and she looks sad)

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Can you please!!!!!! Do the next chapter of your annabeth amnesia fanfic!!! Please!!!!

amnesia au part 8 

  • “You remember?” Percy asked 
  • his mouth was gaping open as he stared up at her and water began to trickle into their air bubble 
  • “Percy, air bubble!” 
  • he jumped, startled by her command, but he managed to seal the bubble 
  • “Sorry,” he said shyly 
  • Annabeth climbed out of his lap, the two sitting across from each other instead, hands intertwined 
  • “Do you actually remember or are you just remembering what I told you?”  
  • his brow was furrowed with worry and his eyes were compassionate but Annabeth could see the hope and sadness just below the surface 
  • she wanted nothing more than to kiss all the sad out of him 
  • but instead she looked down, faltering under his gaze and focused instead on his calloused hands wrapped around hers 
  • she ran her fingers over his knuckles, wanting to know the story behind every little scar and also wondering if in another life she already knew the stories 
  • what a life that must have been, she thought 
  • the warmth of his hands seemed to anchor her and fill her with calm, a feeling she knew she never wanted to let go of 
  • she took a deep breath, closing her eyes and concentrating on the feeling of his hands in hers 
  • “You thought I was laughing at you when you were trying to tell me about how I was your anchor but really I was just so happy that you were finally taking my hints, plus you just look so cute when you’re flustered. Then I put my arms around your neck and told you I would never make things easy for you… and we kissed. And then Clarisse had us thrown in the lake but instead of coming back up we sat at the bottom of the lake and kissed. That might be the happiest I’ve ever been.” 
  • she opened her eyes and looked back up at Percy, whose eyes were welling up with tears 
  • he smiled, though, and placed a kiss to her lips 
  • “You remember,” he said weakly  
  • “Amnesia is one way to not make things easy on you, isn’t it Seaweed Brain?” 
  • they peppered each other with kisses as they laughed with joy at the memory that Annabeth had recovered and as they sat there, more and more memories came flooding back 
  • they eventually decided to head back up to the bonfire and tell everyone the good news 
  • as they walked up the beach towards their friends Annabeth came to a stop 
  • Percy felt her hand pull and turned to look at her 
  • her face was pale and her knees were wobbling 
  • “Percy,” she whispered. “I don’t feel right.” 
  • and she collapsed into his arms

So I know everyone talks about this scene all the time, but I just can’t get over their faces here.  Angie has no idea what is going on– why Peggy is on the run, who these guys are– not a damn thing.  And she still protects her, without a second thought, and does an amazing job, using some of the same skills Peggy has over the course of the series.  (Peggy is a master at using ‘female weakness’ to mask things from men.)

Peggy’s always valued Angie, but she’s also thought she had to protect her. And I think that’s why, despite the seriousness of the situation, she looks so happy– she’s finally found someone she can connect to, and have an equal relationship with.

Angie, though?  Angie just looks sad.  At this point, she has every reason to think that Peggy’s going to be safe, but she’s heartbroken at the prospect of losing Peggy from her life when she goes on the run.  God, look at her sad puppy face, it kills me every time.

Well, at least Thompson looks miserable too, that’s one consolation.

kagurasdragons​ I’ll make it easy for you~ (I love showing off my dragons sssh)

My first fellow, Wezynna! I circuited him waaaay back in 2013 after receiving him as a gift from a friend~

Next up, Laplace, another gift from a friend~ I’ve been indecisive about getting her a tert gene, as she’s so pretty already.

Then there’s Mystery, who came named that way - I was in the AH, I shouldn’t have been in the AH as my lairspace is tight, and she looked like a sad dalmation puppy and I was helpless to her charms.

Finally - Jackal, another darling in the AH who looked at me and despite lairspace I COULD NOT RESIST. orz

And that’s - all - 

I FORGOT ABOUT SUNBURST! He’s gorgeous and I bought him from someone here on tumblr and I forgot about him because he’s hanging out in the back of my lair with the Imperials and his mate, Mars the triple crim lady Imp. Oops!

Chloe is clearly in love with Beca:

1) There’s no implication that she’s still with the guy from the first film.

2) There’s so many lingering looks and over-friendly, bordering on romantic interactions.

3) The goddamn tent scene. She’s obviously coming onto her and you can see how disappointed she is when Beca turns away.

4) At the campfire when they’re talking about moving on, she keeps looking at Beca with a sad, still hopeful smile.

  • Jade:*talks about not feeling any spark for her boyfriend*
  • Jade:*felt soulmate feels the first time she saw Althea*
  • Jade:*kisses boyfriend to check if she's still straight after meeting Althea*
  • Jade:*gets insulted when Althea said she isn't her type*
  • Jade:*chooses Althea's puppy over her boyfriend's flowers*
  • Jade:*eyefucks Althea everytime they're in the same room*
  • Jade:*looks like a sad puppy whenever she watches Althea walk away*
  • Jade:*talks to Althea 'till 5 in the morning*
  • Jade:*chooses Althea over her grandpa's birthday party*
  • Jade:*can't resist Althea*
  • Jade:lol no homo tho
My baby has grown up

Here’s my nalu one 

Okay so I don’t know why (but I hope so) that mashima is showing us that Natsu is becoming very conscious  of Lucy feelings

Here we see lucy looking sadly at the memories of the guild that she belives to be gone and that sort of had been been for an entire year. You see how she looks sad as she looks around and even wendy points it out but instead of telling them what’s wrong she just smiles and tells them she’s fine (me personally if I say I’m fine I’m self destructing on the inside just saying…) So now back to Natsu he doesn’t believe it. You can see him frowning slightly and just the way he is drawn and now everyone has there own opinion on this but he knows that lucy is not okay and that she’s hiding behind a smile 

It actually now that I think about it kinda reminds me of this face

so natsu knows lucy is hurting so the question is what is he going to do about it? I mean he did bring back the guild yet it still there and he knows it which I am rather proud of because he is picking up on if lucy is okay or not because making a girl cry that asking her to punch him isn’t the best way to make a girl feel better or at least in lucy’s case maybe erza… but the moral of the longness of my post is that Natswu is understanding and sensing more of lucy’s emotions as much as she tries to hide them wich is really I great development and important 

I’m trying to make this understandable and not alien speak so I’m sorry but i really just want to say that natsu is growing as a person and I am happy and lucy I love you sooo much gahhhh

If a man has an achievement, he is respected for it. If a woman gets a success and goes to a premiere, she’s asked where her dress and shoes are from. We definitely don’t have equality yet. I’ve always felt as if I have to be loud; I have to be heard and cannot sit on the fence because of that. A woman is always judged more on what she looks like than what she says or does; that’s the sad truth. I mean, men are looked at too but not to the same extent. Men are taken seriously for the most part, whereas, I believe, there are only a handful of women who are judged solely on their talent. I don’t want it to come across as if fighting for women’s rights means I’m a man-hater; that’s not the case. I love the company of men; I’m always surrounded by them, by choice. But you only have to look at a film poster to see that the cast is normally made up of more men than women.
—  Natalia Tena, on her fight to be treated equally in the showbiz world (x)
“Is this what it’s supposed to feel like?”
“Being alive. Because if so I’m not sure how everyone lives like this.”
“Oh my little baby girl. You see, you love with your entire being. You love people you’ve never met and the ants that invade our kitchen in the spring time. You feel loss for things that aren’t even gone yet and when you see people cry your heart breaks for them. You feel everything.”
She looked up into her dad’s eyes and felt a sadness that she couldn’t explain.
“What if I don’t want to?”
“Oh honey, one day you’ll see. One day you’ll understand that feeling too much is better than feeling nothing at all. Being numb to the world around you is an awful way to live.
“You need to never forget to let sunsets warm your soul. You need to remember the happiness that comes from making someone laugh. Never stop loving and never stop feeling because once that happens you stop living, too.”
—  5.16.15
The shot that breaks my heart...

God this is like the SADDEST freakin’ shot in almost the WHOLE movie!!!

They’re both so CLOSE!  

Look how SAD Bog looks after JUST accusing Marianne of betraying him! 

Look how sad SHE looks after spending so much of this movie with her feelings BURIED and FIGHTING and GROWLING!  

Despite their hurt, they’ll ONLY look vulnerable to each other!  

In the past, Marianne ran away and cried in her room.  

Bog closed off his whole kingdom.  

But now, they FACE each other!!!

This shot is so symbolic too!  Somebody mentioned this earlier, but yes, that damn love potion is clearly seen between them!  Begging the question, is their love real or as artificial as what’s in that bottle?

But you can see it in their eyes!  They WANT it to be real, but they’re SCARED because Bog was right: love IS dangerous!

It’s a HUGE risk!  But we take it anyway because it’s the BEST thing in the world; the most POWERFUL thing!

I dont even mean just romantic love!  ANY kind of love!  Between friends, family, pets, whatever!  

REAL love IS strange and that CAN make it SCARY, but it’s ALWAYS worth it!

This movie, I swear!

108 word ficlet

okay, so emma doesn’t know exactly how it happened, except that it did and now she’s fucked.

it starts with david asking her to pick some flowers up because he’s a fucking sap. emma grabs her beanie and grumbles about lazy ass princes.

and like, everything is fine, right?

except she ends up smacking regina in the face with her flowers on the way back, and emma stutters and apologizes and regina looks sad and asks who the flowers are for.

and emma fucking panics because regina’s looking so sad and pouting, so she says, “you, duh” and throws the flowers at her and runs.


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Just wondering about lily in your film. We've seen from your trailer she gets angry and sad and looks caring but will the cheeky vivacious side of lily that slug horn describes be seen in the movie?:)

You’ll see a lot of sides to Lily Evans. Laura is an incredible actress, and brought an unbelievable amount of depth to her performance. And while the script follows a number of characters (as opposed to following a single narrator like the books do), Lily is definitely the protagonist of the story.

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Ren let out a small sigh as he sat in the courtyard by himself, seeming rather distant..even more distant than usual. He seemed to have something digging at him, his eyes showing sadness. (for Pyrrha)

It was an average Friday afternoon for the champion as she strolled through the verdant gardens of Beacon combat academy. She was of course a little surprised to find Ren sat on one of the many benches around, and even more so to see the look of sadness upon his face. Heading over she sat beside him with a smile.
“Is everything alright Ren? You seem a little saddened.”


“I’m so tired of all of this Peter…” Kim said softly as she laid back on her best friend’s bed, talking about the events earlier that day, “I just wish my life didn’t suck… ya know?…” she asked as she looked over at him, sadness gracing her every feature. She had been really upset lately because of some things at school and family issues, she had moved out to get away from them but it seemed like no matter how far she ran, they were always calling her with some sob story about why they needed her back, and she was sick of it.


Regina and Hook & Emma and Robin Hood

Ok, so this started off as a comment on this post, but it became too long so I just decided to make my own post.

I’d just like to add that this look gives me hope because 1) it isn’t a happy look. If this shot was just about showing Emma being happy that Regina has her happy ending and is being comforted by Robin, she would have smiled. 2) It’s not a sympathetic/sad look either. It didn’t look like Emma basically wanting to tell Regina it will be ok since Regina was obviously frustrated. Nope. It was actually a kind of blank/troubled look, which makes it all the more significant. There’s literally NO reason for this shot except to hint to us that Emma is bothered by Regina and Robin being all lovey dovey.

Furthermore, why do they ALWAYS show us shots of Emma and Regina’s reactions to the other person’s relationship?

Regina’s jealousy being much more obvious makes sense with her personality just like it makes sense why Emma’s would be more subtle since it’s Regina and Regina seems to be clearly in love with someone else. I also think it’s funny that Regina has moved past insulting Hook straight to ignoring him. lol. I think she literally can’t take it when him and Emma are together.

Lastly, it’s perhaps even more revealing how Hook acts towards Regina and how Robin acts towards Emma. Neither of these people like each other!! Why?

I know Hook and Regina have a past, but by now shouldn’t they be able to be civil or perhaps even friendly like they are with literally EVERYONE else? But they’re not. They barely interact and talk to each other. And you can also tell that Hook is jealous of Regina in some shots. I just re-watched The Tower (episode 14 in season 3) and there is a CLEAR and obvious shot of Hook looking jealous when Emma agrees to let Regina take Henry out for the day. He seemed sad that it’s Regina that Emma trusts and not him. He wants to be let into the family like Regina is. But he never will be because Regina is Henry’s mother.

And I couldn’t be the only one that noticed that when they all wake up from the AU, Robin runs right past Emma who is still on the ground and goes to hug Regina, who’s already standing. I laughed out loud at this part, because it just seemed so OOC for a supposedly “honorable man”. You would think he would quickly help Emma up and then go to Regina. And Emma and Robin literally have NO reason to not like each other and yet there’s definitely something there.