and moving his hands around


Unboxing of Pit: the saga


REVOLUTION | S2 | Charlie & Bass

Matheson and Monroe.


We Got Married Global Ep 14 (making of): "What are we going to do?”

A big bed is such a waste with ian/mickey because they sleep slammed up next to each other or on top of each other. Then the other half of the bed is completely useless. 

also: twice now I’ve set down this book and gone to do something else, something vivid and real and concrete enough that I’ve thought about it in terms of doing something, and then I’ve come back to the book, turned two pages, and discovered a sentence or two about the thing I had just been doing

Are you as beautiful as I remember?

Hola! This is my new Ashton series! Hope you enjoy!! xx

Requested? Nope

Smut? Nah man

Warning? Hella lot of tears 

Author? Primrose

Recommendation: Listen to “May It Be - Choir edition” for effect.

Ashton Irwin

Age 5

"Ashton! Stop running!" I giggled, running after my curly haired best friend.

"You can’t catch me! You can’t catch me!" He giggled too, but I was only a little bit behind him.

Jumping onto his back, he collapsed onto the floor, both of us creating a giggling heap.

"How did you get me? I was running so fast?!" He exclaimed, moving his hands around a bit.

"Ashton, you need to remember that I may be five but I am very fast!" I replied, giggling once again.

Ashton huffed, but a small smile spread across his lips. 


Age 10

"Ashton, over at my house in five minutes. The floor is lava and you will die if you touch it. Over" I said into my home made walkie talkie, standing on top of the kitchen table.

"I’ll be over now, over." Ashton quietly replied. I could head the pitter patter of footsteps down the hallway, and there was no doubt that it was Ashton.

"Ashton!" I squealed, scared that he was going to die. But when he walked in the doorway, he was shuffling along on a tea towel.

I let out a breath of relief, before grabbing his arm and pulling him onto the table.

"You could have died Ashton!" I scolded, but I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

"But I didn’t."


Age 12

"Y/N? Where are the cups?" I heard Ashton call from the kitchen. I sighed and walked out of the living room and into the connected kitchen.

Ashton was seated on the counter top, all of the top cupboards wide open, yet the cups where no where in sight.

"Ashton, they are in the bottom cupboards!" I giggled, waltzing over to a small cabinet under the oven. I pulled it open and there stood all the glasses and plastic cups.

"Oops?" He sheepishly said, closing all of the cupboards and slowly slipping off the counter.

"Oops my ass," I muttered before smiling and heading back to the kitchen.


Age 15

"Ashton that’s not fair!" i yelled, the tears flooding out of my eyes, backing away from his opened arms.

"Y/N, please let me explain. I-"

"No! You can’t just say that your moving! We have been living beside each other since we were born! You can’t leave me! Not now!" I cried, the tears rolling quickly.

Ashton stepped towards me, trying to console me, but I pushed him away.

"Go. Just leave. I don’t care." I harshly said, turning away from his tear filled eyes.

"Y/N let me-"

"I said go Ashton!"

Then a familiar slam of a door sounded through out the empty house, one that used to be filled with laughter and happiness. But was now filled with despair and isolation.


Age 19/20

"Ashton?" I asked, pulling open my door, noticing the short haired brunette in front of me as my old best friend.

"Y/N?" He asked quietly, but his eyes never met my face.

They kept trained on the ground, but I wanted to look into his chocolate brown eyes that used to be mine.


He finally looked up, but his eyes were no where near the warm brown I used to know. A black void of futility stared back at me, their cold and unfocused stare blindly peering past me.

"Ashton, what happened?" I whispered, gently taking his arm and leading him inside.

He stumbled quiet a few times, tripping over things that had been placed there over the years muttering a quick ‘that didn’t used to be there’ under his breath.

Seating himself on the couch, he let out a sad sigh.

"I was in a car accident a few years back, not long after I left actually. Dad was driving the car, bringing me and my brother to his football match, and an oncoming car came head first into us.

Dad died on impact and I lost my sight. Harry was unharmed, only coming out with a few bruises and scrapes. I have been blind ever since, and I recently moved back her with mom as she was uncomfortable with staying where my dad was buried. I thought I would call around and see you.”

It took me a few minutes to take all the information in, Mr Irwin dead, Ashton blind, and him having the guts to come here after leaving me on such a bad note.

I quickly wrapped my arms around him, pulling him into a gentle embrace. The tears soaked through his curly locks, but he held on just as tight.

"Y/N?" He asked, his voice cracking the slightest as he spoke into my shoulder.

"Yes, Ashton?" I sniffled, running my hands through his hair.

"Are you still as beautiful as I remember?"


     Enjolras has just enough time to look up from the papers haphazardly 
     strewn across the kitchen table ( it’s supposed to be research for his 
     essay but so far everything he sees is just a blur of black ink on white 
     pages ) when Courfeyrac leans in and kisses him.

     The first second is like a ‘pause’ button, where Enjolras freezes in su-
     rprise, suddenly hyper-aware of everything around him ( should my 
     mouth be closed for this; where do i put my hands; should i stand up so 
     he doesn’t have to lean over my seat? )

     The next second is the ‘play’ button and Enjolras kisses back, moving to 
     curl his hand gently around the back of Courfeyrac’s neck even as the 
     other man pulls away; Enjolras chases after his lips then but when he can’t 
     stretch out any further without standing up, he finally gives up and opens 
     his eyes, smiling.

     ❝ Well. That was. Hi. ❞

Courfeyrac can’t help but grin when Enjolras’ fingers curled around the back of his neck, the way he chased his lips eagerly and just smiles at him almost dazed and it’s perfect. Absolutely perfect in the way it makes his heart give a little flip and his hands settle on his forearms-

"It was very ‘hi’, yes." He murmurs teasingly, the smile on his lips fond as he pecks the very tip of his nose quickly before he pulled away entirely, casually wiggling his way between Enjolras’ work and himself, trying to look stern (and utterly failing, if he was being perfectly honest). 

"And you’ve officially been working too long."

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Mink and Aoba having an intent sex. Aoba put his palm on Mink's cheek, and move it to circle his hand around Mink's neck, but suddenly Mink's hair got caugh in Aoba's bracelet!

Omfg. Having to stop everything just to get Mink’s luscious locks out of his bracelet. Imagine how much it would kill the mood and it’s so awkward to start back up because the tension between them had long faded and it was awkward finishes.

Aoba and Mink are sure to never wear their bracelets and such during sex again.

I wrote everything in the tabs by accident. Fukin Mobil..I have issues.. This needs.. To be addressed to someone. The violent way I woke up was not normal..and who the fuck was this grandpa? I hate my real one. And the only person that I could recognise was a co worker….. That was.. Scary.. Rooted..

give me two weeks, you won’t recognize her (song inspiration x)

type: one shot (feat. Jennifer Lopez)

Request: can you do one with kit and an older woman?

Summary: Kit’s divorce is almost finalized and a beautiful older woman, Carmen, just might be what he needs to get through it.

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After a bit of work, Skywarp has what he came for. Too ashamed to go back to his ship or anywhere near his friends, he crawls back into the Barn that Tessa had allowed him to stay in.

His talons shake a bit as he looks at the circuit boosters in his hand, moving them around a little before sighing.

No time better than now, he guesses.

The Seeker then proceeds to not only intake one booster, but three at once.

The thrashing that came next nearly tore down the entire structure, his wings ripping a huge gash in the wall and knocking countless pieces of fragile equipment over as well as breaking other things that were probably not supposed to be broken. He screeches loudly, rubbing at his face while his claws shook like a livewire.

The smallest trickle of blue fluid leaks from his optic, given he has no nasal area to have it leak from. He gasps and pants for a little, trying to calm down —- and eventually, he is able to get his racing spark under control.

He writhes and growls, wings twitching, shaking all over as the initial first pain begins to melt into a comfortable high, given he suddenly wants to fly ten times around the Earth at Mach speed.

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Hey! :) 44!

44: met someone famous?

yeah, Chris March from Project Runway, Coach Mark Gottfried (Head Coach of the NC State Basketball team), and Ashton Irwin (for like a minute lol)

Ship: Ashton Irwin


okay, so you are a college student and you are taking a philosophy class. one day, your professor is out sick, so your TA (Ashton Irwin) is going to teach the class. 

"So yeah, existentialism," he said, "uh, well, it’s a lot of things and but at the same time its not those things."

"It’s always changing," he said, moving his hands around weirdly, "it i never just one thing." A lot of people were smiling, a few laughing but you decided to take pity on him and raised your hand.

"Uh yes Ms.-"

"Y/N Y/L/N," you said.

"Okay Y/N," he said, "what’s your question?"

"I don’t have one," you said, grinning as the rest of the class snickered, "it’s just, we aren’t on existentialism, we’re on Aristotle and Logic." His face flushed with embarrassment, but to you, that just made him cuter. 

Blog Rate: 9/10

Compliment: can i pls have ur hair?

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"Close to You"

Gilbert could feel Kyle pressed against him, here in this— God, what /had/ this been before society collapsed with advancement of the Rotters? There was barely enough room to move his hands around them, and he could slip out if needed and have the larger boy follow after, but the question ‘was it safe to leave’ was pressing them close together here in this tiny electrical closet.

He could feel the brunet breathing heavily, on the verge of hyperventilation.

"Kyle, the door is barricaded… You’re safe, shhh. Focus on me."

Carefully, he closed the minute space between them to press their lips together for a moment. “We’ll be alright.”

Running Log 1/28

This was one of the worst days I’ve had in a very long time. And probably ever.

34°F, 9mph winds
5 miles at 6:27 pace

I’ve felt sick all day and fought to hold myself together until I finally started tearing up in 5th period today. After school we had practice and some rude boy thought it would be funny to go for a hi-five and then move his hand. I turned around, looked him in the eye and said, “when you qualify for Tech, then you can do that to me.” I burned that punk at the stake. R.I.P. jackass. When it came time to run I didn’t care about my pace today. I just knew I wanted to hurt. I wanted to feel more pain than I was feeling inside. I bit a hole in my lip at some point today and so the cold air didn’t really feel that great on it but at least it had stopped bleeding by then. I don’t care though. It was a good distraction. If there is any plus out of this, I didn’t feel like I was really pushing today. I just ran. I didn’t care how I ended up. Thought about running in front of a car a few times but didn’t. Now I just want to lay in bed and cuddle with my brother’s dog. Oh, and on top of all that: I had the lovely experience of coming home and having my mother yell at me for being sad and upset. Yes mom, thank you so much for seeing the real, proper way to cheer me up.

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"Hm?" (oops)


     Enjolras has just enough time to look up from the papers haphazardly
     strewn across the kitchen table ( it’s supposed to be research for his
     essay but so far everything he sees is just a blur of black ink on white
     pages ) when Courfeyrac leans in and kisses him.

     The first second is like a ‘pause’ button, where Enjolras freezes in su-
     rprise, suddenly hyper-aware of everything around him ( should my
     mouth be closed for this; where do i put my hands; should i stand up so
     he doesn’t have to lean over my seat? )

     The next second is the ‘play’ button and Enjolras kisses back, moving to
     curl his hand gently around the back of Courfeyrac’s neck even as the
     other man pulls away; Enjolras chases after his lips then but when he can’t
     stretch out any further without standing up, he finally gives up and opens
     his eyes, smiling.

     ❝ Well. That was. Hi. ❞