Serial Killer!Sam and Cop!Gabriel AU: (companion pieces 1 & 2)

"He makes me do it, Gabe.

He’s inside my head. He makes me do these things and it hurts. I try to ignore it and I- I can’t because he’s always right there. He’s always there and it always hurts- it feels like my head is splitting open- but I just can’t do anything.

I can’t do anything anymore, Gabe. Gabriel, please.

Please make it stop.

I don’t know what I’ll do next if you don’t make it stop. I don’t know what he’s gonna make me do but I’m so afraid…”


It’s like I’m racing to the sun, blindly face the blazing gun

Cos I’m afraid I will be left here without you

Like I’m racing not to run, give more when I have none

Cos I’m afraid I will be left here without you … wide awake

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For Nad <3

somniamaleficus said:

"Stay with me. Come on, just a little longer."


As the woman held to her, some sort of optimism began to rise in Kirika’s limp body. Maybe being a witch is the right thing anyway… Maybe I’ll finally be able to have the life I want. 

"Thank you, Salute-senpai," she said as her eyes darkened and her new form began to come into existence. "I think we’ll be able to have a good time together now. I really don’t need Oriko-san, do I?"

anonymous said:

Okay since you wrote "Ace of Spades" and introduced me to asexuality i wanted to know your opinion on this thing I've been debating: Do you think that one can be born as an asexual but have his/hers sexuality shaped/changed/forced by society's expectations of you? As someone who always have seen herself as a "late bloomer" I've started to rethink my attractions and desires after reading your fic :3 Others are more than welcome to join in on the subject

hmmmmmmmmmm. good question!

I would say that the answer is yes, though that’s only my opinion and I’d also be interested to hear what anyone else thinks.

I think it’s definitely true that society has expectations of a person that can shape their behaviour and the way that they think. I mean, you look at how far mankind has developed - how sophisticated and rational we’ve become compared to where we started - and that’s mostly down to our structured society. as any apocalyptic drama proves, take away our civilisation and we fall apart. I don’t think the influence of living in a society can be doubted. it curbs our most primal instincts and channels them into different, more acceptable emotions.

can it affect our sexuality, though? I think so, you know. pretty much everywhere we go, we see romantic love being prized, and I’ve never seen it addressed that that kind of love might not lead to a sexual relationship. deep connection = romantic relationship = sexual relationship, right? well, wrong, but not according to the majority of the media we consume. having a strong friendship with someone outside of your family - most especially of the opposite gender - is often seen as a precursor, rather than a relationship in itself. that kind of expectation can really get into your head, I think.

I reckon that if you are born asexual, then you are asexual, and society can’t change that. what it can do is confuse the issue by expecting you to form romantic attachments and feel sexual attraction to people, which leads to you mimicking the behaviour of a romantic/sexual person and convincing yourself that the way you’re feeling is how everyone feels. this can make you pretty unhappy, which is why I think asexual representation is super important. society needs to acknowledge that some people aren’t into sex, and stop seeing it as something strange or “curable”. that way, asexual people will stop having to bend themselves all out of shape, just to feel accepted.

that’s my thoughts! it’s awesome that the fic got you thinking. thanks for asking, it’s a really interesting question!! :D

something interesting i noticed on viewing #5 is that the place where Drago’s fleet is anchored is in a giant iceberg, right? or at least in the middle of lots of fragmented ones. The ice is the same ice that the Bewilderbeasts make, it’s got that weird translucent green color. It’s a little hard to tell because there’s so much snow, but there’s fragments that peek out and it’s the exact same texture.

so it looks like Drago’s Bewilderbeast actually built the iceberg around them, just like Valka’s Bewilderbeast built the Sanctuary


[tries not to be bitter at people who get roles in school plays]