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So….I did the thing where i actually update my sketchbook.

Based on sabertooth-raccoon‘s PJO HTTYD AU.  I absolutely love the idea.

Annabeth and her dragon.  I don’t have an idea for the name of the dragon, but I like the dea of her being in stealth class, invisible upon will, and incredibly stubborn.  One of the more intelligent dragons, she is independent and headstrong, though sometimes dangerously so.  It takes all of Annabeth’s rationality to keep her dragon from doing the most outrageously brazen things sometimes, but they still make a great team and an amazing pair.

Jesus Christ, we’re not complaning, we’re just sad about it, we’re allowed to be. I think everybody in the fandom realizes how blessed we are, because honestly, we got two bonus tracks (TWO FUCKING BONUS TRACKS!!!!!), and that was insanely amazing. But this is just what happens every tour, some songs don’t make it to the setlist and as happy as we are for all the other songs we can’t help but wish that a particular song was played. Same thing happened with Stay Stay Stay being taken off of the setlist, and Sad Beautiful Tragic and I Almost Do and Starlight and The Last Time being played only once on tour, and none of the bonus tracks on Red being played. We really fucking realize the effort put into it, we’re just sad. 

The Spy Who Loved Me (or so they say) Chapter 19

Day Six: 1955

“Rox…” he turns to her to make a request but she shakes her head before he can say anything.
“No need to ask.”  She’s standing instantly and kissing him on the top of his head before he even realizes she had guessed exactly what he was about to say.  “You know where we’ll be if you need us.”  With one last squeeze of his hand she walks forward and grabs Merlin by the elbow, guiding him without protest to the cockpit and sliding the divider shut behind them.
The latch clicks into place with a deafening sense of finality.
They are alone and staring each other down, both in a state of suspended uncertainty as to where they really are.  Where they are about to go.
“Harry.”  Eggsy says as clearly as he can, voice not yet betraying the fears still clinging to his heart.  Harry had shown him already that every last one of them was likely unfounded.  But, well, old habits die hard.  
“Come here.”

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enlighten me please

What the heck is ‘ queen of the fandom?’ I’ve seen it mentioned more than a few times from a particular fandom and I must say it’s a first. I’m involved with a few fandoms that I adore and whether you post a little or a lot makes no difference every contribution is appreciated. No one considers them selves better than another.

Is it even worth knowing or just avoiding?


"I'm so honored that you guys trust me, and believe in me, and want me to succeed. And even for those that don't. I'm O.K. with that too! Like, I understand! I totally understand! My videos are sometimes very weird and they get very strange, but hey, that's just... I wouldn't have them any other way, to be honest. So I'll finish up here, just... Thank you guys so much for being there for me, and thank you guys so much for being there for each other, and... the community that's being built. And I know some people have grievances with it, but, to be honest, I'm so proud of you guys. You guys are... You guys are the greatest community that I've ever known. And you're the greatest group of people that I've ever known."

You guys are truly amazing. I cannot believe 16,000 of you follow this account! Thank you so so much. I love and appreciate all of you! 😘💋

I’m working on adding a FAQ bc I get a lot of the same questions from anons for advice and shit like that. If you want a guaranteed response, then send me off anon and I’ll respond to you. I don’t like to post too many advice posts, and most of the questions have already been answered. I mean really- how many different ways can I tell someone to ‘be your beautiful, confident self and just tell that someone how you really feel.’ 💁🏼

lady-macgyver asked:

“our mutual friend dropped out of this trip at the last minute, so hi i guess we’re spending the next two weeks together” for Doctor/Donna :) please?

Ooh! I wasn’t expecting anyone to request fics, lol. Let’s see, let’s see. Somehow my mind went “fixit fic!” so it’s post-JE and obviously AU, but probably not the sort of AU this post had in mind. STILL. (This also turned into a regular-length fic, so be prepared for that. It’s kinda long. I don’t think that will be a problem, though. :D) It also gets ridiculously fluffy, so I hope you like fluff, lol.

Change In Plans (Ten/Donna - PG-13)

“What? You’re not coming? But we were going to do spas and massages and, and shopping! No, no, I understand. I’ll find a way to keep myself busy. But I better see you when we get back, Martha Jones. Yeah, yeah, I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”

Donna ended the call and glanced across the console room to where the Doctor stood, piloting the TARDIS. She wasn’t sure how to tell him that what had started out as a fun group holiday (if three people were considered a group) had now turned into something much more … intimate.

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