Rainbow Laces – an anti-homophobia in football campaign.

do you ever hear something homophobic and it just blows your mind at how people even think that, like its 2014 were meant to have flying cars not homophobic pricks

Hey everyone, this is my part of an artrade with Alba.

Here are Erika, Guilaume and Unai from Snuff 7pm, a webcomic about kids in highschool making a snuff movie, with a sensitive and cinematographic aesthetic in the style and narrative, you should go read it !

Here is her part of the trade :D

today I bought a $75 skirt which was all good and fine until I realised I only have $50 left for the entire week and I need petrol, medication and eyeliner 

how not to adult: financial edition - by me

i just wanna be 20, living in london in a house with my friends, and actually socialise and be known and not feel lonely and actually be acknoweledged u know


yup doin these again! I actually have SAI again!

Each chibi is $8 and I receive payment through paypal.
You must have a full body reference of your character(s) and patience as school has already started for me.

Message me if you are interested!

(ps these are old pictures so YOURS WILL PROBABLY LOOK EVEN BETTER!!)

so you guys should know that I had a friend over last month who at breakfast literally just got a giant cup and filled it with bacon and then proceeded to eat the entire cup full of bacon and it was just like, wow, I’ve never been so filled with awe… Ron Swanson would be so proud of you

and that’s when I realized that’s how I want to live my life; making choices that would make Ron Swanson proud