and now they are were they are mostly because of her

Mommy issues everywhere

Once Upon A Time - 4x21 - ‘Mother’

Then again this show is about fairy tales, which were mostly built on mommy issues, so it’s kind of nice that we finally got a fully mother-centric episode.

Look how fucked up this dragon is.

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The more I think about the shit Vriska said this upd8 the more pissed off I fuCKING GET.

Before my feelings towards her were like, yeah she’s an interesting character and I like her for that, but she’s still not necessarily a good person.

Then before I was just thinking oh this is nice, she’s definitely gotten a lot of character development.

But now. No. I just. The more I think about it the more I hate her. I can’t even appreciate her character anymore, probably mostly because in the first two pages (heh, pages) Jake really reminded me of myself. He just became so relateable in that moment. And to see Vriska say shit like that right when tavrossprite was starting to cheer him up.

If you have I should even appreciate Vriska’s character anymore, feel free to inbox me. Till then she remains on my short list of Homestuck characters I hate with a burning passion.

Dear Joss Whedon,

1. Rape jokes are never funny.  Never.  Wtf was that I am really mad at you for that right now.

2. Being infertile doesn’t make Natasha a monster, and she would not think that either.  She does think she’s a monster, but because of terrible things she’s done, not terrible things done to her.  Like wtf?  That was misogynistic as hell (as was every OOC scene of her apparently pining after Bruce)

3. Abandoning the fight and running away with Bruce are you kidding me?!?!?!  Do you have any idea who Natasha Romanoff even is?!  Did you even watch Captain America 2?  Remember that scene where she completely selflessly fucked herself over without hesitation in order to get the truth out about Hydra?!  Where the fuck was that Natasha Romanoff?


Fan who had been really excited for the promised brilliant Natasha material

P.S. The movie was overall enjoyable

P.P.S. the Red Room scenes were too short but otherwise great i cried

P.P.P.S. Thank you for the Clint

I realised something just now.

One of the people I follow posted something about pro-choice and women having control over their own bodies. And I wanted to reblog, and add in my comments. I found myself hesitating as clicked post, and I eventually deleted the reblog before I got to post it. 

Because I didn’t want to be judged. By conservative folks who were anti-abortion. By other feminists in here who may not think I’m feminist enough.

Mostly by other feminists, really. Because conservative folks I know how to deal with. But other feminists calling me ‘not feminist enough’? That always always silences me.

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You know what really frustrates me to think about?  Imagine Taylor performing All Too Well at the Grammys this year- just a year later than she had- where instead of a “tear her down” mentality there was a “you know what? Taylor Swift actually IS amazing” one? The reviews would have been rave across the board. I mean, they mostly were as far as what actually mattered, but people still found something to pick on her for with it. This past year, I don’t think that would have been the case and that frustrates me so much to think that performance never got the credit it truly deserved- and how one year could have made a difference in this. I know Tay’s a big girl and can handle her own, but when the media BS caused people to look past her artistry that really did me in.

Okay, now that I’ve had some time to process. Obviously Age of Ultron spoilers follow. 

Things I Liked About Whedon’s Scarlet Witch 

  • For the most part, she wasn’t a Whedon damaged waif trope.  I was mostly scared of this because Robert Downey Jr. made a comment at ComicCon about Wanda being “crazy” and, well, because Joss Whedon. Note I said  for the most part – obviously there was one moment where I thought that’s where they were going to go with it. There were still a lot of moments where I thought “yeah, this a Joss Whedon Female Magic Character” too. He loves his own tropes. 
  • Her relationship with her brother was on point. They were affectionate, uber close, but didn’t take it to that creepy Ultimates level of close.  It’s not really the Maximoffs if there’s not an air of co-dependence. 
  • She was not silver age Scarlet Witch. Whedon definitely pulled his influences from Bronze Age (70′s) Maximoffs. Pietro was overprotective, but Wanda didn’t want or need her brother’s protection. She had several moments where she flat out said “I can do this and I want to take care of myself.” 
  • Wanda’s personality in general was delightful because, I think, I went in with super low expectations. Even if she was a bit more cynical than the Wanda from 616 Marvel, she still had a goodness about her that I recognized. 
  • Basically, the fact that under the coating of Whedon’s gloss there was still a kernel of Wanda – and I’m going to give Olsen the credit for that. I know she did a lot of research into the character before starting the film. She said some things that worried me during promotion, but you can tell she cared enough to put some nuance into her role. 
  • She wasn’t quippy. 

Things I Disliked About Whedon’s Scarlet Witch

  • The aesthetic choice with the character still bugs me. It’s like if Hot Topic invented a superhero
  • Completely erased her Romani heritage. Like flat out. Her and her brother are Eastern European but nothing mentioned about being Romani. 
  • Also no effort except for a one off line from Steve Rogers about them working for the nazi group of the Marvel universe.   
  • She didn’t talk to a single other female in this film. She talked to her brother and Hawkeye and Ultron. That’s it. (Side Note – Did this film pass the Bechdel test? I can only think of that scene with Natasha and Clint’s wife where it might have, and even then they were talking about a boy baby?) 
  • Hawkeye’s pep talk to Wanda rubbed me wrong – like I didn’t need to the dude character encouraging one of the only female characters to be an Avenger (especially after the other female Avenger spent time being Damsel In Distress). Wanda, even silver age Wanda, once she’s picked a path is very sure of it – even to the point of folly. That’s like a shared sibling trait with the Maximoffs. 
  • Her powers. I know there’s a running joke at Marvel that Scarlet Witch’s powers can be pretty much what you want because so many writers have written them differently. It’s not true, she does have limits and a specific, if weird, skill set. The movie Wanda literally did whatever they thought would look fancy at the moment. 

Side Note – in regards to Quicksilver. I’m not worried about it. That kid playing him signed a Marvel contract. Honestly, it fits in pretty damn well with what happened with the twins before Quicksilver got involved with the Inhumans. And it’s very hard to have something be “final” like that when you have Scarlet Witch on the playing field. 


Look at the stars, look how they shine for you and everything you do
Yeah, they were all yellow

Anything I do on Oli is getting her new stuffs (and helping other people with gear/running stuffs). 
She’s fully geared now, powerd up so it’s mostly just spending every silver on her.
I regret nothing, because this cat costume came to me in third box so I’m happy.

samsara | athena

There was only so much time a person could spend in a new area at the time, no matter how outwardly pretty or mossy or filled with fancy crystals. Mostly because there were still curfew restrictions on their movements, never ceasing to remind them that they were prisoners here, even in the otherwise peaceful and placid periods where they had no investigations or motives to wrestle with.

A few nights after the trial, then, found Lilith trekking back to her own tent in the garden, wringing water out of her hair and leaving damp footprints in the grass as she went, at peace with everything as usual, but especially now. People were dead and the cycle was not likely to ever stop, but what could one do in such a situation but accept it? Especially with so many people around who were all so enlightening in their own ways. It was enough to make any calm and knowledgeable person content with their ability to face whatever the future had to throw at them.

Maybe it was just her mood, but she didn’t go directly to her tent in the center of the field after all, taking a meandering route towards the distant stark lines of the hedge maze instead, not realizing she was wandering close to certain others’ tents, or certain others in general. At some point she even stopped to regard the maze from a respectable distance, looking pretty strange to anyone in the immediate vicinity. Who really needed overgrown Eschatologists lurking around their sleeping quarters at nightfall?

At least a saving grace of her presence was the same as usual–she seemed just as receptive to a conversation or an order to leave as she always was, though for the moment she was totally lost in thought.

Short as any dream || Oberon x Robin

It had taken him four months to finally locate Robin.

It was actually annoying. On the one hand he felt all-powerful with his newly recovered mantle, on the other hand the single two things he wanted the most in the world at that moment were merely impossible to achieve, either because the one was simply in the hands of the Mothers and the second meant he’d have to owe a debt for forever and a day to Mab in order to get her to help him.

So he looked on his own.

His goblins had taken quite some time to trust him again, mostly because he was supposed to be dead rather than for anything else, and Oberon had just managed to get them to help look for Robin just a month ago.

And now he had found him.

He circled in falcon form in the air above him and when he made sure there was no one else around, he landed in front of him.

“Why did you run away again, little bird?”


just-absolutely-super asked:

Can't think of a certain topic but just your opinions on the 2 chapters in general?

In general I was just really really happy with them. The past few chapters have just had… questionable stuff going on? There were some things I just didn’t like all that much, and I’m still don’t really like they “Gray being set up as evil-just kidding!” thing, but these two chapters were just so fun. 

Mostly I loved Lucy haha, the development of her powers has just blown me away. Physical strength has never been her forte, that just wasn’t what made her powerful, so whenever I thought of her getting stronger I figured it would be developing the skills she does have, but her gaining physical strength from Taurus is just amazing because it means she has no more weak points??!? She’s completely overcome the weaker aspects of her power, and that’s just one of her spirits, I mean there’s so much I’m sure she can do now, she’s all of a sudden a lot more versatile and ahhhhh I love her

On the Gray/Juvia front, I’m really happy that they addressed the fact that they need to talk? Stuff like that tends to just get swept under the rug in manga, so I’m really happy talking is actually going to happen. It seems like Mashima is hinting at Natsu and Lucy talking about things later as well, so I’m really happy he’s doing that more, it was something I’ve always felt the manga lacked. Makes perfect sense that Gray and Juvia can’t talk now, so again I’m glad we know they’re going to talk later

Other than that everyone is more powerful and great and I love them kicking butt and taking names. Also I may be the only one who cares, but I’m pretty sure Erza has a new slight flip in her bangs and I really like it. So there’s that.

I don’t really have much to say about the villains, they’re pretty boring to me, and I think Mashima mentioned having issues coming up with new characters. I hope they stick around for a while, at least that way we may be able to know them more? Maybe they’ll be more interesting. And I don’t tend to like fodder characters used that way? Like why spend time naming them all etc if you don’t even use them, but I digress.

Fun chapters.

anonymous asked:

I haven't seem Yasu on your blog for while..did she get the memo that Benji ain't interested in her no more? Does she still like or has she moved on?

Josie and I were just talking about her on the live steam yesterday.

She’s not in any of my games currently but it’s mostly because I cleaned out my bin of second party sims and also, yes Benji is with Ani right now so there’s that.

Yasumi is a strong girl though. She wouldn’t hang around someone if she knew she wasn’t wanted.. she’s aware of his relationship with Ani and realizes that it’s serious enough for her to throw deuces at him. 

I think a lot of people misunderstood Bensumi’s relationship and often thought that she was the burden.. but no. When Yasu was around it’s because Benji wanted her to be.. trust lol. Though their affection was pretty unconventional in how they showed it, they really did care a lot about each other and possibly still do.

Sometimes I even forget.. but part of why he’s always so hostile with her is because he did stick his neck out there when asking for a committed relationship.. she kinda just blew him off so now he’s like “LOL the tables have turned so good luck with all that salt in your mouth.” 

When Benji wants something he goes after it.. he’s not really one to beat around the bush or prolong something for shits and giggles (*cough* Wes *cough*). He asked Ani out so they’re currently dating lol. If it were left up to him from the start he’d be with Yasumi.. but thats not to say that he regrets his decision because he loves Aniyah and put in the extra credit to cut off all contact from Yasu.

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"Give me a show with grizzly murders, aliens or sarcastic twatish people and I’m happy." Welshie... it's another animated show, but have you ever heard of "Rick and Morty"? You should give it a try! (Also, just FYI, animation isn't a genre. I know it seems that way because it's mostly used to make adventure-y kids stuff, but animation as a whole has all the same genres as live-action!) Anyway, pretty much everyone who liked Futurama also loves Rick & Morty, so chances are good for you :)

Oooh I’ll give it a try. I am well aware animation isn’t a genre in and of itself, but a collection of a subset of genres that, cumulatively, haven’t interested me much. Generally even the super popular (off of Tumblr) ones. My ex and sibling were both obsessed with Family Guy and I just… didn’t get it. I’m not sure why. 

Though, in all honesty, I watch about 10 shows in a cyclical fashion, four sci-fi, two political, two medical, two comedies. I… not counting my newfound obsession with NCIS: NOLA. Anyway. Back to the original point. Rick and Morty. is it on Netflix or YouTube, does anyone know?
–The Welsh One

thinking about my typing style and stuff and how it evolved as I remember it

it was always really similar to what it is now?? i just would go back and correct things and I tried to use bigger words because I wanted to seem like I was almost smarter than my mom I think? we were both really smart just in two different areas and her writing was really sloppy and hard to read and I tried my best to not be like that.

When I was sober after I started reading I put forth a lot more effort than before to distinguish when I was sober from when I was drunk. Eventually tho i literally just gave up and stopped correcting myself for the most part. mostly because I grew up and stopped trying to put up the façade as intensely. i had other things to worry about


Liz and Jordan weren’t together. Not officially anyway, as things were always up in the air with them. Mostly because she was hesitant to officially give him a chance because of his history. However, she knew he wanted that and for all intents and purposes - it did seem like they were dating. Not only was she living with him and crashing in his bed everynight, but they were acting like a couple all around.

Which was why Liz felt guilty about the kiss even if she wasn’t asking for it to happen. Nor did she want it, but Nick wanting her back certainly threw her for a loop. Making her way to his house, she let herself in as she had been doing now for a few weeks. Finding him not in the kitchen, she made her way to his room to find him sitting on the edge of his bed. Dropping her bag to the side, she looked at him. “Hey.”

Convergence Week 3: Rena’s Readings

[Week One] [Week Two]

Now entering the Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths era of comics, Rena is about to get more and more picky with her choosings each week. Part of this is because of my personal familiarity with time periods dwindling, and part of it is apprehension about the ability of writers to capture the essence of those eras that I’m more and more concerned they might be as familiar with themselves. So only two titles this week.

That being said… I’m really surprised by how much I enjoyed these two?

One of these titles genuinely surprised me with how much I enjoyed it, the other was about what I expected but mostly in the best ways possible. And that’s always a good note for me to end a week on, of course.

Again, all that being said, there were still some problems. I’m glad that each week is proving to be managed a little better as far as consistency between the overarching Convergence event, unlike the last two weeks you could definitely sense the creative teams had a better grasp on what the domed city life was like for everyone (as in, no curious panels where obviously the artists last minute had to cover up that someone was using their powers when they weren’t supposed to). But uh, for such a low purchase week, I’m pleased.

I guess my biggest criticism overall would just be the simple fact that I’m not as interested in more titles from this week. Because these two definitely would’ve made me interested in picking some up.


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presidentjoy asked:

Killua amnesia au? Let's talk. Gon wants to know more, because no one (palm mostly) seems to want to tell gon what went down with killua when he was off the deep end with revenge. And so alluka tells gon everything. It's bad enough that killua forgot, but that fact that killua CHOSE to forget him. It made it all that much worse

Alluka has to bite her lip.

“Don’t tell him a word,” Killua had said. “I think he’s already hurting enough. The truth… that’s only going to hurt more.” He hung his head. “Like it did for me.”

‘Why did you want to forget him, then, if you were afraid of him getting hurt?’ Alluka wondered. She never talked to Gon more than that short trip to the World Tree they took together, but she could see it now– why Killua loved him so much.

Those honest eyes bore into her like none she’d ever seen. Those honest eyes… not even a liar like her brother could lie to those. So that’s why he had to make it authentic, didn’t he? So that’s why he had to forget, so that Gon could go far away and never come back?

Memories just don’t go away. They’re forgotten, but they always exist, deep in the recesses of the mind. Someone as important as Gon… that cannot be erased. Somewhere deep inside Alluka hoped that Killua would look at Gon and remember, but of course, Nanika’s wish-granting was flawless. Because, when the wish was made– she remembered it clearly–

“Nanika, take my memories of Gon away!”

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=> Drop by for yet another visit

You’re definitely a little worse-for-wear now than you were the last time you dropped in on her, and that’s saying something.  Before, you just had the lung thing, the cut on your forehead, and the chunk out of your side to worry about.  Now, the cut on your forehead has mostly healed, but there’s a smear of lipstick in its place; you’ve also got your left arm carefully bandaged and suspended by a sling–for all the good that will do you.  

But you take comfort in knowing that, while you’re more battered, she’s shorter than the last time the two of you spent time together, and that’s a victory in and of itself.

“I hope you have supplies that aren’t produce because I didn’t bring anything.” You call to what appears to be an empty room, hoping she’ll hear you and come out from wherever she’s hiding.

You don’t blame the river when the dam breaks

I sort of want to write a scene between Madam Gao and Vanessa after the events of Daredevil. I can’t figure out how to make it happen (maybe Vanessa wants to rebuild the Fisk criminal empire and will overlook the poisoning in exchange for support). But mostly because I want Vanessa to make it clear to Gao that Wilson didn’t change because of her. 

Everyone in the organization acts like Vanessa came along and now Fisk had feelings. No. The feelings were always there. This is a guy who clearly feels deeply and has just repressed it since he had to carry his father’s body to the river in chunks. I’m sure that Gao and the criminal underworld Fisk made his way through rewarded him for cutting himself off from emotion. They encouraged it in him, but they couldn’t change his nature. 

I just have this line in my head, “you don’t blame the river when the dam breaks”. Gao and the others helped build the dam that kept Wilson from feeling for so long and then acted shocked that it failed casting blame on Vanessa when it probably would have happened even if she had turned down his date and never saw him again. 

(Also, I sort of hate that Vanessa spent so much time in what amounted to a coma and then sort of sends Wilson out to get revenge for it. Admittedly when she is in the hospital she doesn’t yet know that she was the target and not just collaterol damage. But I’d still like her to get back some measure of agency by facing off with her would be assassin on her own terms.)