and i wish i could go


I have this really weird thing where I wish so badly that I could go to PAX and meet all of you guys ( markiplier , lordminion , therealjacksepticeye ) but at the same time I have secondary excitement where I just can’t wait for my favourite people to meet! All my youtube babies, together! 6years+ older doesn’t mean anything shhh And they’re such good friends too, agh feelings - I’m more excited for them to meet than I am disappointed that I can’t go. I expect vlogs gentlemen, give me hugs to gif, ily






Hope this month filled with amazing events for GOT7 & IGOT7.

Hope this month be another month Jackson soaring his wings of success and happiness.

Hope with Jackson’s magic, we all achieve our dreams ♥


Cre pics: Just Wonderful

It’s funny how a few years ago I was that person who used to tell everyone, ‘School can be a lot of fun, stop complaining!’ Little did I know, the juvenile idiot that I was. Now I would give anything if I never had to go there back again.

Everyone is entering an exciting time in their lives where they’ll study what they want to study, meet new people and establish themselves outside of a highschool environment, whilst I sit at home with no job, no skills and little friends wasting countless hours in my room watching too much youtube and tv shows..

i wish i could go back and sit in the writers room of Torchwood and just put my hand up every now and then and be like “why is that a good idea?” and just… fix all the problems with it

because they’re so glaring and so easy to fix and yet they’re still unforgivable 

Some days I wish I could just show up at y’all’s houses and just spoil and pamper the shit out of you.
You want a full nights sleep without children waking you up?
I’ll take em for the night.
You’re feeling blah and gross?
I’ll give you an at home spa treatment consisting of a massage, mani, pedi, and facial.
If you’re feeling lonely and unloved I’ll come and tell cheesy jokes, watch movies or go on an adventure (either and or both) and be sure to remind you how wonderful you are.
Feeling overwhelmed with life?
Come to my house and we can hang out and you can stay in one of the guest cabins and get rejuvenated by spending a few days in the mountains by the river in one of the most beautiful places in Washington.
I cherish you and want nothing more than the absolute best for you and I hate that distance is a such an issue.

okay seriously though you guys and your weird hobby of periodically baiting people so you can somehow laugh at them for being baited is really backwards and dysfunctional and frankly kind of disgusting

i think you know none of the stuff you say really makes any sense and why you think its funny when people react emotionally to the stuff you specifically craft to attack the things people enjoy is beyond me 


it’s just weird. you guys are weird.

you guys can be nonchalant or wtv and use your little clubs to make each other feel better about self-elevating on the discomfort of other people all you want but idk.maybe instead of causing emotional reactions to get off on you should like. i dunno. actually rp, or something. get better at drawing. meet new friends so you guys can talk about fantrolls. that’s basically why the community is there. it’s probably healthier than making up weird self-elevating theories about how awful everyone around you is and that’s why they deserve the disguised spitefulness you call fun. it’s probably healthier than complaining constantly about how toxic and horrible the community is while simultaneously insulting things you know people care about, ganging up on rpers, talking shit about everyone and calling out people in a frenzy so you can ruin their lives over…nothing, essentially.

seriously guys??? grow up. for a bunch of people who live to prove the innate awfulness and toxicity of the fantroll community you guys are one of the only constant sources of it.

anonymous asked:

I love Kurt because he was really brave all his life. He was BRAVE and said "whatever" to hard times, to mediocricy. He was brave the time he could be brave and did it so good. I mean, even when he decided to go, he was also brave enough to do that.

I wish he had been brave enough to ask for help.

It makes me sad
I went too deep into something that couldn’t be
Now all I have left are these old faded blood stains
I wish I could allow myself to be weaker
To let go
I don’t expect to get better
I don’t really have any expectations of what better even is
The blood stains fade but will never disappear
Do I really have to destroy it all

Did anyone else feel this wonderful and distraught after watching the last episode of Merlin. I know I’m so late on watching the series but it has made its way up the ranks of my favorite shows. The story and characters are so beautifully well written and the music to go along in phenomenal. It is dark when it should be and humors when everyone needs a little relief. The very last episode brought me to tears, because of how well the writers and actors built the characters. The development of everyone over the series is nothing short of spectacular and moving. It’s such a moving story about an unlikely group of people and particularly an unlikely pair who grow to love and respect each other and learn to let go of what has been holding them back. As much as I wish I could say it shouldn’t have ended the way it did, I can’t, the story came full circle and everyone had their ending no matter how heartbreaking. I only wish I would have watched it while they were still releasing new episodes and I wish I had more to watch.

I know South Africa is like the outcast country of the internet, because of its media-generated bad reputation and people just couldn’t care less, but PLEASE keep the firefighters and people affected by the Muizenberg Fire in your thoughts and prayers.

Going to copy the entire article here:

A massive fire in Muizenberg has kept firefighters busy all day and into the night as gale force winds have been blowing, hampering their efforts.

Half an hour ago SAPeople received this moving message from a local resident, Sandra Lexie Sono-Nkosi‎: “Wish I could go out and take a picture but the smoke is too much for me. Ou Kaapse Weg Mountain [as the Muizenberg Mountain is known] is so red with fire right now.”

In true South African spirit, residents and some local businesses like Steers and Woolworths have got involved to support the firefighters, many of whom are volunteers bravely risking their own lives to prevent the loss of others.

Fire crews from the Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS), Table Mountain National Park and Working on Fire have worked tirelessly all day to try and control the blaze.

VWS posted the following picture with this message – “Thank you to Steers, Woolworths SA and members of the public for feeding our VWS #Newlands crew who have been at the #Muizenberg Mountain #wildfire since dawn. Much appreciated!”

One local, Warren Paterson tweeted “I feel like I should be driving out to Muizenberg with a bucket to try help stop this fire…”

Another posted the following message:

VWSWildfires (@vwsfires) have requested that everyone “Please stay away from areas being impacted by #MuizenbergFire unless you’re a resident. Please do not block fire services access.”

Helicopters have been flying in and out of the area all day, dropping water bombs (see video below).

KFM 945 have been keeping residents updated, and uploaded this photo at about 10 pm with the message – “Our thoughts are with the fire fighters, volunteers+helicopter pilots fighting the #MuizenbergFire tonight @vwsfires”

A couple of hours ago, VWS admin staff made their last update on Facebook before taking a well-earned rest for the night.

In the update they said “we are shutting down the Newlands Fire Base Office for the night shortly but we have a team on the Muizenberg Fire still working alongside Table Mountain National Parks, Contractors and Working on Fire. These teams will continue to work hard throughout the night to bring this fire under control.

“The VWS will send out more teams tomorrow to continue assisting with this fire. The crews from today are in need of some rest to come back re-energized.”