his response was startling. “In a couple weeks, when postproduction is over, I’m gonna get in there,” Forte said. Some sites are suggesting that this means filming for the movie has already taken place, and that Forte and director Jorma Taccome made a movie without anyone even realizing it. Others believe he was referring to post-production on his new Fox show, and that he would be making the film sometime thereafter. Either way, it looks like we’re getting MacGruber 2. And no, it didn’t seem like some abstract red-carpet joke, so it appears everyone’s favorite bomb-defuser really is coming back for more. For the time being, at least. We think.

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ccoliver asked:

Ok. What I need right now oliver expecting Connor to dump him because of the HIV and Connor has to convince him that nothing as stupid as that would drive him away and I feel like Oliver still wouldn't believe so Connor just has to prove to him over time

So this wasn’t exactly what you asked for, but I hope it works! Writing this was so sad and feelsy, but I hope you enjoy!

The test came back positive. The test came back positive. Connor couldn’t breathe. No, this—this wasn’t how it was supposedto be. Oliver wasn’t supposed to be HIV positive. If anything, Connor should have been positive. Having slept with so many guys… having been so careless… it wasn’t fair. Oliver was so careful, always so safe. He didn’t deserve this. No one deserved it, but it still broke Connor’s heart. What could he do to help? How could he possibly help Oliver? And would Oliver even want him to help? Who knows? Maybe after this, Oliver won’t even want to be with Connor. He would just be even more insecure than he was before. Thinking about how Connor had been with so many people, had so carelessly slept around, not even thinking about being safe. And then there was Oliver. Oliver who was so careful all the time; always sure to be safe—and he was the one who was positive. It wasn’t fair. Not at all.

            His chest was knotted tightly, finding it harder and harder to breathe with each passing second. They were just sitting on the bed, looking at each other. And Oliver just looked so broken and devastated, it made Connor want to curl up and cry. Oliver was always so strong, he always knew what to do, how to handle situations, but now he just looked so lost. Connor kicked off his shoes before scooting over to Oliver, wrapping a reassuring arm around his shoulder. Soft sobs escaped Oliver as he curled into Connor’s side, face hiding into his shoulder. He whimpered incoherently, making Connor push him away enough to hear the quiet words he muttered. “You’re… going to break up with me—aren’t you?” The words that came from Oliver took Connor by surprise. Break up? Why would they break up? And judging by the look on Oliver’s face, he could read Connor’s mind, seeing his concern and worry. “I mean… why would you stay with me? Why would you stay with someone who is sick—someone who’s dying? Why be with me when you could go be with someone else who isn’t sick—someone you deserve to be happy with?” And that was it. Connor couldn’t handle anymore.

            “Oliver, I love you.” he spoke quickly, staring into Oliver’s eyes intently. The last time ‘I love you’ was said, was when Oliver was drunk. Connor hadn’t even said it. But the second the words left his lips, he knew it was true. He loves Oliver. He loves Oliver even though he’s sick. Even though this is another thing they have to deal with, it’s just that: another thing they have to deal with. But they can get through it, he’s sure of it. All he wants in the world is to be here for Oliver. Be supportive and reassuring, help him with whatever he needs. The last thing he wants is for them to be over. After seeing how far they’ve come, it’s heart wrenching to even think of breaking up.

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Recently I thought about how Levy and Gajeel would smell and asked a friend. She said that Levy would probably smell like some kind of flower and I agree with that. But Gajeel is a problem. We both don't know how he would smell. What do you think?

He would smell like Levy obviously 

jk, I think he would smell like some men soap/metalic smell mixed and since he cares a lot about his skin (that chapter cover tho) so maybe he collects body wash lol who knows

INTP anger

The stages of INTP anger (please remember that not every INTP is the same and these are largely based on personal experience):

Stage 1. Your INTP starts sarcastically questioning you. About everything. Usually, they’ll ask “why?” after every single statement that you make, especially when the answer is obvious.

Stage 2. Your INTP stops giving his/her opinion. When you ask them questions, they’ll just say “yeah” or “okay” without offering further insight. This is your INTP giving up on you. He/she thinks that you’re a hopeless case, and that you don’t care about any opinions other than your own.

Stage 3. Your INTP stops asking questions or making statements. They’ll only speak to answer questions you ask directly, refusing to talk unless you prompt them. Discussion becomes impossible.

Stage 4. Your INTP stops being rebellious. When you make an unreasonable statement or demand, they’ll comply mechanically without showing any of the dissent they usually would. Do not mistake this for your INTP finally starting to agree with your point of view. This is the calm before the storm. 

Stage 5. Your INTP blows up. All of those bottled up emotions suddenly burst out in a storm of anger. There will be cold insults, shouting, and tears. Your INTP will hurt you emotionally — they’re especially good at picking out all of your flaws, delivering blows where they really sting.

How to deal with INTP anger:


1. Give them some time to cool down. As soon as your INTP shows signs of anger, back off. Leave them be. Let them read a book or binge on Wikipedia to distract them from their anger.

2. Think about why they’re angry. INTPs are rarely angry for no good reason, as they’re naturally logical and reasonable people. Once you think you understand the source of their anger, correct your behavior to remedy the situation. If they still remain angry, you’ve probably got the wrong reason, since INTPs usually won’t stay angry if you fix whatever’s causing the problem.

3. Apologize sincerely. A simple “I’m sorry” actually goes quite a long way for INTPs. Once they’ve calmed down a bit, sit down, look them in the eye, and say, “I’m sorry. We’ve had a misunderstanding, but I think our bond can be saved and is worth saving. Can we talk it out?” INTPs don’t usually take the initiative to start these types of conversations, so it’s important that you do it.


1. Leave them to rot. After you’ve given them some space for a while, don’t just leave them there. Your INTP is secretly hoping that you’ll come back to talk it out, but if you don’t, they won’t come after you.

2. Get emotional. Whatever you do, DO NOT CRY. INTPs hate crying, as it makes them uncomfortable and awkward. If you feel like you’re going to cry, warn the INTP, then leave the room before bawling your eyes out. Once you’re calmer, come back and say, “I’m ready to talk now.”

3. Tell them you don’t care about/hate them. This won’t give you the emotional response you’re hoping for. On the contrary, your INTP will probably say “okay, glad you’ve finally cleared that up,” then turn around and walk out. Later, you might find them crying in a corner somewhere, but by then it’s probably too late.

Causes of INTP anger:

1. When you refuse to listen to their input/opinion

2. When the rules/authority are unreasonable (i.e. “do it because I said so”)

3. When you force them to go to social events and don’t respect their need for space

4. When they are told that their interests are stupid

5. When you insist on being unreasonable/illogical

Tempus Fugit

I’ve never written a Sleepy Hollow fic before.  Here’s my first attempt. 

He was quiet, Abbie thought to herself.  

Which was so unlike Crane.  During the time they’d just spent with Jenny and Irving at their regular bar, he’d been reserved, a little withdrawn.  Pensive even.  She supposed it had a lot to do with the fact that he’d just had to kill his wife - the woman he’d loved and cared so deeply for.  Perhaps he was still trying to take it all in.  

Abbie knew her story about being transported back to the 18th century along with Katrina had been an eye opener to both Irving, and Jenny, who asked a lot of questions about Grace Dixon. Questions that Abbie was more than happy to answer, even though she wished she could have stayed longer to get to know their ancestor better.  Irving was glad to finally be alive - again - out of the clutches of a blood oath to Henry Parrish and glad that he had a second chance to be a better husband and father to Cynthia and Macy.  

Crane listened to her story about the two of them meeting in the past, their conversation with Washington, and his subsequent beheading by the Horseman of Death.  All of it was a lot to digest; the average man would listen to her story and probably think she should be committed.  It was terribly ironic how their first meeting in the past had perfectly paralleled their first meeting in the present.  He’d thought she should be in the loony bin just as much as she thought it was where he first belonged.  

But his silence right now was starting to worry her.

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anonymous asked:

hello ! Just wanna ask this : if Kai's and Sehun's gf was unwittingly revealed in the press (like by sasang's pics etc) héhé ~ What would they do to protect her and how could they react ?

Hello baby~ sorry to answer so late but I hope you get to read this!

Let’s start with Kai/Jongin. He wouldn’t be so much mad, but thinking one step ahead, which is dealing with you. Jongin will try his best to protect you. Since he cares for you so much, I don’t think he’ll be satisfied even if you have 10 bodyguards around you. No, I feel like Jongin will have to personally bodyguard you himself just to feel completely satisfied or guaranteed of your safety. (oooooohhhhh~) but now that your relationship with him is out and open in the public, there’s nothing much to do but to embrace it! Now you both can go eat ice-cream during the day when it’s hot, and you can take your babies (the four legged babies hehe) out for walks and actually look like a cute family! Now when it comes to the fans, I think Jongin will gradually try to make them like you. With each concert, he would probably dedicate something to you and then say after the performance, “Thank you all so much! I really hope you love _____ just as much as I do! We both love all of you guys!” But no matter what, nothing would change within the relationship, if anything, it would just become an even more stronger relationship. ❤️

Now for admin Jessie’s boy, Sehun. For Sehun, since he has the standing bitch-face, a situation like this would only amplify the inner-bitch of Sehun (at first). He would constantly ask you if you are okay, if anything weird happened during the day, etc. And he if does feel extra worried for you, he would probably request for you to go about your day with someone, or he will personally accompany you. It may at first seem like he’s clingy and over-protective, but you have to understand that this is probably Sehun’s way of caring. He would just want you to come back to him at the end of the day in one piece. Similar to Jongin, Sehun would slowly emphasize the relationship between you two amongst the fans, whether its through posts on his social media or setting up public outings in order to gain the good side of the fans. Once it slowly dies down and everything seems back to normal at least, Sehun would say “See Jagi~ Youre under the perfect care of your boyfriend, nothing can harm you~”

(I wouldn’t mind being under the protection of both whoops)

ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Dav

Holmes Chapel

Oh how she rocks / in Keds and tube socks.

Harry would watch you walk down the hall. He couldn’t believe how beautiful you looked. Everyone else thought you dressed in a strange fashion. But he would love every part of your style. You loved your Keds more than anything and had several pairs in different colors and patterns. You didn’t care about the way it looked with socks and you’d wear them all day and everywhere. “You’re drooling lad,” Liam would murmur to Harry. You were looking over your assignment sheet as you walked dodging people playing soccer in the hall, opening lockers and so forth. “She’s amazing,” Harry would sigh dreamily. “Do you even know her?” Louis would ask. He’d shrug. “Do I need to? I can tell she’s amazing.” “How?” Liam would snicker. “She’s beautiful,” he’d sigh. “You think?” Louis would ask. “She’s very pretty and cute…but I don’t know lad…” “Well you’re biased, because you’re in love with your girlfriend,” Liam would remind Louis. “If Harry thinks she’s beautiful, then she’s beautiful,” Liam would shrug. “Hey, babe,” Louis would grab you by the arm and Harry almost keeled over. Today you paired your ever present Keds and tube socks with a white T-shirt beneath denim overalls that fell just to mid-thigh. “Yeah?” You’d ask him pushing the strap of your messenger bag higher on your shoulder. “Harry’s failing Bio, could you help him?” He’d ask. Harry wanted to die. You’d look to Harry. YOU KNEW WHO HE WAS?! ”I’d be happy to help,” you’d smile at him and take a step toward him in front of Louis. “Where would you like to meet?” You’d ask. “Uh…” he’d sigh. “Um…the main entrance? I can drive you home,” he’d offer. “Great!” You’d smile. “Um…my parents…long story short, I have a cell phone,” you’d grab a scrap piece of paper out of your bag. “Here’s the number,” you’d hand it to Harry, your hand touching his. His skin burning at the feeling. “If you can’t find me, I’m probably in the library, but feel free to call,” you’d say sweetly. You were secretly thrilled that Harry needed your help because his eyes were so green and his skin looked so soft. “Why would she like me?” Harry would ask sinking to the floor as you’d walk away. “I don’t know Harry,” Liam would roll his eyes. “She won’t though if you keep acting like a girl,” he’d say dragging him off the floor to get to class.

There you were standing in the lobby beside the window waiting for Harry. He’d arrive a few minutes later and he’d be carrying two books and a notebook with him, a pencil in his pocket. “Hey,” he’d smile gently at you. “Can I take your bag for you?” He’d ask. You’d smile shyly. “Um…yeah,” you’d nod. “If you don’t mind and really want to,” you’d say pulling it off your shoulder. “I do,” he’d smile softly taking it from you and pulling it over his shoulder. He’d open the door for you to his car, placing your bag in the back. He’d start his car and the new Dave Matthew’s album was playing from the speakers. He’d turn it down significantly and he’d blush shyly at you. “Sorry,” he’d say softly. “It’s a good album,” you’d smile at him. He’d gape. Oh God, he was going to fall in love with you right here in his car listening to “Crash Into Me.” After telling him where you lived, you’d hum to the music as he drove across town. He’d stop to get coffee and he’d smile gently at you as you’d tried to pay. “Please, you’re helping me. I need a lot of it,” he’d say as he handed you your drink. You’d sip it and smile gently at him. “At least take some gas money,” you’d say placing two dollars in the cup holder. “It’s silly for you to have to drive me across the entire town.” He’d drive you to the moon if that’s where you lived. He’d do anything to spend time with you. “Thanks,” he’d sigh gratefully.

At your house, you kicked off your shoes and socks and you told Harry he could leave his on or off, you didn’t really mind. He’d slide his shoes off and sit beside you on the couch where you set up your books and paper to help him with bio. “Can I get you a snack?” You’d ask. “I’m good thank—” “I baked cookies last night,” you’d smile. He’d smile. “Well, I can’t say no to cookies,” he’d say knowingly. You’d gather a plate in the kitchen while your phone rang. “Your cell is ringing,” Harry would call to you. “You can answer, just hit the green button,” you’d call back. He’d grab it. “He—” “You are not with Harry Styles right now,” the girl shouted on the phone at the other end. “Did you kiss him yet? Oh my God, I bet he’s heavenly. I hate you,” she’d groan. “Does he smell good? Oh God you’re so lucky. How do you always get to be with your crush…ugh…” she’d groan. Harry would quickly hang up before you got back in the room. “Who was it?” You’d ask. “Uh…your friend. She just said call you back,” he’d shrug. You’d nod and then turn your phone off so it wouldn’t ring. “My mom and dad work late so sometimes I have to get my brother off the bus, but he’s going to a friend’s house today,” you’d explain. “They got me a phone in case something happens when I take him to soccer or something.” Harry would nod, still shocked by the news he was your crush. After studying for a while, Harry was a bit exhausted, but happy that he actually knew the material. “Why do you know all this?” He’d ask. “My parents are doctors,” you’d shrug. “If I need help, I just ask them,” you’d explain. “Do you wanna stay for dinner? I can make pizza and salad…my brother is sleeping over and my parents won’t be home until midnight.” “Yeah,” he’d nod. “I’d like that,” he’d sigh softly. “Can I call my mom?” He’d ask. “Yeah, sure,” she’d nod. “Here,” you’d hand him the home phone. “I’m just gonna call my friend back real quick and make sure it wasn’t an emergency,” you’d smile at him. He’d nod and you’d step into the kitchen. “Why’d you hang up on me?” She’d ask. “I didn’t?” You’d tell her. “Harry, answered for me. He said you said just to call you back.” “Harry answered your phone?!” She’d ask her voice bridging hysteria. “Yeah, I went to get a snack and he was closest, why?” “Oh my God, I’m so sorry…I…I said something about you having a crush on him,” she’d say in shock. Your jaw dropped. “Oh my God,” you’d blush and cover your mouth. “You’re lying.” “I’m not! I’m so sorry!” You’d groan and sink to the floor and bang your head on the back of the cabinet. You’d hang up with your friend and Harry would enter the room. “Uh…are you okay?” He’d ask helping you stand. You’d blush furiously. “I’m sorry about my friend,” you’d say shyly tears stinging your eyes in embarrassment. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” He’d ask worriedly. “She—ugh, I’m so sorry,” you’d shake your head staring toward the floor. “Why are you sorry?” He’d ask. “Because she told you that I have a crush on you,” you’d mumble. “Was that a lie?” He’d ask curiously. You wouldn’t answer. He’d cup your cheeks and brush his thumbs over your few tears. “I’ve been in love with you for two years, sweetheart. I’m thrilled you have a crush on me.” You’d blush furiously. “Why would you like me?” You’d ask. “Oh God, you don’t even know how much you rock,” he’d mumble and pull you to him tightly. “Would you like to go out sometime?” he’d ask and kiss the top of your head. He smelt like a bit of heaven. “Yeah, I would love that,” you’d murmur into his shirt. “Can you wear this outfit again?” He’d ask. “Why?” You’d smirk. “You look beautiful in it, especially with the keds and socks.” “You’ll have to tell my friend you like this look…she thinks I look like a toddler,” you’d tell him. He’d laugh and kiss your forehead. “Thanks for the help, sweetheart,” he’d whisper. “Can I help with dinner?” He’d ask. You’d nod, smiling brightly and he’d kiss your cheek because he got the girl that rocked Keds and tube socks.

kit-puppy-eyes asked:

Hm, hi! Before make my request, I wish to say that you're my favorite imagine KnB tumblr, aye! ~ Well, my request is: how could GOM+Kagami react if they called their crush to their birthday party and she didn't show up? (sorry for any error ><')

Kuroko: He’d be devastated and think that you hated him. He wouldn’t try to confront you, so it would be up to you to make amends.

Kise: He’d be crushed and immediately make a phone call to you the day afterward to ask where you were and that he missed your presence. (Then he’d probably try to guilt-trip you into a date with him.)

Midorima: He’d be utterly confused and more than a little upset. He’d worry himself silly on how to bring it up to you, but he’d ask you about it eventually.

Aomine: He’d be extremely upset, but would pretend not to care. He would probably ignore you or say mean things to you afterward until he got over it.

Murasakibara: He’d be SO offended and refuse to speak to you for days until you figured out what was going on.

Akashi: Likewise, he would be offended to an absurd degree. If he was in an especially bad mood, he’d make your life miserable until you apologized.

Kagami: He would be sad, but assume that something came up and would bring it up casually the next time he saw you.

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Stealing this from another blog: Kuroo, Oikawa, Taketora, Tsuki, and Suga coming home to a huge pillow fort. When they crawl inside, they find their partner waiting in one of their shirts. How would they react? If they found their partner asleep, would they wake them up?

I didn’t read the ask thoroughly and ended up only writing the sleeping S.O. in a pillow fort part. Sorry! (・□・;)- 

Kuroo: He’d stealthily make his way inside, careful not to knock anything over with his long limbs. Once he saw his S.O. asleep in his shirt, he’d be blushing so hard and inwardly yelling; he knew his S.O. was a cutie, but this was taking it to the next level! They were so cute that he couldn’t resist teasing them a little bit, poking and pulling their cheeks gently. Seeing them grumble and drowsily swat away his hand just made him want to tease them more!

Oikawa: If he found his S.O. asleep in a giant pillow fort, nonetheless in one of his shirts, he’d think this was the absolute cutest thing ever! He’d take so many pictures and posts them online to brag about how adorable his S.O. is. In the end, he’d crawl in and hug their figure from behind, making sure to take another selfie with their adorable sleeping face to set as his lock screen.

Taketora: He’d eagerly crawl into the fort, anticipating his S.O. to be lying in wait to catch him off guard. Instead, they were fast asleep in one of his spare t-shirts! His face would quickly flush red; this sort of stuff was like something out of a teen romance novel!  However, his pounding heart would prevent him from joining in on the nap session so instead, he’d quickly kiss their cheek and retreat out of the fort.

Tsukishima: He wouldn’t be surprised to see the huge mess of pillows, although the fort’s ability to hold itself up despite it’s poor structure did impress him. Crawling inside was a big mistake as the area under was rather cramped and one wrong movement would send the whole thing tumbling down. However, seeing his S.O. sleeping peacefully in one of his shirts (one that seemed too big for them) gave him all the reason to stay. He’d lie himself down next to them, careful not to stretch out his legs, and took one of their hands in his. The fatigue of the day and the light snores of his S.O. would eventually lull him to sleep.

Sugawara: Walking in and seeing his S.O.’s makeshift pillow would make him chuckle. His S.O. was so childish sometimes, but that’s just another thing he loves about them. He’d crawl inside with a fluffy blanket, laying down and wrapping both himself and them up into a tight bundle. After kissing them gently on the forehead, he’d wriggle into their arms and fall asleep to the rhythm of their heartbeat.

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Prompt: "i don't care how much you weigh, how big you are"

You pushed back your plate, ignoring the sensation of hunger that erupted in your stomach, and stood up. Another day, another meal wasted. Recently you’d been having body issues. You weren’t stick thin; you weren’t petite; you were larger, curvier; you were bigger. You hated it. You had no confidence and shied away from most social situations but you couldn’t change.

"Hey, you finished already?" Dean asked as he sat down, "I’ve not even started!"

You nodded, “Yeah, I’m full.”

He eyed you suspiciously, “You’ve said that the last three nights, (y/n). I’ve barely seen you eat anything.”

Shrugging, you turned away from him, “I’ve got no appetite; must be some sort of bug.”

"I don’t think it’s a bug."

"Well what do you think, Dean?" You almost yelled, "You think you know things but you don’t. You think you know me but you don’t."

Dean was standing in front of you instantly, hands on your shoulders as tears welled in your eyes, “What’s going on?”

You swallowed and gave a sad laugh, “I’m too big, Dean. I’m so huge compared to other girls; compared to them I’m like a whale!”

"That’s what this is about?" He asked you, "(y/n), I don’t care what you weigh or how ‘big’ you are. I care about you as a person. I want you to be happy I don’t want tears over what you look like." You sniffed and looked into his eyes, "Forget about those other girls. You shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone. You’re you (y/n) and that’s why I love you. I think that you’re great the way you are. You don’t need to starve yourself to be thinner - that won’t help you. Just trust me when I say this okay? You’re god damn perfect and as long as you don’t eat my pie, I’ll love you no matter what."

You threw your arms around him, clinging to him tightly as you whispered your thanks. Pulling back he grinned at you, “Now, how about we eat dinner now huh? After we can grab some ice cream? How does that sound?”

You smiled up at him as you wiped your eyes, “Perfect. It sounds perfect.”

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I saw your post about Sasuke being a asexual and/or aromantic and I don't disagree (kinda) but have you ever thought maybe he's a demisexual?

YES omg that is literally my headcanon! i don’t think he is asexual, but i don’t mind if people think of him that way, though, bc it’s possible. what i don’t like is when they say that he is aromantic bc, well, i ship him with sakura for a reason, y’know?

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What is your opinion about Diederich?

Well, he is awesome. I think he has had an interesting development. He clearly didn’t wanted to be a Vincent’s slave, but personally I think he has grew to care for Phantomhive. He is this grumpy but with good intentions guy, and I love that kind of character. 

I like the fact that Yana decided to take a “dangerous” move with Diederich. , considering how handsome he was, by not showing him lately as the bishonen guy he was.

There is also an interesting point about it, that dorkshadows was touching in It’s funny how Kelvin wanted to be pretty because he thought he couldn’t be with Phantomhives because he was ugly, but now we  get to know that physical apperence isn’t really important. We don’t know if for Vincent was important, but to Ciel it surely isn’t. 

SoC: Gen 8- Chapter 6 (P.4)

“It’s this whole Disco thing.”


“Mom, he will not leave me alone. I can’t go anywhere with out him showing up and disrupting my peace. How does he not get that I hate him! And that I have hated him forever.”

“Hate is a rather strong word love.”

“I know. But you know what he use to do to me. He use to make me cry all the time!”

“Mmmm yes, I remember… Now, can I ask you something love?”

“Of course.”

“Why does it bother you so much?”

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