I am going to start writing a new book soon. I have that feeling, that electricity that happens just before you start. I’ve been making lists and missing characters I don’t even know. Soon my head will be so noisy with them and they will be sorry they ever met me. Today, I put the advance readers’ edition of ALL THE RAGE alongside all my books that came before it and I thought about how much respect I have for what I do. And writers. I love writers. I have story and I’m going to write it for you to read. What a beautiful kind of nerve.

That portion of Serenity when Simon is saying goodbye to River, the shots on Simon. Sean did that in two takes. Whedon says the only problem was the sound on Sean because Summer wept through it. I remember reading somewhere (I think I know where) Summer saying they weren’t supposed to film it that day but they finished filming something earlier than expected so they went ahead and she didn’t have time to emotionally prepare for it, nobody did, and Whedon says it the last time everyone in that sequence was going to film and it was especially hard for Summer because she and Sean developed a close relationship over the course of the series, so Sean made everyone on set cry.

disgaea fathers are so important

anonymous said:

What do you think is it about Tumblr that attracts such ridiculously oversensitive people?

self-fulfilling prophecy

i don’t think it “attracts” oversensitive people, it breeds oversensitive people.

trigger warnings and angry anons and snarky reblogs creates this culture where people expect everyone to protect their innocent little eyes and if they find something they deem offensive they feel like they have the right to trash that person in front of everyone else until they delete their blog

its the exact opposite over on /b/. since /b/ and 4chan is ‘anything goes’, people will make fun of you if you are oversensitive, so that ends up breeding trolls and instigators trying to out-shock everyone, just because that’s the culture.

also teenagers

jewish!bucky is like when you first hear it you’re like ‘huh never thought about it but it sounds pretty cool’ and then it builds off of that until it’s your headcanon and you ignore anything and everything that goes against it

I've been out of treatment for exactly one year now.

And have just spiraled out of control since.

Tomorrow I’m going back in for a Psych Eval, and admittedly I’m afraid.

The important thing you guys need to know is that if it goes well, I can hopefully be back on medication soon (which will come with its own complications). If it doesn’t go well, I may be hospitalized - in which case, I may not be online for a while (at most, probably a few weeks).

I want to thank everyone who has kept me sane through this past year.
Doesn’t mean I’ll be completely better or I won’t need you while medicated, but I want you to know how much I appreciate all you’ve done for me. Wanted to put this out there in case anything goes wrong tomorrow.
I love you guys so much, and I don’t know where I’d be right now without you.
Thank you. <3

I like playing dress up with my characters.

A much smaller arrangement of outfits for the story I am currently working on in comparison to the last one which had like six outfits in total. 
I also didn’t think black would suit Alys but I was proven wrong. Black goes with anything.

Art and Alys belong to me
Eliatrope belong to Ankama
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i emailed colleges of the fenway about their LGBTQi poster like “yo just fyi in the future could you include the A in the acronym” and somehow it ended up in the hands of my volunteer supervisor and she was like

"THANK you for your email, if it were massart’s thing we would’ve been on that but it was the COF so *grimaces* you know if it weren’t for you students keeping us in check i don’t know what we’d do, anyways i’ll be right on that and you know anything that goes through me will include everyone."

she got our backs YO

Still high on the feeling of a successful fundraiser! Thanks again to everyone who came out this weekend for our little carnival and auction! You all rock!

AUCTION PARTICIPANTS: I hope everyone who put themselves up for auction has worked out the details of what day they’ll be honoring their duties with those who had the winning bid on them! Keep in mind that so long as you’re not violating the agreement you both signed, anything goes! I still need some people to come see me and tell me what day you’re planning on putting the agreement into action (just to make sure everything is official and nobody is abusing this privilege, etc.) so make sure to do that if you haven’t already! And remember to have both (or all) parties sign the record that I will have with me when their day/their duties is up! Have fun and thanks for supporting a great cause!!! ~ :)