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Did you used to have a pony blog? With gender-bent humanized ponies? It disappeared on me all of the sudden and it made me sad. I recognized the Grendal picture in your commissions post and was happy to find you. I'm curious as to why the blog went down. Also wanted to make sure I could accredit you for the picture I reblogged a while back.

yeeah some things happened a while back which I don’t really wanna exactly talk about again, but it was fine since the blog was pretty much dead already.

I think I remember you did a Grendal voice over of one of my answers! That or I may be thinking of someone else haha

I really wish this scene was in the movie.

It’s so brief, not even a full page, but there’s just so much love here. Luna painted portraits of her friends! BY HAND PROBABLY. 

She’s previously made kind of strange comments, such as that one about Dumbledore’s army when she said  “I enjoyed the meetings, too. It was like having friends.” (Half Blood Prince). That always made me a bit sad and also confused. “Like” having friends implies she doesn’t really have any, and obviously, as from her introduction as “Loony Lovegood”, most people thought of her as pretty spacey and strange. But, she’s spent a lot of time with people like Harry and the rest of them in DA, so wouldn’t she consider at least some of them as her friends?

Buuut here, right here, this confirms just how much she loves and appreciates these five people in particular. Even though in the beginning, basically all of them were so hesitant to get to know her, even though some of them used to call her Loony Lovegood- they’ve grown so much with each other and her loyalty and love for her friends shows through this beautiful painting. It is not enchanted with “real” magic, but they still have a magical quality to them that makes them seem alive on their own; Luna is an artist. These people mean so much to her that she dedicated a beautiful and probably time consuming work of art to them. Dumbledore’s army clearly did more for her than learning defense against the dark arts.

And aside from the love from Luna to her friends, just look at Harry’s reaction at the very end! That one line, “Harry felt a great rush of affection for Luna.”

Their friendships really warm my heart.

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I’m Clintasha all the way. The whole Bruce/Nat thing honestly made me really sad when I first heard about it. (It just doesn’t make sense to me.) But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I like what JW told to EW:

Why match up Black Widow with the big green guy? Whedon answers in song, crooning, “‘Tale as old as time…’” from Beauty and the Beast. “It made perfect sense to me,” he says.

If Black Widow has felt like the Avengers’ big sister—cleaning up the messes and keeping the boys in line—that’s precisely why she’s drawn to the Hulk. Whedon says he wanted to pair “the person who’s the most in control with the person who has to be in control, because he’s the least in control.”

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I'm so confused at the minute, how come in chapter 700 sarada called Sasuke and Sakura, Mama and Papa in an affectionate way but in this new chapter she doesn't even know who Sasuke is :s Sorry if this is a dumb question it's just really annoying me. Also looking at that smirk Sarada gave when talking about Sasuke in chapter 700 she didn't like very depressed in my opinion. P.s can you recommend any good SasuSaku fanfics I need some goodness to cheer me up that last chapter has made me sad :P

Don’t worry anon, I understand your doubts  but my advice is: let’s wait for Kishimoto’s explanation. I know I sound repetitive but it’s always wrong to jump to conclusions before knowing the whole story. 


Gravitation by Kiwako  (rated M)

-   Perfect Porcelain by DeepPoeticGirl (rated T)

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I was with my ex for 4 years, in love as hell, my first anything and everything. We were very on and off the first two years, but very on the last two, until I broke up with him for his drug and alcohol issues that he refused to change. I broke his heart, after he broke mine mind you. Now I miss him, I want him back. He has a girlfriend but she was out of the country and him and I rekindled out love for two weeks. Hes still angry and hurt, and says hed just fuck it up again now, but I crave him.

This made me sad ugh. Love is weird man.


I finally get it.

My parents cant force me to eat, they can only suggest it. I’m 19yrs old. Unless I am sectioned they cant make me eat and they are simply helpless. My mum told me she can see ive lost weight since the holiday and she can see how if she wasn’t here I wouldn’t eat anything at all. She said to me “what do you want for dinner? I know you dont want anything but having nothing isn’t an option so I’m letting you decide what would be the easiest and most okay thing to eat” which made me thankful and also sad that she knows even pushing me to eat what she suggests is hopeless. She said “I think we need to do challenges, even eating a tiny bite out of an Easter egg would be enough, just to challenge the fear of it step by step.” She is trying and she keeps hugging me tightly and I am breaking her heart and she is just trying to hide her emotions from me which is breaking my heart tbh. I’m hurting her and I’m past the point of being able to stop it.

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I’ve thought about it, but I guess it’s not mentionned because talking about it is too sad? If you ignore things, maybe it’ll never happen But yeah, I agree with you, his talent is being wasted

Yeah, that’s what I’ve figured. And everyone really likes Marc, so that adds onto it even more.

What I find so weird is how people talk about him like he’s 19. Like, even commentators will say, “fresh young talent” and I mean, he’s definitely not old, but he’s 24.. he should be on the pitch all the time. I don’t understand why Lucho won’t sub off Masche or Pique or Mathieu and put in Bartra in the second half or something. He subs frequently in the midfield and up front, but rarely in the back. Yeah, there was that one Bale incident but besides that, he’s proven to be a reliable defender.

I only watched part of the Bruce Jenner interview, but it made me so sad when he said he didn’t want to disappoint anybody. And it made me a little mad too. He’s the same human he was a few months ago. He’s still the person that wanted to teach the Jenner girls how to shoot a gun, still the person that flicked off the paparazzi on the golf course, still a former Olympian??? Like Bruce is so cool, and if the day of tomorrow he decides he wants his pronouns to be she/her and his name to be something else, who cares? To quote Shakespeare, “a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

He’s female. Okay. He’s always been female, we just didn’t know that. We assumed he was someone he wasn’t and scared him with our expectations into silence. We are the ones who should feel embarrassed or ashamed for misgendering him for years. And the fact that anyone is having a “tough time” with the transition, or that Khloe felt a “loss”…. Please realize how ignorant you sound. It took so much for someone with so much media focus to expose himself like that. Don’t dare give him shit for being genuine. I really hope Bruce gets the support and love he needs which he seems to now be getting from his family, and I hope he lives everyday happy that he’s being himself because it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s beautiful and everyone’s life goal, to lead the life that gives us purpose and happiness. God bless.

After I saw the new episode of MLP, I decided to draw a picture of Rainbow Dash and Tank the Tortoise. 😊 While the beginning has some funny moments, the ending has some pretty emotional and sad moments that made me feel bad for Rainbow Dash, like something out of a Steven Universe episode. However, it did end with a heartwarming moment with Dashie and Tank with her staying for him before he hiberates for the winter. A really good episode. 😊

my computer has been broken for about 8 months and i finally got it fixed and when i turned it on all the same tabs and pictures were open from the last time i used it. the same song was playing on itunes. and it made me so fucking sad thinking about what my life was like then and how different it is now. and i know i shouldnt let it make me sad anymore but it still does.

So yesterday i was hanging out after school w 2 friends (they’re seeing each other so i was basically third wheeling but anyway) and i was talking about how me how i always tell my mom about my girl friends’ boys stories and my friend goes like “why don’t you tell your mom about YOUR boys stories huh mari?” And i felt very bad and like he meant it as a joke and he even asked if i was upset later he said he didn’t mean it like that but still….. It made me v sad lmao

c-sand im not sure if I was going to meet anyone else… Although Lou Ferrigno had no one in his line and I almost felt like meeting him because it made me sad…

Also seeing EK made me have a panic attack, even from feet away!

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your tags made me so sad i dont wanna see marc leave ever ;_;

I know, me neither! He’s so talented, who could deny that? But how many times has he started this season? He’s just wasting away on the bench…

He could easily become the best defender alive. It would only take 2 years, tops. And I know he loves Barca, and I know he’s loyal and I think that’s a rare, beautiful thing, but idk how much that helps him. (Loyal to a fault, perhaps?)

I know his time will come, but when? And will it be at Barcelona?? I really fucking hope so, man