The end of another day...

…and life is good!

Yesterday was my first day back at college but all my friends came back today, so it was great getting to see them and hang out :) I’m enjoying all of my subjects so far, but man am I tired!

One of my friends who moved to a different college came to meet up with us, so we went for lunch, then we walked around a bit and did some shopping, as well as deciding we’re all going to do the color run/run or dye next year! It was a really lovely day :)

I also took my dog out and we did our 2nd mile of the 90 miles in 90 days challenge, and I felt so good after :)

Food intake for today:

B: Eggs and avocado on toast
L: Sweet chilli egg noodles with chicken and a whole bunch of veggies
D: Healthy egg fried brown rice
S: Carrots and hummus and a pineapple, cherry and spinach smoothie!

I’m excited for tomorrow now, for no reason other than just waking up and living/experiencing another day, and I’m incredibly happy that I’m feeling so optimistic! 

m3m3dousuji said:

Anghel Higure

send me a character

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: stvnfisk (¬‿¬) …

friendship them with: nageki, hiyoko, everyone but shuu again holy shit

general opinions: if i could do the things he could i would be so much happier with life tbh wow
he’s hilarious too oMG ANGHEL IS GR9

anonymous said:

Hello handsome. You look fucking great. Fuck that lil cunt who gave you shit. Go you for having confidence! I could never be confident enough to post a picture like that. Honestly, you go. (And btw, I love your hair).

Thank you :)
This is why we can’t have nice things
My hair was originally going to be dark red highlights, so much happier with this tbh