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Game of Thrones + references to Petyr’s childhood.


The Story of Niko - Sword of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage

I think this might be Miura’s crowning achievement so far when it comes to absolutely devastating apostle back-stories. Just looking at these images makes me want to cry.

I mean ...

So why do you think YOUR SHIP is a thing?


Colin, JMo, writers:  Hook and Emma are kindred spirits, very alike, see things in each other that they understand and like, they are attracted to one another, he’s been good for her, he’s been there for her in ways that no one else ever has, he gave up his ship for her, he’s in love with her, she has feelings for him that scare her so she pushes him away because of that, not because she doesn’t like but because she does, they were always meant to be in love, this has been the plan from the beginning, amazing chemistry, similar backstories, etc.


Lana: Well, they’re both hot?

Everyone, cast, crew, entire creative team: They are not now, and never have been, and never will be, canon.


okay, I’ve reconsidered this question, and I have some more thoughts about attractiveness as a person who is Not Attractive and never has been, and will not be, barring an act of god or the sudden discovery of a passion for exercise.

(the former being more likely than he latter)

Because a lot of people (advice columns, mothers, etc.) respond to the question of attractiveness with suggestions about changing your mode of presentation—dress in a way that gives you confidence! they say, That’s what’s really attractive! If you think you look good, you’ll feel better about yourself!

Very few of those people mention how much effort, time, thought, and money has to go into “looking good.” Fewer ask whether you care about wanting to look good, or talk about the fact that such advice just seems to swap out one societal standard for another.

And they especially don’t talk about how “looking good” is not an attainable thing for everyone. Because the truth of the matter is some people are just not attractive by the definition society gives. Yeah, we can talk about how unfair that standard is, how it seems like the be-all-end-all for women, how narrow and white that hole is—look, it’s a fucking stupid standard, but it’s there, and the weight of it is real. And the reality is that short of an invisibility cloak, nothing is going to hide the fact that I am a size 16. I can pack on the concealer and do my eyeliner divinely, but the truth is I have some spectacular acne scarring on my cheeks; long sleeves will hide my stretch marks but I can’t will them out of existence. I can’t “look good” I can only look passable, look like I’m trying. That’s the closest I get.

(in fact, when I dress up nicely, I tend to feel like the whole world becomes insincere—people tell me I look nice in the way that they tell a little girl wearing her mother’s lipstick she looks nice. bless her heart look at the fat girl trying to be a person isn’t she adorable)

So what you do instead, is you choose another standard. You say, I will never be beautiful, but I can be smart and kind and fierce and true, I can do good work, make and mend, I can be a friend and a sister, I can live my life the best way I know how and that is enough that is more than enough. That is a higher, harder, truer, finer calling than being beautiful. 

It doesn’t quite drown out all the voices telling you that your worth is determined on a ten-point scale, but it helps.


Guys, might we discuss something else a moment?

The Cherokee Rose.  The symbol of CARYL.

Daryl himself gave this flower its association and meaning to/with Carol.

It represented “strength and hope” as he describes to her in season 2 - something which he desperately wanted her to feel/believe in because of him.

Well, since then, it seems he thinks of Carol specifically when he sees a Cherokee Rose. (Case in point; gif#4)

So, in his mind, he has melded the two together.

Do you see where I’m going with this? 

Because Imma pass out from the feels in a second.

Imagine if Mako consults Zuko about his awkward relationship with Korra
  • Mako:Our relationship is just so... complicated
  • Zuko:Oh really? What did you do?
  • Mako:Well... we were dating and we broke up
  • Zuko:That's IT?
  • Mako:.... Yes?
  • Zuko:Well gee I thought that you had done something serious. Like chase her around for a few years trying to capture her.
  • Mako:!!!! WHAT???? NO. Where did THAT come from??????
  • Zuko:Well that's what I- I MEAN. NOWHERE. IT CAME FROM NOWHERE.
Maybe unpopular opinion, idk

Lately the comments sections of both Grace and Chester’s videos have been basically 90% ‘GRESTER IS CANON OMG’. I totally understand everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm, duh I’m excited too. But it’s starting to get a bit out of hand. All the comments are pretty much the exact same thing, just one after the other, with hardly any mention of the actual content they are making for us.

Grace is probably wanting feedback on her new podcast venture, but all she’s getting is endless streams of people pointing out Chester’s piano or whatever in the background. Chester spends god knows how long recording songs for us and he gets endless streams of people pointing out Grace’s filming location in the background. Guys, we have eyes - we can see they are filming in the same house. I don’t think we need ANOTHER comment to point it out.

I’m not trying to be a bitch about it but I think it’s kinda disrespectful to these wonderful people who are making content for us. They don’t ‘owe’ us any explanations - their private life is theirs alone, and although it’s fairly obvious, I don’t feel like they need to be bombarded with questions and speculations about their relationship.

I UNDERSTAND that everyone is excited because I am beyond happy for them too - I just think we should tone it down in the comments section of the content that they’ve worked so hard on. I don’t know. I don’t want hate for this… all I’m saying is I don’t want Grace and Chester to think we only care about their relationship or whatever, and not their actual videos.