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Uhmm, hi! I just found this blog. Can i ask about au that more about stars, constellations, or something that related with it?

  • After fulfilling their dream to become an astronaut, Character A discovers that space is much louder than they originally intended. The stars and bright and beautiful, but more of all, they are dangerous. AU about star spirits and mischievous space creatures.
  • Character A works as a staff editor for their school’s newspaper and their job is to write a small column with satirical horoscopes. Everything is fun and games, until Character A starts to notice that some of their ‘fake predictions’ are coming true in the weirdest ways.
  • When Character B overhears Character A talking about how they wish they could identify more constellations, Character B steps up and reveals that they’re actually an adamant stargazer, offering to help Character A start learning about stars. Long nights along together, looking a constellations and stars, what could go wrong?
  • “I was taking a break from studying for finals and I saw what looked like a falling star crash into the sports building and like, oh my goodness there’s a glowing person in the swimming pool.” AU
  • Character A is alone, driving away from a past that they want to leave behind. After picking up a hitchhiker who claims they’re “a small star that’s taking a break” Character A find themselves thrown into a Twilight Zone type of universe where everything is not what it seems.
  • Magical universe AU where it’s customary for students to learn to recognize constellations, memorize star movements, be able to read the night sky like a book.
  • “To be honest, I was going to drop astronomy at the beginning of the year, but you were really nice and seeing someone get super excited about space kind of made me want to stay in the class. Now it’s the end of the year, and well, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go stargazing with me.” AU

GIF REQUEST MEME: arrow + favorite romantic relationship requeset by yourfelicitymyoliver 

“I wish that I could change your mind about staying here, but I know I can’t. Just like I know that leaving you here is going to destroy me. I don’t regret a single moment. And you shouldn’t either. You have done so much. You have saved so many people’s lived and you have changed so many for the better, including mine. Knowing you has changed my life. You’ve opened up my heart in a way I didn’t even know was possible. I love you. “



There are some dates in Life is Strange that sometimes get my attention. Of course the first date you care about when starting the game is when Rachel Amber disappeared. April 22, 2013, as we understand it, close to six months before the game starts (October 7th).

While still close to the ABPD webpage screenshot, I’d like to mention that Melissa Lee Grayson sort of reminds me of the homeless woman behind Two Whales Diner. Could be wishful thinking too (since I’m too afraid of other alternatives) so don’t pay much attention to that.

Another that just doesn’t jump at you is Dana’s doctor appointment. Scheduled for October 2nd

By that time, Max is already at Blackwell and I think knows Dana. (Max arrived at Blackwell on September 2nd) Could this be another life that Max could have saved? Not really going to give it much thought until Dana’s circumstances come into play again.

The “Joke”

Not sure if a reference or if something really important for that one unknown character (for some reason I think it’s Alyssa) but the stolen tablet with cat pics appears multiple times and in different locations.

First we see it from the person that stole it

At the girl’s dorm we see it from the owner.

The date when the backpack with the tablet was stolen is September 16. And the other place I noticed yet another attempt at recovering the tablet is in Chaos Theory

As a cat lover myself I completely understand the urgency of the owner to get the tablet back, but I’ve seen youtubers laugh at it. But again not truly important right now, just something that keeps appearing.

October 11, 2013

No point in dragging this date out any further, it is probably the most important in the game. More than one thing happens this day, first this is when the winner of the Everyday Heroes contest leaves Arcadia Bay.

Why does that have a higher priority on my list? Because someone (Jefferson) pretty much wants Max to win, in other words, they want her out of Arcadia Bay that day.

Another event is the football game, Bigfoots vs Razor Backs.

I put the football game as the second event because I imagine that it will be packed. It was the scary part in The Faculty, having the whole town at the game when something terrible was going to happen. Instead of body snatchers it’s just going to get windy

And last (at least of the ones that I can recall) someone wants his money by then. Long ways from episode 5 and I feel it’s going to be tense all the way through.

Chloe’s Dates

Certain dates are directly linked to Chloe, with 2008 being the biggest one. Her cat Bongo gets killed by a car.

Then, her father dies in a car accident

And to top it all off, Max leaves her shortly after and doesn’t even e-mail the poor girl for FIVE YEARS… 

Not sure when Joyce married David, but seems like she started dating him that same year, she met him November 27, 2008.

Don’t have the date when she met Rachel but, besides the day of her disappearance, there are other dates connected to Chloe. For example the postcard you find in her room.

Time stamp says  August 24, 2011. Then there’s the flyer to that party they “wanted to go to” according to Max’s assumptions.

But by this time, she is already missing. If we look at the other flyer, this was the last Vortex party she went to. Almost a month before she disappeared.

I’m sure I’m missing a couple more dates related to Chloe, there are those tied to Parking Tickets, home bills and such, but these are the ones that may shed some light as to what happened to Rachel and why Chloe is the way she is.

10-10-13 End of the World

To recap, Chrysalis takes place October 7, then Out of Time is Oct 8, and the main events/timeline in Chaos Theory are in the morning of Oct 9, which is the deadline to submit the Everyday Heroes contest photo. Every episode ends at sundown, but in Chaos Theory we are in an alternate timeline at the end of the episode, so we have no idea what date is it.

The teaser for Dark Room shows Max at the End of the World party, so episode 4 might be a really long episode *crosses fingers*

Thanks for reading.


Wishful thinking pt.1

Lavellan is having nightmares and Solas obliges to tell a soothing story.

Part 2 (NSFW warning)

Damn fluff is pouring out of my mind right now, so have a share!

Includes captions for people who are interested in cheesy conversation!

No Vallaslin-policy (im just being lazy)

I remember being super happy when I discovered the Corrector Yui manga in a bookstore as a teen. I thought a magical girl who could go inside a computer and interact with “online” elements and virtual reality was a really neat concept, and all her elemental suits had such cool designs (like the earth one being a rabbit!). I just wish it had been more popular!

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i remember when i first started watching merlin and at first i didn’t ship merthur at all. like, for the first four episodes i was like “why does everyone ship this??? i don’t get it arthur is so horrible to him this is the worst???” and now look at me. look at the trash i have become.

honestly, i wish i could go back to those times. when my life made sense.

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I wish you would write a fic where percy loses his toothbrush

Probably not what you were thinking, sweetheart, but here you go.


Percy frowned down into the drawer as soon as his hand missed it. At first, he thought it was because he was still half-asleep, but he had reached down into this same drawer every day for about six years to grab his toothbrush so he could brush his teeth before wandering into the kitchen to find some food.

So where was it?

He turned on his heels and headed back through his and Annabeth’s bedroom, walking down the hallway and into the kitchen. Annabeth had her back to him, but she was already dressed in a pencil skirt and green blouse for work. She was leaning down over their five year old son, Luke, from where he stood just by the cabinets. He had something in his little fist, waving it through the air that looked like–

“Hey!” Percy called indignantly. “That’s mine!”

Annabeth and Luke both turned around to him, and Luke smiled at him before he waved Percy’s toothbrush through the air, yelling, “Daddy! Look what I have!”

Annabeth started laughing at the look on Percy’s face, and she held her hand out to Luke, who shook his head a few times before he finally handed it to her. She walked back over to him and pressed it into his hand, kissing his cheek swiftly and smiling at him.

“Go brush your teeth, and I’ll give you a real kiss,” she whispered into his ear before moving back over to grab Luke and put him in his high-chair.

Percy laughed and waved at Luke before sauntering back into the bathroom to brush his teeth.



Barry is hardly smiling the entire time Ronnie and Caitlin get married. I know his mind is set on what they’re going to do next which is to go back in time, then send Eobard back to the future, but that can also mean other things right?And if he’s not smiling he’s also not looking at them both. He is happy that she is happy, also could be the “I wish that was me marrying you but I care more for your happiness” look. When she says that she has everything thing that she wants she glances at Barry. And after she glances at her other best friend, which could be both Iris and Cisco, she turns back to Barry and her smile fades. That was like she tried to hide the fact that she had a crush on Barry and she still does until now which is why she stops smiling at him and turns back to Ronnie. When Ronnie and Caitlin kiss, Barry is slightly clapping then stops. His mind may be more focused on saving his mom and changing everything but don’t tell me that he was feeling a bit sad about Caitlin marrying someone else. And I know Caitlin loves Ronnie but I think deep down she still felt something for Barry.

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hello. :) i was just wondering if you had ever looked into zelissa, or zayn and melissa? tbh they really break my heart bc they're such a The One That Got Away situation, or What Could've Been. :/// like i legitimately get super sad every time i catch up on them and what the deal is, yanno. she even has a song on her soundcloud that's about zayn and i saw a post going around that sounded like melissa did the back vocals in I Won't Mind, but idk about that one all too well.

I imagine they are friends.  Zayn’s got a man so he doesn’t need to worry.  And I’m sure Melissa can do fine by her own.

I’ve never heard rumors of Melissa doing backing vocals on “I Won’t Mind” but I remember someone who was stripping the song in order to remix it posted the audio of the backing vocals to Tumblr, and they sounded exactly like Liam.  I wish I could find it again.  (Anyone care to help?)  And “I Won’t Mind” is about as Ziam as it gets, so…

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In regards to your asexuality do you ever wish that you could one day find somebody to fall in love with or do you simply have no interest whatsoever? I'm sorry if you find this offensive. What I'm trying to ask without being rude is... are you ever curious about what "romantic" love feels like?

I mean, I theoretically know what it’s like since it’s a prominent subject in books and film and “finding the right one” is so hyper-focused in everything that by this point it’s irritating and boring. So, as I’ve said many a time, no, I have no interest. I’d rather focus on my actual interest like being financially secure, being able to research things I’m passionate about and work on the art that I love doing. 


Today I planned to meet up with some friends since there is some kind of event in town, and then by 8 I was going to watch my boyfriend perform with his band BUT IT SEEMS LIKE THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Gosh, I really do wish it could stop raining! It’s been raining for days! Tomorrow evening there will be sunshine though, so my boy and I thought we would have dinner outside while we can, haha. Sunday will also bring decent weather, so my little sister will have her birthday party outside that afternoon. Hopefully next week will bring some more sunshine!

If the weather is not getting better I believe I will spend the evening studying for an exam next week, only three of those left (+ like 4 small assignments though)! God, I cannot believe there is only a week and a half left of school! GIVE ME SUMMER AND DO IT NOW x

Should You Fight My Wildstar Characters?

Because this meme is too good to pass up.

Eidolex - Tough choice. On one hand, he’s infused with super nanites that make him hella dangerous, and he was trained to be a kickass bounty hunter by a lady who herself trained her whole life to be a kickass bounty hunter. On the other hand, he’s a giant fucking dweeb who cries at movies where the dog dies. I’d say go for it. If all else fails, you can call taulingrapedrank and she’ll kick his ass for you.

Nemaia - Do you have a fucking death wish? Don’t fight her. Don’t fight Nemaia.

Virus - I will personally give you thirty dollars to fight Virus.

Rosalie - Don’t fight Rosalie. Sure, you’d win, but then you’d have every other Ford coming down on your poor ass, and there’s like, what, fifty of them? Could you fight fifty Fords? I don’t think so. Don’t do it.

I don’t think you guys understand… I have never felt love like this before… I have never felt a connection to a pet or a human being like this in my entire life…. Every day I yearn to be with him and I wake up and want to kiss his nose and then I go to work and miss him and when I’m not home I wish he was there and I wish I could take him everywhere with me every moment of the day and cook food with me and do work and take baths I love him so much my little Feta is so good……… I will protect him with my life……


i wish i could go to high school talent shows without it being creepy because they’re a very special niche form of entertainment

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My girl has been suffering so much lately... She's in so much physical and emotional pain and it hurts so bad to see her so "helpless"... I wish I could be with her... If I could fly over and just hold her right now I'd fucking do it in heart beat...

God I know what you’re going through. I’m so sorry. Just do everything you’re doing now. She’ll be alright❤️

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600 followers prompt: That time teenage Damian appeared in Jay's apartment out of the blue and just sat there pouting because he was convinced Colin was interested in/going out with someone else. Colin obviously isn't but Damian is a dramatic baby. He gets it from Bruce. (Sorry, I know I've prompted similar stuff before but I wanted to get this in before time and also I love Damian being pissy and jealous over Colin for no reason?)

Title: Misinterpreted
Characters: Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Colin Wilkes
A/N: Wuuuh, I changed it from teenagers to like, young adults. So maybe 21-23. One day I’ll stop writing about Damian carrying his cat everywhere. Jason is completely implying they’re going to go home and bang at the end, because he’s the worst brother in the world.


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[TRANS] 150528 Jaehyun Twittersation with Fans

Translated by @nomercyjunhoe


Q: good luck for your fansign!! I wish I could go there. 넌 너무 괴여워 재현아!!

A: 괴…괴여운가여….?하하하하

Q: good luck for your fansign!! I wish I could go there! Jaehyun is so so cute (p.s. fan misspell the cute word)

A: cu..cute, am I? Hahahaha

Q: 재현아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ 안녕~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A: 안뇽하쎄요

Q: Jaehyun~aaaaaaah hello~~~~

A: Hellow

Q: 재현 오빠!!! 사랑해요!!! 당신은 설현 언니 좋아? 그 설현 언니 예쁜가? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 사랑해요 오빠!!!

A: 이쁘시죠!!!

Q: Jaehyun oppa!! Love you!!! Do you like Seolhyun eonnie? Isn’t Seolhyun eonnie pretty? Kk Love you oppa!

A: Pretty, isn’t she!!!


Q: 팬들이랑 소통할생각을하니까 어때요?

A: 잘할수있을까요오…..?ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

Q: How is it to talk with fans?

A: Could I be doing well? Shiver shiver


Q: 재현 왕자 수고하셨어요♡레인보우의 곡에서 가장 좋아하는 곡은 무엇입니까?

A: 다 좋아합니다!!!레인보우는 여신이니까요!!!

Q: Prince Jaehyun, thank you for doing this! What’s your favorite Rainbow song?

A: Love them all!!! It’s goddess Jaekyung!!!


Q: N.Flying노래 중에서 가장 좋아하는 곡은???

A: 저는 all in을 요즘 많이듣구잇어요 ㅎㅎ 우리앨범이나오다닝

Q: What is your favorite N Flying song???

A: These days, I listen to “All in” a lot haha it’s on our album


Q: 처남이라고 불러도 되겠습니까?(재현씨 누나의 5년차 팬이요)ㅋㅋㅋ

A: 당신을 제 684번째 매형후보로 임명합니다.

Q: May I call you brother-in-law? (I’ve been your noona’s fan for 5 years) kkk

A: You are candidate no. 684


Q: 기가막혀의 MV ”BB안 발라도 넌 정말 pretty” 부분의 재현이 진짜 멋있당!! 기가막혀 MV의 볼거리를 알려주세요!

A: 엔피는 몇번나올까염

Q: In “BB 발라도 정말 pretty” part of Awesome MV, you look so cool!! Please tell me what to look at!

A: How many times does N.Fie appear


Q: fighting (+ fanart)

A: 오오오오오올올올~~~

Q: fighting

A: whoaaaaaaa~~~


Q: 오빠들을 기다려준 데뷔팬들에게 한마디

A: 앞으로 더 엄청난 모습 심쿵될준비 되셨으면 더 멋진모습 보여드릴께요 감사하구 또 감사드립니가

Q: Please say something to those who have been waiting for your debut

A: Please expect to see more awesome side of us in the future, become a heartthrob guy, show more cool side. We’re thankful and again thank you.


Q: 재현군 엔플라잉말고 다른 밴드한다면서요?????………내 허즈밴드……..ㅎㅎ…………. 내 허즈밴드..할래요

A: 흠…..일단 엔플라잉 먼저..ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Q: Jaehyun if it wasn’t N Flying, would you join another band????….My husBAND..haha…My husband…Say you would.

A: Hm.. For now N Flying first.. Hahahaha


Q: 한 사람을 위해이 두 이미지는

A: 잊어주세여…왼쪽은…잊어주세여!!!

Q: One person, yet two different impressions

A: Please forget it.. The left picture.. please forget it!!!


Q: 당신 좀 이상하군요

A: 저도 알고있긴 합니다만…티나요…?

Q: You’re kinda weird

A:I already know it yet..Could you tell..?


Q: 제게 답장해 주시면 키가 190cm로 자라실 거예요

A: 우오오오오오오옷!!!!답!장!

Q: If I get a reply, I’m gonna grow up till 190 cm

A: Whooaaa!!!! Here! Cool!

Q: 일본의 HALOT에서도 다시 라이브를 해주세요ㅠㅠ

A: 기회가 된다면 날라가겠숨돠

Q: Please perform at Halot, Japan again ㅠㅠ

A: If there is a chance, will fly rite away


Q: 여기에는 넘 덥다 ㅜㅡ 거기에는 어때?

A: 한국은 조금씩 더워지고있습니다! 지금까지 김재현 리포터였습니다

Q: It’s so hot over here. How’s the weather over there?

A: It’s gradually getting hot here in South Korea! Till now, this is reporter Kim Jaehyun.


Q: 지방에서 서울올라가는중인디 힘드러연 애교좀

A: 나꿍꼬또 기싱꿍꺼또

Q:Recently moved to Seoul and it’s sorta hard. Please show some aegyo

A: *typing aegyo expression*


Q: .하나라도 답해줘여 재현오빠 기여워여

A: 해쉬태그 다시 하면 달아주지이이이이

Q: Please reply me once, Jaehyun oppa cute

A: Once again please useeeeeeee the hastag


Q: 데뷔한 뭔가 달라진 점은?

A: 여신님의 태도가 달라졌습니다.

Q: Did something change after debut?

A: Goddess’ (Jaekyung’s) attitude has changed.

Q: you and your sister are so cute together

A: 아 여신님이군요?

Q: you and your sister are so cute together

A: Oh this goddess?


Q: 재현 오빠 아~~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

A: 지우세요 얼른 지우세요 얼른 당장!!!

Q: Jaehyun oppaa~~ kkkkkkkkkkkkk  (funny pic)

A: Please delete it soon, now, rite now!!!


Q: are him handsome ?? ㅋㅋㅋmy drawing -from hk NFlying fighting!!!! (fanart)

A: 현실적이다….

Q: are him handsome ?? ㅋㅋㅋmy drawing -from hk NFlying fighting!!!!

A: Looks so real!


Q: 오빠 이 개인기는 어디서 배운것인가여

A: 엄청난 재현이의 연규 결과입니더 훗

Q: Oppa, where did you learn this personal talent?

A: It’s a result of Jaehyun’s tremendous study hoot

Q: 내꺼는 답 안해주면서(중얼중얼

A: 정확한 해쉬태그하면 답해쥬지!!!

Q: He won’t reply me /mumbling mumbling/  

A: Gonna answer if you use the right hastag!!


Q: 오빠ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 답멘 받으면 저 전교10등 안에 들어서 인증 할게요!!!

A: 10등 가자!!!!!!

Q: Oppa ㅠㅠㅠㅠ If you reply me, I’m gonna get top 10 rank at school!!!

A: Top 10 go go!!


Q: 김재현, 당신은 당신의 팬 을 사랑합니까 ???

A: #엔플라잉 #기가막혀 사랑합니다

Q: Kim Jaehyun, do you love your fans?

A: #NFlying #Awesome Love you.


Q: 해시태그 너무 많아서 힘든데.. 답멘 받으면 괜찮을텐데

A: 제가 정한게 아니라서

Q: Too many hastag is actually quite difficult. It would nice if I get a reply.

A: I’m not the one who decided it.


Q: 신인 그룹들은 벌써 이 곳 싱가포르에서 쇼케이스를 갖는데… 엔플라잉씨는 언제 쯤 하실 건가요?

A: 기회가 된다면 슝슝 날라가겠숨돠

Q: Rookie groups already held their showcase in Singapore. So, when will N Flying hold ones?

A: If there’s any chances, syung syung will fly rite away.


Q: 오빠 영어 몰라요?

A: i know!!!!!!!i know english!!!

Q: Oppa do you know (understand) English?

A: i know!!!!!!!i know english!!!

Q: 재현오빠가 드럼 연주하는 모습을 보면 항상 나도 드럼을 하고 싶어진다

A: 정말 감사합니다

Q: Seeing Jaehyun oppa playing drum, always feels like wanna play drum as well

A: Thank you so much (cries)


Q: 오빠! 여자 아기 재경 인가?

A: 네 여신닙이십니다

Q: Oppa! Is this girl Jaekyung?

A: Yup, the goddess


Q: 나두답장받을래

A: 답장!! 여기 있습니다!!!헤헤헤헤헤헤헤

Q: I want a reply too

A: Here, a reply!! Hehehehhehehe


Q: 저한테 답장 좀 해주시겠어요? 아랍팬들한테는 왜 답장 안 해 주세요?

A: 아랍어를 배워보겠습니다……

Q: Could you please reply me? Won’t you reply Arab fans?

A: Let’s learn Arabic……

because when the sun is gone and the moonlight is caressing your face,
and i can hear your heart beating at a steady pace,
and every syllable of your words turns into a drowsy mumble,
my ear is on your chest and the simplest laugh sounds like a rumble,
the words i trace onto your spine aren't legible 
but if you pay close attention you can decode, ‘don't let me go.’
the hushed words between us are those we’ve been so scared to say aloud
and if one of us has 'im in love with you’ on the tip of their tongue, the other will say, 'not now.’
and these are the moments i wish i could replay on where we both ignore each other with nothing to say
then i remember there was a time when you were the one tracing words on my spine that read 'im in love with you’
and i never stopped you cos it’s the tip of your finger not the tip of your tongue
maybe, just maybe, that’s where we went wrong
—  that’s why friends sleep in other beds (aaza)