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michael & nikita | if you die, I die (x)

buh I am going to register to university tomorrow and I am so anxious like I don’t know anyone there?i don’t know in which building I should go because there are so many and there will be other students too?? and just omg pray for me not to embarrass myself as usual okay?


But I want to learn ALL of the languages on DuoLingo!

I’m already refreshing my French and started German yesterday, but… Spanish! Italian! Portugese! DUTCH! IRISH! Danish! HUNGARIAN! Swedish! TURKISH!!! RUSSIAN!!! Polish! Romanian!

How am I supposed to choose?!

you know youve read too much yaoi when two guys are trying to act gay with each other as a joke and you were like ‘more more more’


inspired by this post.


I’m gonna become a Hokage, just like you, dad! I promise you, I will! Make sure to tell mom when you get there… tell her that she doesn’t need to worry about me… I’m doing my best!

okay but imagine:

a younger natasha romanoff, newly recruited to shield and seeking something like validation, goes to visit peggy carter