feuilly who spends several months in advance collecting toy donations and buying things  when possible for children who otherwise would not have anything to wake up to on christmas morning

feuilly who wraps each gift with the help of the amis in bright colored paper and glittering bows with no negligence on the amount that they stand out or scream the holiday season (because if they are going to do this they are going to make sure it’s as perfect as they can give)

feuilly who puts on a santa suit and goes from orphanage to orphanage giving out gifts to those who have barely anything but the clothes on their backs and taking the time to talk to each one of them as they shriek over the new gifts he gives to them

feuilly who is able to go home by the end of the day with a smile on his face even after so much work and effort because each one of those children was able to have a christmas that they deserved (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

taking my own little quirks, and little things that people i care about do, and writing them into fic and headcanons to make characters seem more real

>attempt to play videogames to decompress because you gotta study and do homework later today

>except there’s all this sound distortion ruining your cutscenes and the broody angry Bale-Batman voice of your hot proto-protagonist

>discover that apparently this, being an almost 6-year old game, is not as advanced as your only one year old laptop

>and as such the sound distortion comes from discrepancies in sound…science…thing.

…anyway, that’s why I threw Alex Mercer off a roof in a fit of furious rage.