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I'm to this day disgusted and shocked Caroline and Harry's team went for this. he was fucking 17. she was like twice his age. if it was a man he would be publicly shamed not celebrated. people talk about backlash Caroline suffered but it was nothing tbh. she was bullied by fangirls on twitter but general public didn't treat her like a predator she was (or would be if it was real).

I think the comments on the tabloid stories were pretty shocked and horrified. But yeah the first two ‘winter girlfriend’ stunts, Caroline Flack and Taylor Swift, were by far the worst. And the first one in particular plumbed new depths. What Harry was put through at such a young age…. I also remember an April 2012 Australia lilo interview when Louis started saying that he thought people who date each other should be close in age and then Marco was trying to get Louis to stop saying that–obvious implication was that it was a comment on the Haroline stunt.

To me it’s part and parcel of ‘410 girls a year’ stories. Like, there is so much to be horrified over.

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hello! you dont have a top five thing going, but do you mind if I ask what your top 5 fav villains are?

oh boy this is a good ask and i love top five things you can send me this shit any time you want

anyway i’m gonna do all from different series/movies bc i’m way too biased towards the se and atla antagonists

  1. MEDUSA. holy hell medusa is a fantastic villain. she’s unapologetically horrible, cruel, manipulative, and selfish, and as hatable as she is, you want more of her. her death is satisfying, but feels disappointing at the same time, because things won’t be as interesting without her. also she can step on me tbh
  2. zuko. he was a villain at first so he qualifies for this list, and tbh there’s nothing i can say about him that hasn’t already been said. he’s got the unquestionably best redemption arc i’ve ever fucking seen, he’s amazingly complex and flawed, and imo he’s the best-written character in atla (which is saying A LOT given the quality of that series). i love him
  3. okay i can’t lie to myself i LOVE yzma. the emperor’s new groove as a whole was amazingly funny, but oh my god yzma is the best part of the movie i swear to god? i have never found a villain this amusing without them being made completely nonthreatening. 
  4. this one comes right out of left field: judge doom from who framed roger rabbit. he honestly has the most fuckin terrifying villain reveal i have ever seen and his ‘true’ appearance is so incredibly scary to me. i cannot even figure out why he’s so frightening to me but he scared me shitless when i was 8 and i still find him scary to this day
  5. gaara in part one is INCREDIBLY threatening and intimidating for a preteen? holy shit. gaara goes on this list just because i thought he was TERRIFYING when i was a wee lad and he’s now one of my ultimate favorite narutos 

Feeling so vogue right now.
I’m not in loopy anesthetic mode anymore which sucks. Missing my 5 minute laughing fits over nothing tbh. I have to say though I was the biggest noodle before going into surgery. I greeted the nurse who put me through admission by saying “hi I’m shitting myself” and the look on her face was like “WOahhh we’ve got a live one here”. But she was super cool. She stopped halfway through the start of my forms to sniff the air and I was like….wtf are you doing?? when she said “you smell sweet” and proceeded to sniff me. Then I realised she was sniffing my Hello Kitty deodorant and said “OH!! my deodorant? It’s bubblegum!” so after that she kept sniffing me/referring to me as “Nicole Bubblegum”. She also asked me if it was windy outside which I didn’t realise until after she told me was actually a joke because my hair was so poofy, She was laughing her head off and I was thinking to myself “..this is my Helena Bonham Carter look U CAN’T LOOK LIKE THIS WITH EASE WOMAN, YOU REALLY CAN’T”. Haha she was great. Later on, this first time nurse who was around my age wheeled me into the operation waiting zone and he said to me “sorry if its a really bumpy ride, its my first time” and I was like it’s okay :–) and just smiled throughout the whole ride. After he dropped me off I told him “10/10 transportation!!!!!!” and he laughed and thanked me. It was a really good ride, I’m not even going to lie. I had fun. I joked around with these other nurses and the anesthetist too (he was a good laugh that man) who made things less scary. All I remember from then was him slipping in the anesthetic, me being pushed into the room, changing beds (which I now realise I flashed everyone my underwear in the process hope u all liked that) and then that’s it. I laid down and then someone was calling my name and I woke up like WOAH that was strange??

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just so you know your virginity isn't a holy grail and still having it at any age isn't an accomplishment or goal

it really is tbh lol k

you must be one of those sour girls who have nothing better to do then to take the time to message me & talk shit about me & my v-card.. i never said i was better than anyone, all im sayin is im proud of myself for havin it still, so you can stfu

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it's legit just bread with fucking butter and sprinkles or some shit i dont get it either tbh

wtf. why is everyone so pumped about that??? That’s… nothing?

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why was the threeway confusing? my bf and i have talked about trying it but idek how you set something like that up let alone decide who does what to who.. and it's only possible for someone to not like you if they're an idiot tbh, you're rad as hell!

well for me it was confusing cuz they were the couple and I was the guest I guess I was kinda like a spectator for some of it lmfao but yeah it should feel natural tbh like there’s nothing to be scared you just got an extra body there, and thank you so much thats so nice of u to say :D

Francis and Mary's Theme
  • Francis and Mary's Theme
  • Trevor Morris
  • Reign: Season 2 OST

Your mother would say we are stained with such choices, such brutal and difficult choices we’ve made but we can only do our best. Can we not make another choice? One equally hard but so important. To commit our hearts to each other, no matter what?
If only it were that easy.
It isn’t. It’s terrifying. And nearly impossible. Especially if we think we can save each other. We can’t. We can only love each other.

Francis and Mary’s theme, composed by Trevor Morris, is featured in their most prominent scenes throughout the show (especially in Season 1). This version in particular was played during their reunion love scene in the Season 2 finale.

Colored Lines

Chapter: 6. Lost and Found

Word Count: 4551

Summary: Hide always enjoyed the spontaneous irregularities in life, the little things that made every day special on its own. He didn’t really expect something as special as the graffiti that had caught his eye instantly and struck something in him though.

AU in which Kaneki is a graffiti artist that fascinates Hide to no end.

Notes: Huge kudos to h-inamis for drawing more awesome fanart for me (and also my current icon heh) and being as motivating as always, it means so much to me <3

And well, I’m kinda happy with this chapter so I hope you enjoy! 

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  • me:*thinks about how much time i've wasted doing nothing with my life*
  • me:*also thinks about Xavier Dolan's career and how he has 5 incredible films, most of which have women in leading roles. Has two films underway (in one year!) one with Jessica Chastain and the other with French A-Listers like Marion Cotillard, Lea Seydoux, and Vincent Cassel. Also is often regarded as a filmmaking prodigy all while now serving as a jury member in Cannes while only being 26*

ok but also baby dirk

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