Goodbye Gossip Girl!
We’re all so fortunate to have been on a show that’s been not such a success publicly, but such a success personally, we’ve all had such a great positive experience. Shooting at the streets of New York every day together for 6 years, it does make people feel like a family, especially since our cast was so young when we started. It’s been a huge portion of my growing up personally and professionally. We’re all very excited to see what’s next for ourselves and for each other. We learned who we were together. I know that it has changed my life in a lot of ways, but it hasn’t changed me. It’s only made me appreciate everything else in my life. I’ve taken away so much from Gossip Girl, I’ve had so many amazing memories. It’s sad that it’s coming to an end, but we’ve had just a blast.


A rly overdue progress thingy I guess? I get asked a lot ‘how do I improve’ or ‘How do I become as good as you’ and while I think I still have a long way to go as an artist, here’s a little of my experience on the matter. 

2008-2009: The improvement was largely due to me figuring out how to use a tablet LOL I HONESTLY DIDN”T DRAW MUCH BC USING a tablet was very frustrating for me and i felt like i drew worst using it
2009-2011: There really isn’t that much progress besides me picking up new coloring/ linearting methods and I learnt to draw faster I GUESS? 

2012: I included a pic from the start and the end of the year bc I think this was a year where I improved a lot? I wish I could say I gained some magical insight to drawing but the truth is the only thing i did was I DREW A LOT. The number of drawings/doodles i have from this year is around 1500+ LOL I must have been running on horsepower or something IDEK AND they weren’t even studies or anything just dumb doodles of my OCs and I actually think this was the year I had the most fun drawing
2013: I didn’t have as much time to draw this year but THIS WAS THE YEAR I actually started studying anatomy and stuff. I did color/ composition/ anatomy studies when I could, and a lot of times I FELT LIKE THEY WEREN”T HELPING AND I WAS JUST FLOUNDERING but I guess they did help, at least a little BC I WAS IMPROVING SOMEHOW. 
Tbh before 2013 I pretty much got by by just bsing everything but I kinda started understanding how to actually draw things this year by  LEARNING FROM REFS AND REAL LIFE

SO YEAH I GUESS what i wanted to say is don’t underestimate the power of doodles and of drawing a lot!!! A LITTLE WORK EACH DAY BUILDS UP TO A THOUSAND DRAWINGS and a thousand drawings build up to you becoming a better artist. BASICS ARE IMPORTANT and even if you feel like you can get by without them, you’ll be surprised how much of a better artist you can be if you try studying them every once in a while!! Improving doesn’t come from reading one good anatomy book, or learning a certain method of coloring, it comes from LOTS AND LOTS OF PRACTICE so don’t be too hard on yourself by expecting a lot of results over a short period of time!

REMEMBER BEHIND EVERY WORK OF ART IS LOTS AND LOTS OF DRAWING AND HARD WORK so u know if you’re not there yet DON’T GIVE UP, it just means you’re on the way! If you stop now you’ll never get there so LET”S WORK HARD TOGETHER YEAH


Shae appreciation week - day 3 - favorite quote(s) or scene(s)


Faberry Week Day 1: Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, there was a very talented singer named Rachel Berry. One day an old woman offered her a rose in exchange for a song, but Rachel refused…

chu chu, all aboard the angst train!


"You will be a great Jedi Knight. I know that with every breath, with every beat of my heart. You will make me proud I was there at your beginnings. If you do have a flaw, perhaps it is simply this: You wish to please me too much."

Legacy of the jedi - Qui-gon Jinn


You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.


ohhh my god bless you anons it’s not anything special but here u go!!