Fake Movie Meme + I Am Wild

"The recent event of the student uprising of 2012 has been heard around the world and covered by countless networks, newspapers, radio programs, and, surely, history books. Many people from all backgrounds have rallied behind the causes left behind by the small group of students now infamously known as ‘Les Amis de l’ABC’. Yet there is still so much forgotten about the lives of the students that led their rebellion. Until now. I Am Wild was born out of one of the student’s own eyes, hours of filmed footage recently discovered and rendered to be a stunningly human and personal account of the lives of the departed students through the narrative and life of just one. Opening in selected theaters June 7, 2014. Public release July 18, 2014.  

Okay just hear me out: instead of Demon-Parents & Host-kids…..Host-Parents and Demon-children?

Scenes from yesterday at the comic shop
  • Me:There goes another Spawn Number One. I can't believe someone didn't have one.
  • Nick:Do you think that Todd McFarlane has a light on his desk that goes off whenever a Spawn comic is sold?
  • Me:Absolutely.
  • Nick:And he just sits there, nodding and playing with Mark McGwire's balls.
  • Mary M:WAIT WHAT.
  • Everyone around us:O.O
  • Nick:....am I the only one that knows Todd McFarlane owns a number of Mark McGwire's baseballs that he's hit word records with?
  • Nick:A spawn comic is sold. The light flashes. Todd McFarlane leans back in his chair and announces... 'BRING ME MARK MCGWUiRE.'
  • Me:NGL, if I were Todd McFarlane, I'd fondle those tiny ginger steroid-balls.

rt-hunter09105 said:

How long have you been a fan of RoosterTeeth and how did you discover them?

I’ve been a fan of Rooster Teeth since the summer of 2012 and I was on my other blog (which I don’t use anymore) when the Impossible Game level pack 2 Rage Quit video appeared on my dash. I was going to ignore it, because I didn’t care lol but it was a long post with comments of people apparently “crying from laughter” and they were quoting stuff from the video, so I was intrigued. 

I watched the video and at first, I was confused, because it was quiet, and I was like “what’s going on…” and then I jumped a bit because out of nowhere this guy screams “FUCK!” lol but yeah, woooow. I laughed really hard watching that video. I honestly didn’t think RT was a company omg I thought it was just one guy, or like only five guys. I didn’t know it was this HUGE THING

so since I found that video hilarious, I kept watching more rage quits. When I stumbled upon the minecraft rage quit, I thought Gavin was annoying, but I still LOVED that rage quit so much. From that video, I saw the minecraft LPs (which they only had about three at the time), so I started watching those. I stayed up until one am watching all of them and I had never been so entertained by youtube videos before.

I subscribed so I could keep up with the Minecraft videos, but slowly, I started watching all videos that included Michael, because I only knew Michael, but my adoration for him and how I started to like Gavin instead of thinking he was simply annoying is a completely different story. 

So yeah, that’s how I became addicted to Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter. 

What about you???