and i really do love these two

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Hi ronnie :) do you know the larry ff where louis works in a teashop or a café with liam, and louis becomes really really tiny so he sleeps in a teacup. Sometime in the story he ends up at harrys place and harry sets up a dollhouse for him so lou doesn't have to sleep in harrys hair anymore? I read it once and now i can't find it anymore 😫 Love ya!

2. Hi! You know for a this fanfic where Louis is a famous anonymous writer and Harry is a singer? I am not remember anymore, sorry. Thank you :)

  • I would name the stars for you (a vaguely Notting Hill-like AU starring popstar!Harry and bookkeeper/soulful poet!Louis; and including guest appearances by Fate, a wise elderly aristocrat, and lots and lots of pining.)

3. Hi x sorry to bother. My question may not lead us anywhere, but I remembered I’ve read a long time ago a one shot or a short fic about Larry, and I can’t seem to find it bc I don’t really remember that much of him, except of that I liked it a lot. I only remember they talked on Twitter dms and Louis went to Harry’s home or smt like that. And the one of them or both were famous. I know it’s not much but please help me find this one, I’m so frustrated. Thank you x have a great day :D

  • You You You (the one where Harry and Louis meet at a club and Louis takes Harry home, only for him to realize that the boy who just made him breakfast half naked is Harry Styles from One Direction.)

4. Hi! I lost a fic. The last part of the last chapter i read *(it had been probably updated since then) is with louis and harry laying on harry’s garden,holding hands louis saying something like ” i got you, you are my best friend”. Louis cames from a party and harry is waiting for him… Thank you!!

5. Do you happen to know of a fic where it’s like, Louis and Harry go to some kind of art club in the park or something? So that’s where they meet, and they set up their easels side by side? Sorry that’s so vague

  • And Every Story Must Grow Old (Harry’s got more on his mind than he’s comfortable saying, and Louis has nothing to hold back. Louis is brighter than the sun, and it shows in everything he does. Harry thinks he shows nothing at all.)


I can’t find these, so if anyone knows one please let me know :)

Bleach characters, Tosen and Komamura are dating! Your reactions?

As requested by anon. :)

Hisagi: C-Captain Komamura! You did it!

Hisagi: You brought Captain Tosen back to us!

Hisagi: …

Hisagi: Unless…you joined the traitors instead?

Hisagi: Or unless you guys are doing some sort of long distance relationship thing?


Kenpachi: I remember fighting Komamura. It was awesome. He’s ferocious like a beast!

Kenpachi: Tosen’s a lucky guy.

Kensei: Lucky? Ha!

Kensei: Komamura had better watch his back.

Kensei: Otherwise he’ll find a knife in it, courtesy of Tosen!

Grimmjow: Yeah, or NO ARM!

Soi Fon: Clearly you don’t understand how deeply those two individuals respect each other, despite their differences.

Soi Fon: Even though they have fought, the love between them remains strong.

Omaeda: I-I can’t believe you support this, Captain!

Soi Fon: I’ll support a lot of things that Kensei doesn’t like.

Soi Fon: That guy annoys the snot out of me.

Renji: Uh…didn’t Tosen turn into a giant bug or something?

Iba:  And Captain Komamura NEVER judges a man by his appearance, so that’s no problem!

Iba: He and Tosen have that in common!

Gin: It’s true. Tosen always judges men by what’s inside.

Gin: So sad that he never really liked me.

Aizen: I cannot believe that Tosen is dating his guide dog.

Kyoraku: I wouldn’t put it like that, Aizen!

Kyoraku: If Komamura were guiding Tosen, the guy never would have gone with you.

Ichigo: Like, I get that Tosen did a lot of bad things….but he also seemed like he was in a lot of pain.

Ichigo: I’m glad that he gets fluffy snuggles!

Chad: Everybody needs those.

Ichigo: R-right.

okay here’s one complaint i have about this album, i love dks with all my heart he’s my number two like protect him!!!!! but i really wished they had let xm have those parts of the song in m’s version because his singing is amazing and he’s proven that to us. they could have even given it to zt because zt is great too!!!! like when first love came out and ks was in it i was like ok i can do this but now he’s in the actual album and im just sitting here like yeah but xm!!!

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Can you elaborate a little on why you don't like the library episodes? It's been a while since I rewatched, and you sound like you dislike them more than I ever did, even after I became critical of Moffat. I mainly had issues with River's character.

My biggest beef with the Library eps is that they eat up two episodes of s4 to introduce a storyline that Moffat should have sat on until he got the reins for the show. I like or love almost every ep in s4 except this big honking two parter that has no relevance to the rest of the season really but gets praised as super genius because everything Moffat shit out under RTD was praised as super genius for some reason.

But there’s lots of other things:

  • I don’t like how Ten is written, but lol when do I ever like how Moffat writes the Doctor?? It’s glaring here though because I love Ten and he’s so purposelessly a douche to everyone, especially Donna.
  • Donna getting sidelined so Ten can hang with River is so infuriating to me IDEK. Especially because they couldn’t come up with a better way for it to happen than “the Doctor forces Donna back to the TARDIS becauuuuuuuse reasons”. This is no end-of-the-universe season finale, either ,where the Doctor forcing Donna to safety is going to be a Big Deal a la Nine and Rose in POTW; this is an average adventure. If he’s gonna shove his companion to the side at the first sign of danger, what’s the point of having her there? And Donna never gets to take him to task for this, either; Donna doesn’t get to work her way back into the action. She just eventually gets rescued with everyone else.
  • They spend the whole episode yelling “OMG STAY OUT OF THE SHADOWS”, yet you constantly see the characters standing in shadows, standing in each other’s shadows, etc. Mess.
  • The “saved” reveal makes no sense to me lmaooo “YOU WOULD SAY SAFE”, no you wouldn’t??? If people had been rescued they had been “saved”, not “safe”. Moffat always has these “genius” reveals that make no sense.
  • Miss Evangelista, too pretty to be smart and then too smart to be pretty
  • River’s whole everything lmao what a mess
  • Lots of other little things tbh, “I’ve been dieting!” ummmmM rude???, Donna’s ideal man apparently being someone who can’t talk back to her ha ha ha ha!!!!

Once, in grad school, I wrote thirty pages in one night.

I basically have to do that over two nights in order to get this thesis done and have a prayer of it getting edited and approved by May.

I have been through hell these past few weeks, and I could really use every bit of love and support I can get right now.

13yo appropriate AUs:

-Jude is the newkid at school, and he doesn’t really know anybody. So, in the lead upto Valentine’s day, why does he appear to have a secret admirer? (There could be a handing out of anonymous Valentine’s, much like the candy-canes in Mean Girls. xD)

-The class get a sex talk, and are assigned groups in which they have to do a project on different aspects of adolescence and sex, etc. Connor ends up in a group with two girls called Taylor and Daria, and this kid Jude who’s always wearing nail-polish. Taylor is pushing for their topic to be on diverse sexualities and genders. It makes Connor nervous, although he’s not sure why…

-They meet at someone’s birthday party. Truth or Dare is suggested. Chaos ensues.

-Just… they meet on Tumblr, okay?

-Connor volunteers to help out at the local foster home (I don’t know how the foster system works in America. Just go with it). Just a little tutoring with the younger kids, or something. What he didn’t expect was that he’d meet a nail-polish wearing boy called Jude…

-Jude built a tree-house in the forest months ago. No one knows it’s there. Which is why he’s very confused when he meets a boy his age there one summer’s day.

*Clears throat*

I just want to say that I really enjoyed the episode.

Hell! I’m enjoying the whole season!! Obviously, there are some plotlines that I don’t like much but damn!

This season is making me laugh and cry at the same time and I love it. I think the writers are doing a very good job on this show this season and I’m dying to see the last episode. 

So maybe I’m one in a million but fuck! I love this show.

P.S: Oh look!! Another episode without Carl! The fandom is going wild! Burn the writers on a stake!

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Hello there Sparky! I just started this blog a little while ago and I was just curious if I can have a tip or two on running one. Love your blog, too. Anything helps!

Hey there Haiku! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I’m really happy to hear you’re enjoying my blog, and I do have some tips for you. Hope they’re helpful!

1. Be friendly and outgoing to your followers. There are real people behind each like and reblog.

2. Don’t blog to become popular; treasure what followers you have and you’ll be much happier.

3. Try to stay away from drama, it’s a pretty big problem with Tumblr and it can push people away. Healthy debates are good though, just be sure to stay calm and logical.

4. HAVE FUN! Don’t let yourself become a blogging machine, make sure you’re enjoying yourself. It’s about the social experience and sharing content with others :D


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How do you feel on ShikaTema?

The only actual functional and mutual canon relationship apart from minakushi, i love them together and it really sucksthat the rest of these pairings didnt have a simple and good relationship like these two

Insecure (Isaac Lahey Imagine) - Requested

Request: Hi! Could you do an Isaac imagine where Y/N’s insecure and he tries to convince her that she doesn’t have to be?

A/N: It’s a short one, sorry! I hope you’ll still enjoy it! Request or write a message here

For the ones that are insecure, you don’t have to be. I love you for who you are and I’ll always do! Embrace yourself :)

Words: 396

You were staying at the McCall household because your parents were on a trip and they wanted you to be safe. Really safe, living with werewolves for two weeks. Melissa was at work and you were sitting on the table with your best friends Scott and Isaac. You weren’t hungry, at least, that’s what you told yourself. You’re doing a great job, only 11 pounds to go. Isaac was waving his hand in front of your face and you jumped. “Why aren’t you eating?” You tried to calm down your heartbeat, because he was a werewolf and he would know that you’re lying. “I’m not hungry, sorry.”, you said and stood up. You walked upstairs to the guest room. You walked over to the big mirror. You scanned yourself from head to toe. “You’re beautiful.”, you said while looking in the mirror. “That’s not true, you’re not even close.” You began to cry. You heard someone knocking on the door. “Please, leave me alone.” You tried to say the words as normal as possible, but a sob slipped through. The door opened and Isaac walked into the room. “Are you okay? I knew you were lying at the table.” Shit. “I’m fine.” “No, you’re not.” “Just leave me alone, pl-” You felt his arms around you. You tried to get out of his grip, but he was holding you like he wasn’t going to let you go. Eventually, you gave in and relaxed in his arms. “Please tell me what’s going on, you can tell me everything.” He cupped your cheeks and forced you to look into his eyes. “I-I just don’t like m-myself.” His eyes widened and you looked away, embarrassed by saying it. “”Wh-what?! You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Trust me Y/N, there’s nothing to be insecure about.” His hands left your cheeks and went down to your hands, holding them. “The thing I love the most about you is your smile.” You smiled and he took you in his arms again. “Just remember that I love you the way you are. If somebody tries you insult you, I’ll kick their ass.” You laughed into his chest. “Thanks Isaac.” “Still up for some food?” You nodded and walked downstairs with him. Your mom was right all the time: A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.

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do you ever imagine a certain race or skin color for the girls that you write in your little stories? bc i don't think you've ever mentioned any of it in them and i think that's really cool bc a lot of stories i read always have something about "pale thighs" or something like that and i'm sitting over here like my thigh is brown

nON i really try my best not to describe too much of anything because i gotchu dog i always got really huffy when they’d start talking about pale skin or light colored eyes or getting their hair wet (because lord knows my hair is a disaster when its wet) so normally when im writing i try to make it so everyone can imagine its them (Though i do make the personality something) like it’d be pointless to put y/n if its just goin to the describe the girl to a T honestly 

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I just found this webcomic again after like two years and I am ecstatic that you're still updating! It's always been one of my favorites. So, I guess, this is less of a question and more like an anonymous fan message/ thanks for being the best!! Love the art style and the plot and the characters, everything, really...

Thank you so much! I’ll update it forever until it’s over. I wish I updated faster, however! :D I want to just like do so much with the characters. They’re my horrible babies.

Except right now I have the cool combination of being sick and also busy with a paid project for a comic anthology that I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to talk about. The latter is an ok problem to have, haha.

Really, though, thanks!

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You know what I hate the most about that "SAVE ONE SHOW" poll? There are AMAZING shows with just one season (AKA Constantine or Agent Carter) and then that stupid american soap opera (AKA Heart of dixie) that already has 4 seasons... IT'S SO FUCKING UNFAIR! I needed to say that, sorry... But Constantine is just as good as Agent Carter and I feel SO bad for the show... I really loved it and I want a second season!

right? i saw hod fans getting angry at us because agent carter won the poll, i mean, come on…. i’ve never watched hart of dixie… i didn’t even know what it was until two days ago, of course i was gonna vote for the show i DO WATCH and love… i’m sorry agent carter fans decided to vote for their favorite show (not really!!!)… 

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It's a Billdip one, set way after the events of NWHS. In which Dipper ditches all his family and friends, joining up with Bill after our favorite little corn chip sweet talks him into it. Fast forward to many months later where Dipper and Bill are having a grand old time messing with people in their wonderful apocalypse. The two especially love to toucher the remaining nine on Bill's wheel, who have teamed up and are trying to stop the two. (Side hints to Mabcifica and Fiddlestan if one wishes)

Wow, this is a really loaded and beautiful prompt, and I hope I can do it justice!

Fic under the cut…

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Ha Surprise! It was just Severini…oh is this Romance Building?

Really love how my stupid Pinup Poser for Males just outright did not work anymore I’m definately gonna have to redownload everything and fix my files cuz ugh its annoying the hell out of me. I do like this whole cute romance scene I made though!

After 5x11 I have to admit I kinda gave up on Gallavich. It’s clear that they are not getting a happy ending and it makes me sad. It makes me sad to see such a pure and true love being wasted like this. Yes, Ian is sick and yes this is Shameless but, do they have to keep throwing bad luck at them and espcially at Ian. I’m kinda getting sick of all the angst between these two. Beside from Kev and V they are the ones who deserve the most hapiness and the bigger chance at love. I hate seeing Ian suffering and I hate to see Mickey suffering just as bad for different reasons and after everything they’ve been through they really don’t deserve all this shit. Even if Ian comes back to Mickey, it’s never going to be the same. They’re too far gone, and that breaks my heart.

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You seem to have a ton of very diverse interest in real life, which i imagine keep you pretty busy. How much time do you actually spend doing Supernatural related stuff (blogging, writing, etc)?

this is a gr8 question. tbh i don’t get a *ton* of free time because i love what i do, so i’m a bit of a workaholic. like, i have two jobs right now just….for fun, not because i really need the money. and i’m taking two grad level drama classes just….for fun, because i wanted to learn welding and scenic painting. so theater takes up the majority of my life. [more detailed description of my job can be found under my FAQ, #3.]

however, when i DO have free time, i’m either hanging out with my friends (usually rachEL), exercising, or blogging and writing. i honestly probably spend the majority of my free time writing fan fiction, which averages out to about 10 hours per week. so yeah, as far as free time goes, i spend the majority of it doing “supernatural related things” lmao.

i also used to binge watch television shows pretty regularly, but i haven’t done that as much since i discovered fan fiction and rediscovered my love of writing. i did just finish breaking bad, though, and i’m really into game of thrones. i’m also watching avatar the last airbender very slowly, and i might be watching better call saul, too.

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Everyone gotta admit that Cameron is a FUCKING good actor! Like did you watch the episode of Gotham with him? He was so good I shited my pants

I watched his scenes from Gotham and yes he has really stepped up his acting game. Like I’ve loved him since I first started watching Shameless, but he has definitely matured as an actor and it is definitely noticeable every week. Like it takes serious skill to only be given two minutes of screen time and still pull off all that he is doing. Way to go Cam!


  1. Kahlua coffee
  2. Law & Order: SVU (it’s become an unhealthy obsession)
  3. Obnoxious hats that I’m excited to wear this coming summer
  4. The possibility of going back to school in September
  5. When people leave me ‘asks’ about the Drakes

thisis-annieedisns, thank you for enjoying the Drakes! I placed them in the gallery so people can have them in their game, so of course you can add them to your town. No need to credit or tag me, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I’d love to see them in your game. :)

igglemouse, can I do another 5 things because I think I really need to be reminded right now of 5 things that make me happy. It’s been one of those days.

  1. Summer vacation - my June-July is pretty much booked and I get to see my boyfriend which is the best part
  2. That I still technically have two weeks before my next exam, so that gives me enough time to get my shit together
  3. Getting that inspiration to write (unfortunately not Sims-related, but any push to write is always good in my book)
  4. Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn
  5. Netflix + HDMI cable = this past weekend

Anon, I can’t make any promises. I’m not that far into my gameplay so I don’t know if those two still plan on having kids. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though, because they planned to stop with Davis, but look what happened…