At first he turns around by instinct, because someone called his name. But then you can actually see him looking to (his) right, considering for a second, then back at Marie, Marie just called him ‘Dean’, and he suddenly realizes that. For Marie, Dean is a hero, a legend, someone to write about and sing about, and she recognizes him, as Dean, as the hero. 


"Please, Father. Bring her back to me. I don’t have my powers. And she won’t answer my phone calls…please."


jonathan toews’ smiley reaction to the bhtv prank video of patrick sharp and adam burish at the blackhawks convention 2014

Don’t you just think about pureblood James figuring out muggle contraptions with the help of Lily and when she tells him about the toaster and how it works, he gets all excited about it and fills a cup of water and yells excitedly “SO ITS LIKE A HEATER. IF I POUR WATER IN HERE ITLL COME OUT BOILED RIGHT”

And Lily nearly smacks herself in the face before she realizes what he’s about to do and instead she smacks him because the idiot is going to get electrocuted if he carries on with his curiosity.

Tyler riding a unicorn with acrown on him and people bowing down to him. Then at the bottom in fancy letters it says “slay, queen, slay” or something to that effect.

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my sister basically looks exactly like jaredina

but with a shorter face

they even have the same face freckle

i have a feeling somewhere down the line the padalecki family branched off and created mine, which is a shorter, nimbler variation

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i saw you mention something about the omaha gang in your tag, so just wondering do you live around omaha or smthing, sorry just get excited when ppl live around here, and ugh I would have loved to go to chi con

i live like 3-4 hours away from omaha, but i have friends there that i adore to no end, and they come pick me up a couple times a year and i hang out with them! so while it’s a bit too pricey for me to live there, i do head over there occasionally!