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SS6 in Seoul.

I tried to compile as many fancams as possible… this is mostly day one, but there’s also fancams from days two and three.


Opening VCR — here


Bonamana  here (cut)

Sungmin solo one / two / three

Sorry Sorryone / two (Heechul cut) / three

 VCR 1 


Eunhyuk soloone / two 

Midnight Bluesone (Donghae focus) / two (Kyuhyun focus)

 She wants it one (Donghae focus) / two (Kyuhyun focus)

Ment (intro) one (Leeteuk) / two (Heechul + Hyukjae) / three (full)

Mr. Simple here

VCR 2here

Don’t leave meone (Kyuhyun focus) / two / three (Kyuhyun + Sungmin focus)

Evanesceone / two (cut)  / three (Kyuhyun focus) / four (Leeteuk focus) / five

Ment 2here

Kyuhyun soloone (with VCR) / two / three / four / five

 Kangin solo here

Ryeowook soloone / two / three

This is loveone (Hyukjae focus) / two (Ryeowook focus) / three (Sungmin focus)

Islands one (Kyuhyun focus) / two (Donghae focus) / three (Leeteuk focus) / four


Swinghere (Hyukjae focus)

Henry solohere

Zhoumi solohere


D&E Stageone (1+1=Love) / two (1+1=Love) / three (1+1=Love) / four (1+1=Love) / five (Motorcycle) / six (Hello + Oppa Oppa) / seven (Oppa Oppa) / eight (1+1=Love + Motorcycle + Hello + Oppa Oppa)


Leeteuk solo (ft. Sungmin)one / two (Sungmin focus)


Siwon soloone / two


Frozen cosplayone / two / three / four (mostly Sungmin focus)

Rokkugohere (Ryeowook focus)

Shindong soloone / two (with VCR)

Ment 3

Too many beautiful girlshere (sapphire blue sea)



Let’s dance one (Hyukjae focus) / two (Donghae focus) / three (cut) / four (cut: Leeteuk’s abs) / five (Kyuhyun cut)

bonus (Ryeowook: Too many beautiful girls + Shirt + Rockstar + Let’s Dance)

Ment 4 



Mamacita — one (Donghae focus) / two

 Ment 5

Walkin’ — one (Kyuhyun focus) / two (Donghae + Leeteuk cut)

From Uhere (Leeteuk cut)

Ment 6 (goodbye) — one (Leeteuk) / two (Kyuhyun) / three (full)

Haruone / two (Kyuhyun cut) / three (Donghae cut) / four (Hyukjae cut) / five (Donghae focus)

Ending — here

I have 3 younger brothers, I don’t have any older brothers, but I had an uncle who was 10 years older than me and he taught me everything I know about the city, how to ride the trains, he took me to my first baseball game. He taught me…much of the music I know, he…he used to let me steal his records even the ones who had “fuck” on them..and…and his name’s uncle John and it’s hard to say that, he…he passed away right before this tour started and I..I love you John
—  Eddie Vedder intro for “I am Mine” at Super Bock Super Rock Festival 2014

"Military enlistment"

People would think that those words are easier to deal with the more we hear them, but that’s not true. Every time a member leaves, it hurts, it hurts so much… And we ELF have been through this multiple times now.

Everyone has their own way of trying to lessen the pain, tho. I’ve seen girls cry and cry on twitter the day they leave, and then completely forget they’re gone.
I’ve seen girls turning their backs to SJ when their bias leaves and only become a fan again when he comes back.

People would think I don’t have feelings just because I don’t cry, just because I don’t feel the sadness of them leaving.

Yes, it’s sad, it’s horrible, and I hate it when they leave. Leeteuk’s goodbye felt depressing. He kept smiling, when he obviously wanted to cry. Even Sungmin and Kyuhyun did cry… 

Yesung’s tho… he didn’t even say goodbye, and I think that hurt me even more. Maybe because I wanted to see him one more time.

The thing is, I hate farewells, but it’s not when I feel the worst.
For me,  it’s after 6 or 7 months they’re gone, when I miss them. 

Before that, sometimes it’s kinda easy. They’ve just left, I still have fresh memories of them before.. but from those 7 months till it’s been a year and a half, I just feel a void in my heart, like something’s missing.
And it is.

Probably, the last 6 months of wait are just more like… expectation. Because they’re about to come back. 
He, who has been “missing” for two years, is coming back.

I want to think that enlistments just make us grow as a fandom.

It’s hard for each of us.

But we’ve done it before and we will keep doing it. Just seeing them say goodbye and waiting for them to come back again. 

We can do it with every member, because we ELF are the strongest.


My father got shocked and just left the house. Because he started nose bleeding. Now he won’t be able to look down on me. I did it. W i t h  n o  f e a r.