and it destoryed him


I like Reigns, but WWE are gonna destory him. Booking him like Cena is no good. Plus, Lesnar/Bryan or /Rollins are better matches.

I can’t believe you did that, expecially with him!” He shouted, his face turning a bright crimson. “That’s fucked up.”

"No, you know what’s fucked up? I gave you everything, and all you gave me was lies and empty promises," She yelled back. "Maybe now you’ll understand what it feels like to be someone’s second choice.
—  Excerpt from a novel I’ll never write #11 “It hurts doesn’t it?”

thegoddamnpatriarchy asked:

you can totally make this public, I'm also destorying him in the argument. can you help me find some posts about why catcalling is nottt okay

There’s this video on what women do to protect themselves against sexual assault and rape and how men don’t have to think about it:

I encourage you to use the search bars in my blog description. Just searching “cat calling” or “catcalling” or “street harassment” will get you tons of results.