Kunara’s boots clogged heavily against the floor as she made her way to seat herself into an empty chair. Peering emerald hues analyzing her surroundings of the small area carefully, picking apart each and every individual that accompanied this one specific place she was so curious about exploring by herself. It was crowded and loud, nothing she was entirely used to, but it had a warming vibrant feel to it once she set foot inside. She sat down cross-legged into the chair, already as best to her unknown knowledge of putting herself out of place, but not intentionally. She placed her palms against the surface of the table, where her sleeves to her too big of a sweater began to sink over her fingers. She met the tip of her chin to lay atop one of her arms in a lazily postured manner. Trusses of her darkly vibrant blonde hair fell between her vision and parts of her forehead, yet her deeply luscious emerald orbs were of ones to catch someone’s attention; uniquely colored and ambiguous. And it didn’t help that she wore a contentedly small smile, a smile that she had grown so used to smiling with; she was surely a one of a kind and a strangely unique being.

my friend gave me a red scarf as a gift from when she came back from university and just now while I was fixing my clothes it got caught on a hanger and a thread came loose and I went to my mom all sad and she knew just what to do

okay so it went a bit wrong and there’s a teeny little hole in it now but just knowing that she’s there to help me for small things like this makes me feel warm inside