You know what I want to see with Reamy?

The Reamy we saw before
The “sparks that could start a wildfire”
The cute smiles, the flirting
Reagan making Amy giggle, teasing her, sharing stupid jokes
Growing closer together

Carter said that Reagan and Karma are going to bond in an unexpected way, and I hope that will be good for both the Karmy friendship and the Reamy relationship

I have a lot of faith in Reamy, and I’m hoping so strongly.

Parental Advisory: Smash the Mirror

Episode Tag Series. Short conversations between Snow and Charming and now Elsa and Killian too (mostly about Captain Swan). Start at the beginning. Also on


Emma sits at the counter in her parent’s apartment, staring at her wrist. It is disconcerting to feel the magic she had just claimed seeping out of her; being pulled into the innocent looking yellow ribbon around her wrist. Emma wants to figure out what is going on but she is exhausted. Her mother had driven her and Elsa home in the bug while the boys walked back to the truck. Emma had wanted another chance to talk with Killian, tease him for missing her firework show, ask him his thoughts on the mysterious ribbon, ask him why he seemed a little distant. But Snow was in full mothering mode and Emma had decided to just let her take control. She would just have to talk to him later. 

Snow places a steaming mug in front of her with a smile. “So are you going to tell me?” 

"Tell you what?" 

Snow rolls her eyes. “What happened in the house? How did you get control of your magic?” 

Emma takes a sip of her hot chocolate as she tries to compose her thoughts. “Oh. Well. I was about to use the spell that Gold cooked up. But Elsa came in and told me not to do it. I didn’t think she could help me. I didn’t think anyone could help me.” 

Snow reaches out and squeezes Emma’s hand. Emma meets her eyes and gives her a smile before continuing. “And I was right. Nobody could help me. It was all about me. I had to accept my magic, stop fighting it. And…well…I had to accept myself. Love myself.” Emma rolls her eyes. “Ugh. It sounds so cheesy!” 

Snow shakes her head. “No. It doesn’t! It makes sense.” 

"Really?" Emma casts a skeptical look. 

"Sure. I mean magic is tricky, based on emotion. Of course love would be the key." 

Emma sighs. “I keep forgetting that you grew up with all this magic stuff.” 

"Just cause I grew up with magic doesn’t mean I understand it all." 


"Yeah. For instance, I thought that you had gotten control of your magic using True Love’s kiss." 

Emma almost chokes on her cocoa and Snow grins at her.

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Zach’s like that little brother that you just have to take the Mickey out of whenever they do things out of the blue like this, but that you still support like it’s your job.

Like, take Frankie and Ari for example. Frankie teasing Ari at the AMAs about how she always has the same hairstyle. It’s all in good fun. He still loves her and supports her, he just loves to tease her.

That’s how I feel like most of us are with Zach. We’ll buy his single(s) and support him, but we’re totally going to tease him along the way.

it’s like hilarious in retrospect how frequently i got called homophobic in middle school for expressing visible discomfort with the “no homo”-type female interactions like hugging your friends, or kissing them on the cheek to express affection in a way that was somehow simultaneously coded straight. and yeah, every so often it came out as an expression of homophobia when a female friend would try to kiss my face or something and i would immediately cringe away and then viciously tease her for an invented homosexuality like a boy my age would (i had a lot of issues i needed to work out), but i also think my underlying visceral hatred of those types of PDA specifically designed to mock lesbianism was a reaction seated in a really reasonable emotional response to homophobia from a non-heterosexual person. these were the girls who wore “legalize gay” shirts and dominated GSA conversations as straight allies. this new weird liberal breed of “no homo” pro-gay ideologies among straight women is so insidious and i think a lot of the internalized homophobia i deal with to this day is being exposed to an environment where it was okay to appropriate homosexuality but never to actually be gay.

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Captain swan, 22

Captain Swan + Then There’s Tongue

It’s kisses like these that tell her he loves her. Soft and slow with his strong arms around her waist, her fingers threaded through the hair at the nape of his neck.

He nips at her lip, teasing and sweet, so she opens on a sigh and he sweeps in. His good hand and prosthetic slide down to cup her ass, lifting her against him and placing her soundly on the kitchen table. He’s devouring her, eating her alive and she can’t get enough. So she tugs him closer, moaning into him, legs wrapped around his hips.

He’s heaven to kiss.

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"I'm a better kisser than you are; you're just going to have to accept that as a fact of life."

"God you’re cocky, aren’t you?" Blake said walking towards the heiress. The faunus knew that Weiss was teasing her but she wasn’t about to back down. Blake and Weiss were both hard headed and they Blake knew that neither of them would give up.


2014.11.26 NEWS - Best artist Talk

Tegoshige looked nervous somehow. But not Massu, never Massu. Also I felt really bad for the hostess for misread “Chankapana”. I wish they wouldn’t tease her about it further, she seemed mortified and kept bowing and apologizing to them many times.

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((Hot Spring)) Mac smiles. He couldn't tease her with his body, so he was going to try and tease her with his words. "You're about to cum, aren't you?~"

She blushes bright red and nods

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S // *cackles*

Sakura nearly jumps out of her skin upon feeling his finger trailing down her back. It’s so light, so gentle, so teasing, that it causes her to shiver. From pleasure? From ticklishness? Maybe it’s a little bit of both. 

Her cheeks are flaming from her obvious reaction. She twirls on him so fast, it’s a wonder how she doesn’t knock them both to the ground. When did he get so close? 

"W-what," she clears her throat, cheeks growing pinker by the second. "What was that for?!"

Something that’s terrifying:

going to work yesterday, looking my coworkers in the eyes. My boss, the two newbies I was helping out (a tiny soft spoken girl that always wears false eyelashes that make her look like a doe turned human, a tall boy with diamonds in his ears and a booming laugh), the warm-chuckling giant of a new cart attendant, the woman in the backroom who has hair that looks like a cloud of rootbeer and giggles and has a voice like a sweet bell, the operator that squeaks and calls everyone “miss” or “mister” and clings to me when I tease her, the woman that’s a stern but loving mother to those of us that know there’s something wrong with the world…. All of them. And more (JaNice who teases me about wanting kids, O’Shell that’s ever-patient with me not knowing how to do things in the backroom, Rachel who puts up with my constant questions about new protocol) and more (FLO team members whose names I never catch but whose jokes always make me laugh) (so many names I never catch or can’t remember, so many people that are a great pleasure to be around that I love to talk with and joke with and be teased by)

My coworkers, my friends. All of them, black.

And all of them could be the next one with a bullet in their body, or their face on the pavement, or their arms wrenched behind them into cuffs. Any of them. All of them. 

It’s so terrifying. And obviously, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes, but it scares me to know that any one of them could just…. disappear. 

but whAT ABOUT BAND GEEK AU going off my experience as a guard girl like idk if it was just my school but guard girls/percussion boys were always a thing

  • gogo’s a guard girl on rifle/sabre line ((even better she does the sousaphone during field season))
  • tadashi’s a percussion boy ((probably either on pit or a snare idk))
  • they always sit together on the bus when going to competitions
  • tadashi watching her tossing rifles like HOLY SHIT THAT RIFLE WAS LIKE TEN FEET IN THE AIR HOW DID U
  • during winter percussion shows tadashi always makes a silly face when he finds her in the audience and the rest of the guard teases her about it
  • gogo accidentally hitting him with a flag or something and being embarrassed and then he’s like “it’s ok if you hit me”
  • intense makeouts after winning a competition (“um excuse you this is not school appropriate”)
  • gogo secretly thinking he looks cute in a band uniform but oh my god why does the hat look so silly

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I really hope we get a scene between Lyla and Felicity because it makes no sense that the women of two best friends wouldn't have their own bond. I could see like a big sister\little sister dynamic between them. Oliver has Diggle, Felicity doesn't really have a female mentor to come to in times of doubt or emotional problems. Lyla could be the Diggle to Felicity's Oliver :)

Me too! I hope that the “strong women” scene that Laurel Brown teased in her Flarrow spoilers article has Lyla and Felicity (and Caitlin?) all over it. 

These two could be amazing friends. 

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[Obviously human Ali] *Le shy quick Mistletoe kiss on the cheek* (HAD TO! xD)

Anastasia blushed at the sudden contact and realized that it was most likely her fault.  As she craned her neck, a very obvious mistletoe hung above her head and she grinned, shaking her head slightly as she gazed back at Alistaire.  ”You sneaky man, you.”  She teased, warmth filling her expression.  She turned and kissed him back on the cheek, smirking to herself.  Christmas was after all, the girl’s favorite holiday.

Imagine Himechan trying to bake cookies and treats for everyone at the end of vol3’s events, but because she’s always been given food growin up, she doesn’t entirely know what she’s doing.

The only thing she knows how to make is curry, but she wants to impress her friends (and Foyfoy) but fails. Alles teases her about it, and gets punched in the face multiple times. Foyfoy tries to assure her that baking can be hard and practice is needed for everyone, and he gets punched in the face even more so out of flustered frustration.

Ross only knows how to cook, so he can’t help the situation. The kids aren’t trusted in the kitchen or using the oven. The demons use different kitchen appliences in their world, so human world kitchen are foreign to them.

Turns out the only person who knows how to bake properly is Alba because he used to bake with his mom growing up. While everyone is in a frenzy, he quietly walks into the kitchen and places an apron around him. Thanks to him doing this for his friends, Samejima is powered up to help bake with Alba.

They become pretty close after chatting and baking together. Janua notices his friends is out of the room and everyone notices that the room was without retorts and are on the search for their tsukkomi and find him in the kitchen.

Everyone gets tasty treats in the end!

Witch Novelist Hermione AU

Hermione is determined to prove to her critics that she can write a historical fiction. She even goes out and buys a special journal to show her dedication. Her greatest creation, Tom Riddle, is soon brought to light.

Ron and Harry often tease Hermione for her excitement towards the intelligent killer, so when a handsome man who looks almost exactly as she pictured Tom shows up at her doorstep, she thinks it’s all an elaborate prank.

Not one to allow her friends walk all over her, Hermione invites the charming young man in…

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that stemily post, though. HOT. emily totally teases him with her shorts.

babe, she teases the entire human race with her shorts and those damn legs.