"This is really really really bad”


"Jean! You’re running late for Professor Levi’s class!


"If you’d just been a bit patient -there are a lot more convenient times to shove me in a broom closet!”

"He he… yeah…."

"… Jean…. Where’s your bag?


Companion to this

Some things never change…

But what if I never get over you?

What if I continue to wake up every day of my fucking life & want you so badly that my bones shake so much that they feel like they’re going to break?

What if I keep waiting for a call or a text or a sign from God that never comes?

What if you were the one but I wasn’t?

—  What if you never love me back?

A letter to my future child-

When the day comes that someone tells you they’ll love you forever,
Do not let it consume you,
because there will be a day that will come,
when they will tell you that they don’t anymore,
and there will be nothing left of you.

—  Rebekah Joyner

DAN: I just think my work on Kill Your Darlings is the best work I’ve done on film to date that’s come out. It allowed me to get some confidence back; to be expressive again.
MELVYN BRAGG: There’s a scene where your character begs Lucien Carr not to leave him