and some other of her books

For some time now, I’ve thought that something that really ought to exist is The Book Of Taylor. Even Lena Dunham once told her, “I just want to let you know that your albums have gotten me through a lot of very bad times.” She really does have an emotional wisdom that I admire, and millions and millions of album sales would indicate that others agree with me and Lena. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, but the fact is, I adore Taylor Swift. She embodies everything we champion at Glamour. She’s smart, talented, powerful, ambitious, gutsy and a thoroughly lovely and decent human being. I’ve seen her make awestruck fans feel instantly at ease with a genuine compliment or a huge bear hug. I love that she’s had success through sticking resolutely to what she wants to sing, say - and wear in a video. She’s an almost laboratory-grown Team Glamour specimen. So, when we hatched our plan to have Taylor take her second Glamour cover (the first was in 2013), I broached the idea with her that she could take over some inside pages as well. I asked her this on what was another typically manic day. She had flown into Britain the day before. She was off after our shoot to rehearse for the Brits performance the following night, and then would race through two red-carpet events that evening. So I knew it was highly likely that when I suggested my idea, she and her publicist would just look at me like I was insane. Which they kind of did for a few seconds. But then Taylor said, “I love the idea, and I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s just working out if I have the time….” When Taylor says shes’ doing something, she’s committed. So she took a few days to work out if she could. Then suddenly we got a flurry emails with the finished, word-perfect results. And voila, the woman ruling the charts - and Instagram and pretty much the world right now - has produced this very special guest edit of Glamour’s pages. Across the magazine, Taylor has laid out her rules for living, her philosophies for relationships, her biggest beliefs, her favorite people and even where to buy life-changing burger. I’m thrilled that we get to have her personal stamp on this special issue, and I hope you love it.
—  Jo Elvin, Glamour editor

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could u write this prompt from castlefanficprompt - caskett = gates made the detectives (and castle) take IQ test as part of evaluation and castle has the highest score. it can be that he already know his IQ level and tried to avoid taking the test to hide it. please

It is probably not at all what Captain Gates had in mind for the evaluation of his professional capabilities, but Castle completes the IQ test with his wife’s feet in his lap. She’s stretched out along the couch, a tattered paperback in one hand, and the other traces the seam of a pillow over and over. Every so often, she wriggles her toes and he has to snag them in his fingers so his iPad doesn’t topple over.

Kate and the boys, and everyone else at the 12th, did their test last week. He was catching up on some edits for the book that day, but his wife came home and solemnly informed him that he had to take the exam as well. He had groaned - she had kissed him until he couldn’t help but smile - but he doesn’t mind so much. Not with her warm and close here in the silence.

After the last question, he exits out of the website and locks his iPad, drops it to the side table. He already knows his IQ score - come on, it’s him, of course he’s taken a test before - and he’s glad he got to do so at home. Hopefully nobody else will find out.

“How’d you do?”

She’s feigning disinterest, eyes still firmly on the pages of her novel, but the squiggle between her brows speaks volumes. Of course she’s interested. Kate is his wife, and so much more amazing at it than the other two ever were.

Not that he’ll say that out loud. Obviously. “Um…okay.”

“Come on, babe,” Kate huffs, closing her book and folding her legs underneath herself, knee-walking along the couch until she reaches him. Her fingers sift through the fluffy fall of his hair, the product he put in this morning long worn away, and her thumb falls to his temple and pushes just a little. “You can tell me. It won’t make me love you any less.”

He kisses her for that, for the tenderness in her face and her touch both. Kate’s knee slides over his lap and she sinks down, clinging tight to his ears as she takes his kiss. When they pull apart his hands are underneath her sweater, flirting with the waistband of her yoga pants, and she shivers.

“Castle, stop trying to seduce me. I wanna know how you did.”

It’s a little whiny, and completely adorable. He laughs, brings her in against his chest for an embrace that squeezes tight, makes her breath come in a great huff against his neck. She giggles, wriggling to get comfortable, and with the hard bone of her knee poking him in the thigh, he finds it’s easy to be honest.

“A hundred and thirty two.”

“A hundred and thirty two?” She gasps, tugging out of his grip. He tries desperately to keep her here, to pretend that it’s not a big deal, but Kate unspools between his fingers and climbs right off him, settling on the couch at his side instead. She rises up on her knees, hands clasped against her chest and she looks…gleeful. Like a little girl lit from within. “Castle, that would get you in to Mensa.”

Rick chews on the inside of his cheek, a little embarrassed by her pride in him. He feels like a weed, withering under the glorious bloom of Kate’s happiness.

“I know. It’s not a big deal.”

Kate huffs at him, nudging his shoulder until he topples sideways on the couch just a little. “Sure it is. That’s amazing, Rick. You should be proud.”

“I don’t want people to treat me differently,” he murmurs. Humility stains his cheeks, but when his wife reaches out and slides her fingers in between his he finds it impossible to resist. “I don’t want anyone to think I’m boasting.”

“You should boast. You’re in the top two percent of the population. That’s remarkable.” She’s so determined, fire sparking in her the way it does when they catch a new lead.

At least he has an arsenal of tools at his disposal to sway her a bit. Rick lifts their hands to his mouth and dusts a kiss to her knuckles, watches carefully the drowsy flutter of her eyelids. When he speaks, he keeps his voice gravelly, as if it comes from low down in his belly, just to watch the shift of her hips.

“I don’t want to be a freak show. Or make anyone else uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter that I have a high score. My IQ doesn’t determine my worth.” He pauses, waits for her eyes to come open, and he tucks an escaped curl back behind her ear. “You do. That I’m deserving enough to be married to you matters a thousand times more than some silly test.”

“It’s my honour, to be your wife,” she says softly, dipping her head under the weight of that admission. But he knows. He’s known. Kate Beckett adores him.

And oh…how he loves her too.


For two days, I got to bond with my mother and I was and still am totally happy about it. I can still remember how we would pamper ourselves in a salon since I was a little kid and I missed it so much. When I was already in college, we never had a time together in a salon but thank God, we spent two days in it and roamed around the city. 

Our main goal was to have another hair transformation for us but the hairstylist whom we totally trust with our hair wasn’t there so my mom just decided to pamper herself by having a footspa and I just read a good book. After having her footspa and pedicure, we went to the mall and other stores in the city to buy the things I need like a new eyebrow pencil, lip brush, nail essentials and more. I know my mom is really pampering me with these things and I’m totally gonna teach myself how to use them all specially that some of them are really basic necessities of a lady. 

Good thing, on the second day our hairstylist wasn’t really that busy so he immediately entertained us. My mom planned to let my hair be colored but we don’t know what color would match my skin tone. So I tried various hair examples from a book and put my hand beside it, I might say that the colors I wanted suit me but I can’t choose one so the hairstylist just chose a color for me. It was golden brown. I had another new hairstyle and I am really loving it. I don’t care if it’s really short. The thing is it suits me and I felt that my self-confidence boost because of my new upgraded version. (Hahahahaha! My classmates and I planned to have our own v5.0 so the pictures above are my v5.0.) 

I realized from the 2-day bond with my mom is that I’ve been really missing a lot when it comes to mom-daughter bonding. Yes, we’re in the same house and I always open up with my problems with her specially when it comes to relationships and school stuff or whatever it is but there will always be a huge difference with that kind of situation with our recent bond. I’ve been busy with my own life and didn’t realize that she’s already getting old and it hurts me so much that I am really a pain in the ass sometimes. I always say ‘Good night’ to her before I go to sleep but this one night was different, I kissed her on the cheek while saying ‘good night’. It seems like my heart was pinched and I felt that I should do this more often, to let her feel more loved because she’s worth every measure of love I can give. 

Well, too much of that, what can you say about my new hairstyle? I know my webcam pictures are low quality but I tried my best to have a new set of selfies. I don’t always post my selfies on Facebook because I tend to just send it to a person (who was V back then) and to my friends but I’m overwhelmed by the comments, compliments and messages I’ve been receiving lately because of it and you guys really let me feel that I’m beautiful even though I really am. (Hahahaha! Sorry about that. There are times that I should aprreciate and compliment myself, don’t you think?) 

So don’t hesitate to drop by and send a thougtful message to me or comment about this post or any blog posts I have. Happy reading and happy blogging! 

ok story: so before my best friend moved to England, I gave her my little black book of london so she could use it when she made trips to London. The other day when we reunited, she gave the book back and I just looked through it now and read the letters notes, and all the added added ticket stubs from the tube, bike rentals, hostels, etc and wow that is honestly the best gift anyone could give me. So heartfelt and sweet, I’m so lucky to have you as a best friend ravishinginhabitants ♡ 


“Fossilized” Book Sculptures Under Fire By Jacqueline Rush Lee

Hawaii-based artist Jacqueline Rush Lee’s exhibition “Ex Libris” showcases a series of books, which were fired in control kiln environments, which gave them a “fossilized” effect. Lee discovered by exposing the books to highly controlled temperatures, they endured a molecular change, which gave the impression of a freeze frame. Deeply poetic and transformative, she passionately explained the thesis of her piece on her website, she said:  

“Utilizing conditions of chance and controlled processes that allowed the hand, water, fire and chemical processes to sculpt the books further, I was intrigued by how the physical qualities of the books changed state.  Each book was unique, revealing a range of surfaces, textures, page striations and subtle colours according to the degree of temperature each was subjected to. Some were fragile, bloom-like forms or skeletal remains, while others were coral-like, with covers that were shell-like in feel with text, cover titles, and even book cover colours present in their new, warped state. I was intrigued by how the books were no longer recognizable in their usual context, but transformed into poetic remnants of their former selves–ephemeral and ghost-like forms suggesting internal landscapes and a trajectory of time, transformation and memory…”

via Jacqueline Rush Lee

View the best book sculptures here!

Why’d She Do It?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about why Claire stayed with Jamie. Confusion from non-readers who watch the show with readers and … don’t get why Claire stayed with Jamie.

  • Some think the stones didn’t work.
  • Some think Claire left to say goodbye to Frank and came back (my personal favorite).
  • Some just can’t believe it at all.
  • Some think she’ll be going back later (on her own).

Then, on the other side are the book readers who can’t understand the lack of understanding.

Then come the long, long posts of people fighting saying,

  • Because Jamie is her soulmate
  • Frank is boring
  • Jamie loves her, followed by a litany of amazing things Jamie says to Claire in the Outlander book.
  • What about this? What about that? Doesn’t that prove…?

Well, yes, but NOT in the show. None of those things were ever in the show.

The show had ONE JOB: show why Claire would stay.

The story of Outlander is quite simple: a woman falls backwards in time and finds a man, a relationship, and a life offered to her by both so compelling that she decides to stay. (The meta story that we find it so compelling that we want her to stay too.)

That is the most basic, broadest way to describe the story. When I say, “the story” from now on, this is what I mean.

Therefore, everything in the show adaptation should be filtered according to the story: Does this show why Claire wants to stay?

  • If yes, then it stays… as much as time allows.
  • If not, it stays only if it serves the sub-plots and details of the world that become relevant after she makes her decision. .. like Black Jack.

The show did NOT do this. Instead, they

  • Elevated and changed Frank’s character to remove his bad points
  • Diminished Jamie’s character (he is in 1.5 hours of the first 8 - that’s it) to remove his good points
  • Focused so much on the subplots and minor characters that they “ran out of time” for the story.

Without the marketing campaign, would anyone know that Claire and Jamie belong together? Other than for having great sex?

The showrunners have started with the assumption that

  • Claire and Jamie have the ultimate love story
  • Jamie is the King of Men

But they never showed it. For longtime readers like me, it was interesting to see what was going on down the hall with the McKenzie brothers while I was busy being enthralled with the actual story … but … um… what about the actual story?

Episode 111 is the epitome of this problem. 40 minutes - 40 MINUTES!! - was spent on a trial that was supposed to be a farce. Witnesses testified for 5 to 10 minutes and then we’re told by the lawyer doing the cross-examination that none of it mattered; they were going to burn anyway.

WE KNEW THIS ALREADY!! It’s a witch trial; it’s not about the law. Who cares about those witnesses? Or what they had to say? Witch trials never found anyone innocent.

Then, there was only 20 minutes left for the stones. The stone scene is 2nd in the whole series only to the print shop. It is the most important scene in the book … before Wentworth. Even so, there is no Wentworth or even Wentworth making sense unless the stones scene happens the way it does.

Well, the stones scene was rushed and shortchanged to make room for the trial.  That is straight from the creator Ron Moore. Well, he didn’t say “rushed and shortchanged” but he did say they added a lot to the trial … all time stolen from the stones.

Personally, I feel like it was a slap in the face. This scene was so important and it was passed over like an afterthought. This scene is the WHOLE POINT and the foundation of the book. It’s the one re-read more than any other except the print shop (and alright the really hot sex scenes).

I don’t think the show respects or understands the story. They’ve done really well elevating little side bits to the top, but none of them serve the story. Some - like all that Frank - undermine the story.

What saves this episode is what has been saving this show overall - the outstanding performances of Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. Sam saved this episode in particular. He did so much with the little he was given, it’s the only reason some non-readers do understand Claire’s choice at all.

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I tried but I can't help myself. I just read all your headcanons and now I need to know your Annabeth headcanons, please! I love your stuff so much, seriously.

You are the first person who has ever asked me for Annabeth headcanons I will gladly give you some.

  • Total Star Wars/Trek nerd
  • Wears glasses (bc annabeth in glasses hello)
  • Loses bookmarks all the time
  • Has more books she wants to read than books she’s actually read
  • Is so not a morning person
  • If you offer her anything other than coffee first thing in the morning she’ll skin you (give her coffee or give her death basically)
  • Cannot cook/clean/sew for her life
  • The only thing she can do is fold laundry
  • Is a die hard Yankees fan fight me
  • Thinks every other sport besides baseball is boring as hell
  • Has long conversations with Reyna and Frank about history and wars and whatnot
  • When her mind drifts she tends to start doodling
  • Buildings mostly but sometimes Percy pops up
  • Girls night with Piper is the first Friday of every month (and occasionally Rachel/Hazel/Reyna/Someone joins them) 
  • Is the absolute worst patient when she’s sick
  • Has a weakness for cute tiny children and animals
  • Like seriously she want’s 3 babies and a hamster as soon as possible
  • Also a dog, a dog is a must
  • She had an older golden retriever named buddy when she was little
  • She has the bad habit of starting books and then forgetting about them for 3 months
  • Annabeth totally does not have a stuffed animal collection nope
  • (i lied she totally does)
  • Her newest one is something called a Quatchi that Frank gave her

Aaaahhh man I just love Annabeth <333333

If you’re having trouble with a scene or a story arc, sometimes it helps to get inside your character’s head and see where the problem is coming from. A great way to do this: interview your characters!
Ask them all kinds of questions: goals, ambitions, childhood memories, favorite foods, celebrity crushes. And if you’re having trouble figuring out how two characters mesh, have them interview each other. It’ll definitely give you some new perspective on your story and the people in it.

Sona Charaipotra is a journalist, and received her MFA in Writing for Children. She is the co-founder of CAKE Literary, a boutique book development company with a decidedly diverse bent. Her first novel, Tiny Pretty Things (with co-author Dhonielle Clayton), hits shelves May 26, 2015.

Writer’s Care Packages from Camp NaNoWriMo and We Need Diverse Books.

This actually really warms my heart. Yesterday, whole booklr was a wreck. The whole debate about popular book blogs and how to contact them was really exhausting to read. I just respond to blogs and if they answer, that’s great. If they don’t, well hey, at least i made a funny comment, so who’s really missing out now?

But this completely besides the point. So yesterday, everyone was in distress and Tumblr really wasn’t fun. Today, we all learned that books-and-cookies has some financial problems. Immediately all the blogs wanted to help and reblogged the sh*t out of Mary’s post so everyone could help her. And that’s what the true heart of booklr is. We’re all 1 big family with a passion for books and we’ll always find a way to help each other

I’m not a popular blog, but really, who cares? I mean, i’ve made some good friends out here, so why would i care if i have 100 followers or 5000 followers?

Call to Arms

Ok, guys. We have an opportunity to do some real good here. Mary aka books-and-cookies needs our help. Follow the link to her page to read about her situation (and to see how incredibly deserving she is). To sum it up, she’s facing the possibility of having no home. We can’t let this happen. Especially not to one of our own. If there’s one thing I know about this bookish community it’s that we’re so giving and we take care of each other. Please follow the link at the bottom of this page and give what you can to help a fellow human being. Don’t look at the total needed. Look at what YOU can give. Maybe buy one less book this month and reallocate those funds to putting a roof over someone’s head. Any amount will help. We can do this, you guys. Please spread the word.

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what books are have you been reading recently? i really need some inspo! 💛


  • The Stranger by Albert Camus (get the more recent translation unless u can read French in which case definitely do that bc I wish I could)
  • Beloved by Toni Morrison (read this for a class and it is truly a work of art, it’s won a bunch of awards)
  • The Life of Pi by Yann Martel (i’m actually in the middle of this) (haven’t seen the movie)
  • The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz (I’ve heard from good sources that his other books Drown and This Is How You Lose Her are also wonderful)
  • Atonement by Ian McEwan (there’s also a movie which has cinematography that is somehow as beautiful as McEwan’s writing)

short stories (with links!):

as always, for more go to

Aria and Bethany THEORY

I’ll start this theory with the fact that Aria has close friends other than the liars.

  •  Aria and Bethany knew each other, they either met at Radley at a young age and became really close or she’s a relative to Aria and they met through some family gatherings. We know Aria had left to Iceland for a year after Alison disappeared. However, Ezra wrote that she’s been in Iceland for about 3 years? He’s not wrong, though! Aria has been in Iceland for 3 years in total. Not 3 years after her disappearance but in lifetime. Also, if the information about Aria is wrong, why doesn’t she correct him?
  •  As Aria was reading what he had wrote in his book about her, she becomes frustrated and breaks everything. She then says ‘Ezra knew who I was before we met’ 

Bethany was sent to Radley in Iceland, far away from Rosewood. The Dilaurentis family later took a trip to Iceland(?) so that Jessica could check up on Bethany. 

As she grew older, Bethany was moved back to Radley in PA because she no longer had to be in the children’s ward. Alison found out about Bethany and she lured her to Rosewood so she could fake her death successfully. I don’t think she cared about Bethany’s past or had any interest of her. 

However, Bethany knows all about Alison thanks to Aria. She’s more of a private investigator who’s doing it for love. She cares about Bethany more than anything. If that makes sense.

On the night of Alison’s disappearance, Bethany was buried alive by Melissa Hasting and Aria happened to pull her out. Here’s why & how:

  • In the halloween episode 4x14, Aria saves Leah (Luke’s cousin) who was wearing a bridal costume, which is a black widow reference. This is a very huge clue that Aria did save Bethany the night Alison disappeared and Bethany is indeed Black Veil. 

This scene also reminds me of the song, Walking After Midnight.

I go out walkin’ after midnight
Out in the moonlight, just like we used to do
I’m always walkin’ after midnight
Searchin’ for you
Well, that’s just my way of sayin’ I love you
I’m always walkin’ after midnight
Searchin’ for you

I think this describes their relationship perfectly.

  • In Shadow Play 4x19, I found a picture of Aria with the gazebo reference, the place with an open grave. Not a coincidence. 

Moving on!

When Aria volunteered at Radley, Eddie Lamb recognized her. He felt like they’ve met before. Not just seen her but actually knew her. When they were talking, there was a pig portrait behind her. Why is there always a pig reference with Aria? Marlene said that we have not seen the last of ‘Pigtunia’ Aria’s favorite puppet. Alison also mentioned that the game has a new ‘puppet master’ 

Marlene King posted a picture on Instagram of the liars in Jail from Season 2 and captioned it, ‘A remembers this #clue Why would Charles remember that? Unless, she was talking about Uber A, who is rumored to be Bethany Young. 

 When Aria was helping out at Radley, the patients were painting flowers and if you look closely, you’ll see sunflowers behind the teacher. There’s always sunflower references when it comes to Aria

 The sunflower is the Greek symbol of Clytie (a water nymph) who turns into a sunflower after grieving over the loss of her love (Apollo). The mythological symbolism here is that Clytie (in the form of a sunflower) is always facing the sun, looking for Apollo’s chariot to return and she might be joined again with her love

 Another perfect description of their relationship!

Oh, look! Sunflowers, pigtunia and a picture of a blonde all in one picture! 

Also! When Aria showed her paintings in Radley, there was a painting of a blonde and a sunflower…coincidence? I think not!

Jenna sends an unknown text to Aria at the masquerade ball 2X25, she looks across the room and goes looking for Bethany(?) Jenna follows her, we then see her unmasked and in that moment Jenna found out something about Aria. Either she’s A or she knows Bethany. She looks terrified but angry at the same time. I don’t think it was an A text because nobody attacked her. Also, Aria looked happy while she was on her way to Bethany. However, Ezra just happened to mysteriously be there, the text wasn’t about him. 

As Aria was on her way to Bethany, the song ‘Better In Time’ by Leona Lewis was playing.

It’s been the longest winter without you
I didn’t know where to turn to
See somehow I can’t forget you
After all that we’ve been through

Thought I heard a knock (Whose there, no one?)
Thinking that (I deserve it)
Now I have realized
That I really didn’t know
You mean everything (quickly I’m learning)
To love again (all I know is)
Imma be okay

Thought I couldn’t live without you
It’s going to hurt when it heals too
Oh yeah (It’ll all get better in time)
Even though I really love you
I’m gonna smile because I deserve too
Oh (It’ll all get better in time)

How could I turn on the TV
Without something that’ll remind me
Was it all that easy?
To put aside your feeling
If I’m dreamin’
Don’t want to let it (hurt my feelings)
But that’s the past (i believe it)
And I know that, time will heal it 

Another perfect description of their relationship! 

We know there were 2 mysterious blondes at the masquerade ball. One of them is Alison because she has the same exact mask in her attic and the other is Bethany! Aria wasn’t shocked when she got the text about Bethany because she knew she was going to be there.

Here’s a theory that could play out in this.

A is torturing the girls to find out what happened to Bethany Young and who exactly killed her. Aria is trying to find out what happened to Bethany. She’s been looking for clues since day 1. Watch Aria closely in the pilot. She’s wandering around, asking questions, etc. I know it’s because she’s been in Iceland for a year but she is the reason why the girls got back together. The apron you saw in 5x10 belongs to Aria. Why would Charles have a girl’s nursing uniform? Think about it. It belongs to Aria because she needed to sneak in and look at Bethany’s records. Melissa’s main priority is to protect Spencer no matter the cost. That’s why she wanted to get rid of ARIA. Why not the others? Jenna probably told Melissa about Aria’s connection with Bethany. Think about it. When Spencer told the girls that she killed Bethany Young, Aria was so sure that she didn’t. How is she so sure? Is it because she’s been working on this case since forever? All the A clues targeting Aria is not a coincidence. Wren colored in the red coat who seemed to have brunette hair is Aria. There was a red coat doll with brunette hair in Aria’s basement! When Ezra was shot, Aria specifically told her mom, ‘I thought he was gone, mom. Really gone. The whole time he was at the hospital, I was just making up this list of things I would tell him if I just got one more chance. And, now he’s okay. I’m so glad that he’s okay. But, I’m just…stuck with that list still’ Now here’s another twisted part. Wren is working for Aria. I think he is Aria’s cousin because her dad’s brother had a mental illness and Wren’s father too had a mental illness. We see A in HER lair with photos of her stuck on the wall. Aria said she loved them, she even has one in her room (season 5!) Later, we see A with Wren’s prescription cards. I also believe that Noel is working for Aria too. He shot Ezra accidentally and the way he looked at Aria after the incident says it all. All of this because of Bethany Young aka PLL’s end game. They know she’s alive but it’s not safe for her to return until they find her killer or get some justice by tormenting Alison and the liars.

In the dollhouse, there were quite a lot of clues that linked to Wren and Aria. I’m sure you’ve already seen them on IG/Tumblr.

Check out my Instagram @rosewoodspoiler for more theories!


miyori999 asked:

Have you seen The Giver? Because I saw something on the news about it and threw my pencil against the wall when I saw teenagers were being cast because my guess is there's gonna be some unnecessary love crap going on whenever they change out 12 year olds for 16 year olds and I just got so mad because I really liked that book when we were actually forced to read it in 7th grade and just UGHHHHHHHH....

I haven’t seen it yet or even much stuff of it on tv since I don’t watch it much, but watching it is inevitable for me and I’ll probably never stop crying while watching, I don’t understand why you would try to add an unnecessary love plot in there…….. we were also forced to read but in 6th grade and it introduced me to Lois Lowry _(:3 l < )_

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Why doesn't Laura like any lesbian ships?

She likes Marceline and Princess Bubblegum!

Also I haven’t really picked any good femslash pairings for her to like because her s1 tv show of choice was Doctor Who (and Buffy) and there’s not really a ton of non-Moffat-era (Laura stopped after Davies) ladies that she could ship with each other.  There’s Buffy, and she’s said that she’s intrigued by Buffy x Faith.  And I didn’t want to link any Harry Potter femslash because I write a lot of it and it seemed like I could introduce some bias into the discussion so I stayed away.

This season we’ve got a few things in the books that will probably develop into some femslash-y interests for Laura.  No, it probably won’t be Orphan Black (because I don’t watch the show and have no time to do so in order to provide context for what Laura’s blogging).  Mostly I just want to stay away from the ~super intense ships~ with her.  

You know what really bothers me? I saw a post the other day that was ragging on Twilight, listing a few other female book protagonists, like Hermione and probably Katniss, summing up some of the awesome stuff they did in their books, and then at the end was Bella, saying how she just sat back and let her sparkly boyfriend do everything for her.

And that REALLY is just not accurate. Bella HATED being on the sidelines, HATED when she couldn’t do anything to aid in a conflict, hated being the helpless fragile human in the bunch, and she did everything she thought she was able to do when she could. Granted, some of her ideas to help weren’t always winners (Young lady, you do NOT run off and sacrifice yourself without telling anyone!) But give credit where it’s due! She hung out with a lot of super-powered people, she did her very best to keep up. And of course after she was finally transformed, she was the MVP in convincing the Volturi to back off. She was pivotal, I tell you!

I would bet a lot of people WOULD have given up trying to be helpful and important in those crisis situations, but not Bella! Other people might have seen how overpowered everyone around them was and decide to just conform, to listen to the people who were stronger and more powerful without question, but not Bella. They tried to keep Bella quiet, tried to get her to obediently stay as far away as she could from the fight, but she always pushed back, she refused to be the damsel in distress. And even when she couldn’t physically push back, she made it clear she wasn't happy about being left on the sidelines when she was convinced she could help in some way.

Bella is brave and strong and refused to let herself be belittled, and those dummies who talk about Twilight when they know nothing about it get on my nerves.

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By the way, thank you for being mature and not hating on Asami because of KA, she was my favorite character in book 1 and after that the story failed her, only giving some random cool fight scenes and such. =(

Thank you.

I don’t really understand Asami hate, honestly.  It kind of reminds me of Kairi hate in the KH fandom – you’ve got this character who isn’t really given the chance to do much other than be a love interest, but instead of criticizing the writing choices that gave her nothing else to do, people tear the character herself apart.  =/

Asami wouldn’t be a bad character if the writers had taken the opportunity to fulfill some of her potential.  It’s unfortunate that they didn’t, but, well… it’s not exactly Asami’s fault.  =/

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This OT3+ prompt list is like the gift that keeps on giving. What about a Steve/Bucky/Natasha/Sam “turns out hogwarts students only give you weird looks when you date multiple people from multiple other houses huh who knew” au? Because there would definitely be some multi-house dating in that relationship.

“ - at’s stupid, you’re stupid,” Nat heard Bucky saying before he practically slammed his things down opposite her at the table.

She looked up from her book and raised an eyebrow.  He was scowling at his own hands, so she leaned over and grabbed one of them.  “Everything all right?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah, s’fine,” he said, not very convincingly.  “Where’re the guys?”

Natasha narrowed her eyes at him but let it go.  For now.  “Sam booked the Quidditch pitch for extra practice this morning and Steve is still working through his Saturday morning detentions with Fury.”

Bucky frowned thinking.  “Wait, still?  Over that whole thing with Pierce?  I didn’t think it was such a big deal.”

“That’s because you spent most of that ordeal in the hospital wing,” she said testily.  “Trust me, from the outside, it was very much a ‘big deal’.”

“Hey,” Sam said breathlessly, sliding into place beside Bucky and pressing a quick kiss to the other boy’s cheek.  “What’d I miss?” he asked, grabbing at several of the nearest plates in order to fill his own.

“Bucky downplaying the Pierce incident,” Nat said.  “Again.”

“Whar?  Hell no!  What he said - what he did - was not okay!” Sam said, practically vibrating with righteous Gryffindor rage.  He slung an arm around Bucky’s shoulders and yanked him closer, eating with one hand while he continued to mutter curses and imprecations against the Pierce line under his breath.

“Do you mind?” one of Nat’s housemates said huffily.  “I am trying to study.”

“And we,” Nat said, turning and giving the girl her best glare (it was a good glare), “are trying to have a conversation.  If your concentration is so damaged by simple speech, maybe that explains your Potions grade, hmm?  Perhaps consider going elsewhere for your early morning study session, Raina.”  She turned back to the boys, both watching her with matching fond expressions.  “What?”

“Nothing,” Sam said.

“Just enjoying the rare sight of your Slytherin side,” Bucky teased.

“Hush, you.”

“Did I hear someone singing my song?” Steve asked, slipping into place beside Nat easy as breathing.  The two of them sort of melted together until it looked like there was a two-headed, four-armed, Ravenclaw/Slytherin tangle sitting there instead of two different people.

“Just Nat being subtly threatening,” Bucky said.

“Aw, really?”  He kissed the corner of her mouth.  “I love watching you do your thing,” he said, sounding sad to have missed it.

“Just wait a little,” she returned, sinking into his embrace with a soft sigh that belied the glare she was casting about the room.  Several people seemed to suddenly find their pumpkin juice absolutely fascinating.  “The idiots seem to be out in force today, and it’s not even eleven yet.”

Steve shrugged when he saw what she was doing, as ever unbothered by the staring.  When she asked, he usually told her, “I don’t care what they think, I care what you think.  If it bothers you, just say the word and I’ll be bothered too.”

Bucky was of a similar mind when others’ thoughts on their unusual relationship were brought up.  “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind,” he’d said with a soft smile and the air of someone quoting something.  “I know what’s really important,” he’d continued, flicking at her with the end of his Hufflepuff scarf.

Sam was the only other one to care, as she did, but - much like her - it bothered him only inasmuch as he wanted to be sure that neither of the other boys was ever bothered by unkind words or deeds.  He had most of Gryffindor thoroughly charmed, and the majority of them thought him brave (if extremely foolhardy) for attempting to juggle three paramours from different houses.  He’d tried to explain that there was no juggling if it was four people trying to make something together instead of one person trying to keep three things going but… he’d settle for wary admiration if he couldn’t have understanding.

Natasha slumped down in her seat a little and hooked one ankle around Bucky’s foot, the other around Sam’s.  “Let’s go do something,” she said.

“Fly?” Sam suggested.

“Head down to Hogsmeade?” Bucky offered.

“We should go sit by the lake,” Steve said decisively.  “It’s gonna be a beautiful day.”

She nodded, wanting nothing so much as to settle down with her boys far away from the eyes and ears of Hogwarts.  “Yes, lets.  After breakfast,” she added, pointedly nudging a plate in Steve’s direction.

“Oh, right,” he said sheepishly, and began to pile things on.  Sam and Bucky quickly joined in, sneaking food onto Steve’s plate until he realized what was going on and a small fork fight began.

Life, as ever, went on.

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Am I the only person who thinks that Dumbledore was actually an AMAZINGLY written gay character? Like, yeah, it could've been mentioned in the flipping books (fanatical Christians already hated HP anyway), but his sexuality wasn't his defining character trait and it had no bearing on the plot except the whole Grindelwald thing, and he wasn't some flamboyant stereotype everyone thought was gay anyway. I dunno, I just like how that worked and don't get why people are fired up about it.

I wish it had been explored more in the movies (like, even if they’d gone a bit deeper into his relationship with Grindelwald- while it’s obviously romantic in the books, we don’t see that in the films), but he’s still a good example of a gay character who is written without being a stereotype. Some of my favourite other gay/bi characters are Willow Rosenberg (who is an lgbt+ character who isn’t treated as a stereotype, but her sexuality isn’t ignored either) Syd from Proxy (I just love that series. So, so much.) and Clarke Griffin (awesome bi character who has other defining traits besides being bi.) 

-The Canadian One