I died inside about ten times while drawing this, I hate these two. 

You’ll have to click for full-size pictures if the dialogue is hard to read because the fucking formatting is the worst. 

I'm just really curious.. But if you're in the Hetalia fandom, can you like or reblog this? I'm curious to see how many people are in this fandom..

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17 years of One Piece: Foreshadowing

Crocodile’s relationship with Whitebeard (possibly a former Whitebeard pirate?) when he was a rookie and how much that influenced the person he is today is something that I’ve been dying to see more development of. Particularly since, during the War, he seemed heavily affected whenever Whitebeard was greatly injured, and later when he finally passed away, to the point of changing his behavior completely. Daz brought this up again, after the war was already over. Hopefully Crocodile’s return to the New World is an opportunity for us to learn more about this soon.


Ok I don’t normally do this kind of thing but here goes

My great grandfather was a sailor, and during a trip to Japan he fell ill and had to be hospitalized there. He stayed in the hospital for three years, before being sent home to Norway where he unfortunately died of illness a year later. However, the japanese nurses had grown quite fond of the norwegian sailor, and gave him a lot of small figurines that he brought home to Norway. My Grandmother recently discovered that the figurine in the picture has a note written on its back, and she is desperate to know what these japanese nurses had written to her father. Unfortunately, I don’t read japanese good enough to understand what is written here, but some of you might be able to! My grandmother and I would really appreciate it if someone could tell us what is written here! please help us!


Favorite McSwarek kisses

Reblog with your Typing Quirk!

I try my best to use proper punctuation, unless I’m really excited or happy with my close friends.  I abuse emoticons.  I also place two spaces after the end of every sentence.

What about you guys?  c: