Yo, gretchensinister

Because I don’t know why but I feel a little bit like you might need this tonight; I think the absolute world of you. Admittedly this is true of an almost unreasonably large number of RotG fannish folks but it remains noteworthy nonetheless.

You are funny, very, very bright, thoughtful, caring, and an incredible writer. You’re also super cute.

You are not a shit <3.

I would rather have friends like you who remind me of the importance of language and context and emphasis so that I stay on my toes and express myself correctly than people who don’t give a damn. People like you are the reason I can express myself reasonably well, because I’m not someone who picks up on hints and subtleties naturally, so the practice is always welcome.

I love you dearly and I am so glad to have met you, and you deserve to know that.

And I’m posting it publicly just because I can, so there. <3


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in these times of trouble and confusion



it’s nice to know that i can always count on tony stark

to be dying painfully in the first pages of any given issue of iron man



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ed basically confirmed it was niall who hooked up with ellie on howard stern the other day. ed said they were friends and ed thought it wasn't cool that he'd do that, that it was a hard conversation to have, etc. stern said "it was the one direction guy, right?" implying harry. ed said "no" and then "well depends on which guy you're talking about." so yeah. everyone knows it's niall but he's still the good guy lol. nothing sticks to niall.

Anonymous said:

The most fascinating thing is that Ed looks bad/victim, Ellie Goulding looks bad/cheater and nobody cares about Niall (cheater as well), it won’t stick to him, maybe even in a positive conqueror way :D Somehow I doubt anything happened at all, Ed’s songwriter, he knows how to convince people from his point of view, it’s not objective at all. He doesn’t use names, even if it wasn’t Ellie Goulding she couldn’t complain as she would look like a cheater who just wants to get her image back.


It just goes to show you that the media (and fans and the general public) will only pick up and run with the rumours, gossip and stories that suit their agenda. 

They had no interest in making Niall ‘the bad guy’ and so he just… wasn’t.

Nothing sticks to him -Teflon Niall strikes again!

N: N would become frustrated after a while when you are not picking up his hints. He would rack his brain trying to think up more ways he can get you to figure it out, but if those ideas end up failing as well, then he would just tell you straight up. He’ll feel relieved once you tell him that you liked him as well. “You’re the peanut butter, and I’m the jelly. Now, let that sink in…Ugh. You still don’t get it. I want to go out with you woman!”

Leo: Leo would drop the most obvious hints by doing the littlest of things. However, to you, those things might come off as him just being nice. Leo won’t waste that much time dropping hints before just coming out and telling you that he likes you. Why? Because he just wants to be with you already. Geez. “Will you go with me already?”

Ken: Ken would have fun with the hint dropping, so this would probably go on for days. This means that he won’t even realize that you haven’t actually caught on to his little game. So, the two of you would just be “confused” until someone confesses first. “I know someone who liiiiiikkkeeessssss you! If you guess right you win a prize!”

Ravi: Ravi would get really frustrated and take offense to the fact that you haven’t figured out that he likes you. With that said, once your naievety becomes unbearable, he would just come out and confess his feelings for you before asking you why you couldn’t figure it out. “Why don’t you like me?!”

HongBin: It’s going to be tow seasons of 26 episodes before you two get together. HongBin would drop his hints and become frustrated at your naivety, but he would hold in frustration and not tell you his feelings until you caught on. That’s just awkward bean for you. “*inner thoughts* Does a bouquet of roses, a new dress, and a trip to Jeju Island not signal that I like you?!”

Hyuk: If you don’t catch on to his first round of hint dropping, then he will stop dropping hints and just tell you. The boy likes you, and he desperately wants you to know that. So, he won’t waste anymore of his time and just tell you directly. “Hey. I don’t know if you like me or not, but I’ve made it pretty obvious that I like you. Now, I can’t wait any longer, so we are a couple know. *grabs your hand and walks you into the sunset*”

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

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That’s one of the main differences between these two things that I just love. The romance between Ryth and Zoey was so easy even if it wasn’t really stated in those words, where as Lalna is just so dense he kinda just misses those things. I love it

Yeah, while Rythian can be a dramatic child, he did pick up on the hints Zoeya dropped him, and sometimes even responded in kind. Lalna just doesn’t seem to ‘get it’ and is extremely bad at realising hidden meaning in speech.

And of course, where Zoeya was really carefree about her feelings for Rythian, Nano has a lot more trouble with being honest about it, and usually resorts to insults when he’s being dense again.

I suppose the good thing is that Lalna really doesn’t know how to sweettalk Nano - so whenever he says something nice to her, he does mean it.

I can never tell if I’m just really good at picking up hints that someone’s getting sick of me or whether it’s just my paranoia making me misread signs