and she never told him the truth because she wanted to protect him

Lizzie chose red

I noticed Lizzie went to red first for answers and i think comfort she wants red to care for her because she cares for him but he wouldnt tell her the truth and pushed her away and later basically told her to go with tom after she clears her name. This was how bad red wanted her to never remember the truth he was willing to let the women he loved run away with her ex a man he hates just to protect her from the truth. So she went to tom because one red pushed her away two she was still clinging to her past with tom earlier in episode 21 tom was willing to start over with her as the real tom as Jacob Liz ignored that wasn’t interested she even stood him up she didn’t sleep with the real tom she slept with the husband tom keen not jacob. She left tom because of a chance to clear her name but tom knew she wouldn’t return to him because he knew that Liz wasn’t sleeping with him but the illusion tom keen. So she confronts tom connely outs him for the despicable person he is. This season Liz has become more protective of red possessive of him too so she tells connely not to touch Raymond reddington you can see how protective of him and connely was walking on a thin wire he angered her when he threatened the taskforce but she didn’t draw her gun until he threatened reds life thats when she remembered the truth the night of the fire that she killed her own father as a child because he was hurting her mother so she shot and killed tom connely. She knew she did wrong and when resslar tried to tell her he could help her she hung up on him and called guess who red she could have called tom but she called red and red of course immediately come and got her and that’s when she told him she remembered everything she knows red was protecting her and that he really does care deeply for her so she went with him she chose him not to get answers this time but because she found out he cares for her too