and she doesn't WANT to

Something my mum just said to me (I'm not out as trans to her yet, I am out as 'lesbian' though
  • Mum:what's going on with you atm, you look horrendous, why are you dressing like such a boy? I never wanted a son, you're not transgender are you?
  • Me:(lying through my teeth) no mum
  • Mum:oh thank god you're not that weird

She’s like one of that lot. Friends of the Ood. 

About Kristen Stewart’s “gal pal”

Listen, I know we all think it’s hilarious that the tabloid press continue to call Alicia Kristen’s gal pal, even though it would be the obvious choice to call them girlfriends. BUT -

I for one think it’s great because hey look! For once the press actually care about someone’s privacy by not forcing her out of the closet. Obviously the best way would be to not report about it at all, but I guess not labelling Kristen against her will or without her consent is a really great thing to do. Because guess what - her sexuality isn’t anyone’s business until she decides to explicitly address it.


I was gonna talk to him, and get some answers of my own.
You can’t. You cannot talk to him.


My princess and future queen, Shireen, + love of books + giving the gift of literacy.

David: They were married in the last one. I’d imagine they are still married. I don’t think he’s gonna wanna divorce us. 

Gillian: Were we actually married? Like did we…

David: We were married.

Gillian: We were married married? Like a ceremony of some kind? 

David: I believe so. 

Gillian: Okay.

David: That was my impression. 

Gillian: I don’t remember that….taking place.

Chris Carter:  As we saw in the second movie they were together, not married. Living together. But when we come back we will find that relationship is not where we left it. -Brandon Sun April 2015

Looks like Gillian won this round. 


Nicole was walking down what she thought to be an empty hallway, reading a muggle comic book as she did. She was so immersed in her reading that she didn’t see someone right in front of her. “Oh crap! I’m so sorry.” She said after bumping into someone. “I really, really shouldn’t read and walk! I don’t think I’ve seen you before. I’m Nicole.” She said with a smile, holding her hand out.

I am all for making fun of the press for calling lesbian relationships “gal pals”, but has Kristen Stewart even come out as lesbian/bisexual? Because the only news articles I can find about it say she hasn’t confirmed anything and that she is a very private person about her personal relationships, so speculating about her alleged love life is pretty gross and we should stop doing it until/unless we can get actual confirmation from KStew.