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Martin Freeman in Richard III: A Review

I don’t even know where to begin…..

Well, I do. It began with complete and utter calm. For all my pre-show freaking out, shortly before the lights went out I achieved perfect nirvana - I’m not even exaggerating. This continued through the play and the intermission only for me to start shaking when the play ended.

Very briefly, I have to say that this was by far the best piece of theatre I’ve seen so far this year, and I say that as someone who loved the National Theatre’s King Lear with Simon Russell Beale, who’s considered a goddamned theatre legend. I’ve been saying this for a long time now, but Martin Freeman is one of the utmost best actors of this generation and I am simultaneously honoured and humbled to have been able to witness him on stage. He is captivating, terrifying, hilarious, utterly magnificent and so fucking nuanced that I’m running out of adjectives to describe just how fucking brilliant this man is. All of this is even more astounding considering that this is only his fourth stage production. As much as I love him in movies and on the telly, I would not be a least bit sorry to see him stick solely to stage acting henceforth.

The story is set in the 1970s, around the time when Harold Wilson was Prime Minister, yet with original Shakespearean dialogue, providing a oftentimes jarring juxtaposition between the new and old. The staging and set design are brilliant. Here’s a probably definitely illegal photo of the stage, which is now (16/07/14) edited to be unrecognisable because I was asked to remove it due to copyright infringement.


As you can You can’t really see anymore, but I had an amazing seat in third row, although, alas, outside the very narrow splash zone. I have to admit, when I first heard about the play being set in the ’70s, I was wary, but it works wonderfully. 

The production is done in such a way that the audience is simultaneously presented with something hilarious yet horrifying. The scene, for example, in which [spoiler alert, unless you’ve read the book] Richard is murdering Lady Anne, is understandably dark and uncomfortable, made even more so by the elevator muzak playing in the background. There is a large amount of blood and several quite gruesome murder scenes, yet Martin manages to instil humour and wit in even the unlikeliest bits of dialogue.

While some of Martin’s mannerisms and tics are reminiscent of John Watson, he owns the role of Richard completely and makes his own. For the most part, I was so engrossed in the story that I wasn’t even thinking of him as Martin fucking Freeman on the stage, but simply as an actor performing brilliantly. It is staggering to watch him discuss infanticide and still have the audience laughing and then revert to the repugnant monster that Richard truly is.  

Ultimately, this was a fantastic production with an amazing cast and perfect staging and, yes, one of the best actors alive today in the starring role. It absolutely deserved the standing ovation it received and I can only hope that the professional reviews are as enthralled by it as I am. I can’t fucking wait to go see it again. 

Few sidenotes: the first row gets a lot of the action, as it is literally on stage level. The actors are rights in your face, along with the blood, and even sitting in third row, I totally made eye contact with Martin, albeit briefly. If you’re sitting the in on-stage seating, the actors face towards you just as much as towards the front of the stage in a very natural, unstilted way. And if you’re lucky enough to sit in the first row of the on-stage seating, right by the centre aisle, you will get to ogle Richard’s dead and bloodied body for several minutes until the play ends. Also, that beard is damn fine. Just sayin’. Unf.

I’m sure there’s so much more that I’m missing, but for all my calm composure at the beginning of the play, I was literally shaking as I was leaving the theatre. I’ll probably be posting various snippets as I remember them over the next few days. 


on monday i felt very under-appreciated and self-conscious (which has been a background feeling for a little while)

but when i came into work one of the pastry chefs said my haircut looked good and that it looked ‘sharp’ (hell yeah hell yeah)

and then during the day she asked me a couple of times if i was okay (i must have looked really tired or not as okay as i usually look idk)

and then when i had to stay back for over an hour (which i didn’t mind) she told me a few times that she really appreciated me staying back and that i was doing a good job and she was really grateful

it made me feel very cared about and appreciated and it made me feel better about myself and it made me feel a little better in general

it was very nice

you used to called me the
prettiest girl, said i’d be beautiful
even in death. you never knew
that all i wanted from a reaper
was destruction; that a
loss of life would steal any loveliness
i once had.

there is no beauty in death,
i said, and maybe the flaws in
your memory of me will fade,
but the truth of me will merely
decompose without you.

OK so for those of you who do not know me my name is Ian and recently my money situation has gone from bad to even worse. Well OK I may be entitled to benefits due to my severe anxiety but I pretty much can’t earn anything and I really want to try and start earning something? So I’m finally opening baseless sprite commissions. I’ve been debating this for a while due to not having a lot of confidence in my art for a while but I think I’m at a point where I want to do this. Even if you don’t commission me spreading this about and telling people about this would be great.


  • Base sprites will be $8 but depending on complexity I may raise the price
  • Extra expressions for a pose will be $1 each
  • Extra poses will be $2 and, again, depending on complexity I may increase the price slightly.

As not to overwhelm myself I’m only going to have three slots open for now. I’ll reblog this post when I need to notify anyone about any updates. If you’re interested then just message me on Tumblr or Skype if you have it.

I am current in the the awkward in between space in terms of motivation. Have you ever had a week that was just all over the place? My laptop crashed, so good bye pretty edited videos I was working on, as well as some awesome old photos, then midterm season began and I felt slightly overwhelmed. 

I am fan and supporter of the CollegeInfoGeek. (I love his podcast), and we’re blog buddies so that’s always refreshing! He had a recent post about the impossible list (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO).

Think of the impossible list as a modified bucket list, that grows and grows, with sub bullet points.

Heres mine for now

(OCTOBER 2014)


Change at least 20 people’s lives, since I was born on the 20th

Open a scholarship fund one in Guyana and one is the U.S

Open a health promotion center: yoga studio, health care professional and patient network and continiuty, and reward value care

- insurance that covers gym memberships, subsidize fresh groceries, etc. It would theoretically save the insurance company money in the long term, encouraging healthiness, & address the issue of affordability of fresh food for lower income citizens, and it could help shift the obesity rate.

Read 20 books a year for fun

Meet the love of my life. Marry him.

Go on a spontaneous adventure with said love of my life for 3 months before we get married. There’s no better (or faster) way to experience the best and worst of someone.

Design & build my own home ( I don’t think I want a huge home)

Get featured in a major newspaper

Get featured on a major tv show

Teach 100 Yoga classes for free to underprivileged people

Buy no clothes or shoes for a year

Anonymously pay the full tuition bill for a talented, highly passionate kid who would otherwise never go to college. Send a long, anonymous note of encouragement every semester. 

Give my kids a break from “school” for a year. Take them traveling around the world for a real education, instead.

Have my mom teach me 20 of her favorite recipes.


Obtain 30 badges on Codecademy

Complete an Adobe Illustrator course

Complete an Photoshop course

Get my B.A. degree 

Get my Masters Degree 

Learn how to play guitar

Learn how to cook… Thai food, Guyanese food, Japanese food

Read 50+ books 


Run a 5k 

Run a 10k 

Run a Half Marathon 

Run a Marathon 

Run an UltraMarathon 

Learn parkour and make an awesome montage video.

Get a six pack and do a photo shoot to celebrate. 

50 consecutive pushups 
200 consecutive squats [October 31, 2010]
Do a Planche Pushup (Do 10)

Exercise daily for 6 months (September – February, 2014)


Visit Every Continent (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Antarctica (and do something local).

Go Swimming in Every Ocean (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, Southern/Antarctic)

Travel For 1 Year Straight

Own a small flat in 2 different countries.

Live on the beach in some tropical country for 3 months.

Do A Cross Country Road Trip And Make a Film About It

Do A Round-The-World Trip And Make A Film About It

Visit All 50 States 
Visit 20 Countries | 50 Countries | 100 Countries | 150 Countries | All The Countries

Attend “Dia de Muertos” in Mexico

Go to Sundance film festival

Attend Holi Festival in Nepal

Do the Hollywood Sign Hike


Carnival (any country~ Caribbean/Latin America)


Life Class (Oprah)

Go without internet for a month 

Go without a car for a month 

Own less than 300 things 

Attend Podcast Movement

Chinese New Year celebration





1,000 subscribers

5,000 subscribers

10,000 subscribers

Do a collab video with another dedicated YouTuber (>500 subscribers)

Put $1,000 in the bank.

Give $10,000 away.

Write 25,000 words in a month

Make FreshProgress (Freshprogressgeek and Freshprogressbeauty] into a Business.

Speak at a university for more than 500 students

Pay off my student loans (undergrad)b4 22!

Write 100 blog posts in 100 days

Write an e-book 

Publish a real physical book


sooo, wowie. if you’re upset about
not getting a reply yet, let me tell
you a thing about my numbers.

first && foremost, i have a job &&
a new baby brother i am almost
always dealing with. but mostly I
am just busy >_< so i can be slow
especially with two active muses.

drafts: 50+ ( because of the greeters
but they might be dropped after a bit.)
queue: 20
greeters: still owe like 10?? ?
askbox: 10+ memes

um just wow, 300+ followers in about 
what four days? a week maybe? i dk.
i’m not going to do a bias list or any
thing because it hasn’t been long 
enough to make any real relationships
on here yet but fleetstreetnightmare,
wxrstpies && mxchier found me really
quick and welcomed me and stuff. so
hi. ily. thanks for being hella.

and i’m also active on victorwhxle

princess-waddles said:

Your blog is super under appreciated, which is a shame because the what-ifs are just super creative and a blast to read ~! I just wanted to say that truly enjoy reading them when they pop up on my dash :3 ~it's great to be a Markiplite~

Hello my dear.

Well thank you very much for your support! Its means so much, I’m glad you enjoy my little corner of the fandom. 

I understand that these types of blogs may not be everyones cup of tea [no british pun intended] so i’m ok with that. I’m already slightly overwhelmed by the love and support I have. If it continues to grow that will be amazing. But I don’t know what will happen.

Being a Markiplite/Hero/part of the Tickle Scrote army is the best thing to happen in my life.

Oosh out
Thank you for being an an epic human being

people helping me carry my mattress across campus for National Carry That Weight Day of Action in solidarity of Emma Sulkowicz. i’m so grateful to those who randomly helped along the way

i’m still crying over this

seeing and having visual and physical support was slightly overwhelming, but in a good way, a way i’ve never felt about my identity as a survivor

Thursday Vibes.

Up early spilling ink. Writing in my journal. Such a beautiful morning. Cold and windy. Frost on the car windows. Baby blue sky and soft grayish clouds. Was feeling slightly overwhelmed this morning but once I looked up to the beautiful heavens, the sky itself spoke to me. Telling me that it’ll be alright…Good Morning everyone.