Whenever this quote shows up on my dash the first thing I think about is this:

Haruka is cat-paddling around the pool, in awe of it. “This sight… I’ve never seen it before.” He suddenly calls out. “RIN! Become a cat, and I’ll show you a sight you’ve really never seen!” (x)

And to think that’s a skit where Rin doesn’t even show up! 



"What’s that?"

My own reconnaissance.


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I have approximately zero idea who this band is, but I have been *thoroughly* enjoying your posts about your Hawaii concert adventure.

AWW! Thank you, anon! I know it’s not my usual thing, and I didn’t post much for the actual fans and probably too much for most of my other followers, but I’m happy you enjoyed it. It was such a fantastic time! We were directly under the moving stage for Saturday’s concert, and were rained on for an hour (really, traditional for summer concerts, so there you go), and it was so worth it. I have such a cold, and it was so worth it

I’m having fun right now watching the Japanese morning show recaps so I can get screencaps of the costumes, so I’ll probably post a few of those, and then give my dash some relief :D

A quick Arashi primer: They’re an extremely popular idol band from Japan. Think a boyband + all around entertainer: they are tv drama, variety show, movie and stage actors, have radio shows, and other projects. One is also a studio artist, another a news and sportscaster, another does a weekly children’s show focusing on animals, along with other entertainers, and so on. They also have several weekly shows as a group. They’re especially known for their closeness and friendship as a group which is not necessarily the norm in the business.

This concert was their 15th anniversary. They’ve been one of the most popular/selling musical artists/group in Japan (if not the most/depends on the year) for around 6-7 years running. 


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i don't know if you're still doing this but top 5 kpop songs please!

sorry this is super late but I’ll keep doing these as long as I keep getting them!! okay THIS IS SUPER HARD but I’m gonna break it down into (new)classics, big time jams that are great intros into kpop

(mirotic the classic jam of jams but I felt like it didn’t fit with that list)

and then just songs that have obscenely high play counts in my itunes

Since the miscarriage I can’t help but take every pregnancy announcement as an attack and I can’t fix it.

I think one of the reasons the Harry Potter Epilogue was so poorly received was because the audience was primarily made up of the Millennial generation.

We’ve walked with Harry, Ron and Hermione, through a world that we thought was great but slowly revealed itself to be the opposite. We unpeeled the layers of corruption within the government, we saw cruelty against minorities grow in the past decades, and had media attack us and had teachers tell us that we ‘must not tell lies’. We got angry and frustrated and, like Harry, Ron and Hermione, had to think of a way to fight back. And them winning? That would have been enough to give us hope and leave us satisfied.

But instead. There was skip scene. And suddenly they were all over 30 and happy with their 2.5 children.

And the Millennials were left flailing in the dust.

Because while we recognised and empathised with everything up to that point. But seeing the Golden Trio financially stable and content and married? That was not something our generation could recognise. Because we have no idea if we’re ever going to be able to reach that stage. Not with the world we’re living in right now.

Having Harry, Ron and Hermione stare off into the distance after the battle and wonder about what the future might be would have stuck with us. Hell, have them move into a shitty flat together and try and sort out their lives would have. Have them with screaming nightmares and failed relationships and trying to get jobs in a society that’s falling apart would have. Have them still trying to fix things in that society would have. Because we known Voldemort was just a symptom of the disease of prejudice the Wizarding World.

But don’t push us off with an ‘all was well’. In a world about magic, JK Rowling finally broke our suspension of disbelief by having them all hit middle-class and middle-age contentment and expecting a fanbase of teenagers to accept it.

Also. Since when was ‘don’t worry kids, you’re going to turn out just like your parents’ ever a happy ending? Does our generation even recognise marriage and money and jobs as the fulfillment of life anymore? Does our generation even recognise the Epilogue’s Golden Trio anymore?


[x]: Because people were too lazy to watch the video, but instead, took [x] at face value.


Ouran High School Host Club

“Do you think you could tell me what true strength is?  I may be out of line, but hiding your true self and putting on airs doesn’t seem any different than running away to me. I would think that embracing the things you truly like and being able to enjoy them is worth more than anything. To just be yourself… I believe that’s what true strength really is.”