and so much happier tbh


;___; Oh my god, I loved this show as a kid!! Pashmina was my very, very favorite!! I don’t remember the show very well, but I remember liking Stan/Pashmina, lol!

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How can you have a boyfriend and still tag exo with "husband" and such?

me having a boyfriend doesn’t make me like exo less. in fact he is the most supportive guy i have ever seen.

  • he is not even into kpop (only taeyang and jay park) but he added some kpop songs to his tracklist in his car so we can listen to it together.
  • he listened to exo’s new album just because of me and said that it is a pretty good album (he usually listens to hip hop yo).
  • he asked me why i haven’t hung up my exo posters yet. i was like “what why?” and he just said “they are so cool and handsome. hang them up!” so yeah my boyfriend doesn’t mind me having posters in my room (unlike some of my other exes).
  • he said if exo ever come to germany he would do anything so i can see them live.
  • i showed him kai and suho as my favorite only once and when he was at mine i showed him a picture of exo and was like “who are my favorites again?” and he immediately pointed at kai and suho and said “i recognized them by their noses.”
  • he said if exo would take a fan on stage (aka me), and kai would be the one giving this fan a kiss he would let me, because he knows how much i admire him and he is so thankful to kai that he was there in my darkest time. he knows much i like kai so he wouldn’t mind.

so yeah since i am dating the probably most amazing guy ever, i don’t mind tagging kai as “husband”.

we both know it is my boyfriend in the end who is the most perfect husband material ever.

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I miss you on my dash. I follow your other blogs too, and it's always a delight. But I wanted you to know your Selina is totally irreplaceable, and I miss you on my dash. Have a good day!

i’m ?? this was so unexpected and so incredibly sweet ?? gosh thank you so much for takin the time to send this to me, even though it’s been while i’ve been gone. i can’t tell you how much it means to me. have a good day, yourself! x

hmmm it seems a lot more productive to actually appreciate myself and embrace the things i love doing instead of being reserved because i don’t want to be seen as vapid or stupid or hysterical? honestly tbh i’m sick of feeling like people are mocking me for doing what i like to do so i am hereby eradicating this permeating feeling of shame 

i dont know if this is weird but. im a lot happier now that i identify as nb? like before i didnt rly know what gender i was and i feel like that should have made me feel free-er kind of but it just made me feel more restricted for some reason n now that i know im nb i feel less stuck. like all i did is put a name to what i knew before but that lil thing has made me so much happier already tbh

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• i luv being single bc I like flirting but I’m terrible at flirting soo..
•I am basically my own bf rn which is kinda nice bc I no I’ll always be here an never leave✨
•I often have movie dates with myself it’s pretty sweet bc I have amazin taste
•I’ve been able to focus more on myself and I’m SO much happier now it’s crazy tbh
•I’ve learnt a lot being single and realized that before I date again I need to luv myself bc I’m a hottie who deserves the best!!!

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vices and virtues VS pretty odd; spencer smith vs ryan ross; patrick stump vs ryan ross; pete wentz 2007 vs pete wentz 2015; the black parade vs danger days

I like that all the people u chose go up against Ryan

Vices and Virtues vs Pretty Odd I aint that big a fan of v&v tbh

Spencer Smith vs Ryan Ross Even though Spence just left-and that breaks my heart-Ryan Ross Is my one true love

Patrick Stump vs Ryan Ross

2007 Pete Wentz vs 2015 Pete Wentz Pete seems so much happier now so I would feel bad for picking 2007 pete tbh

The Black Parade vs Danger Days

Thank you!!

//send me things to choose between