rvb pokemon au where Sarge works at a military outpost disguised as a mechanic’s garage code named “Red Outpost Alpha” which is responsible for guarding military assets.  They are located across the highway from “Blue Outpost Alpha”, which is disguised as an IT startup, and is responsible for guarding military secrets.  They think they work for different military divisions (they don’t) and so have this super intense inter-departmental rivalry. At least Sarge thinks they do.

Sarge has been in the army for so long he still remembers the days when growlithes were standard issue.  Of course, he’s been around so long he evolved his into an arcanine waaay back because Strategy!  You need all the power you can get to intimidate the enemy!! !!!

He caught a male nidoran a long while back.  how long, who knows.  the story goes he kept running into female nidorans (which are blue) and he got so frustrated he caught the first thing that looked red.  He’s a little miffed it went purple when it evolved all the way, but he’s not complaining too much.

The magneton is Lopez.  Sarge claims to have built him with his own two hands but really, take that with a grain of salt.  After years of dealing with Sarge, Lopez no longer has the wide-eyed look of wonder at what the world beholds and now appears to be perpetually done with everything.

Man all the suggestions I got for Sarge were great, but I’m limiting myself to pokemon teams of 3!!  I’ll draw some comics dealing with the other suggestions I got later!!

other pokemon au
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anonymous said:

If it makes you feel any better, the game is definitely aware that gayness exists and it isn't frowned upon, really. Tharja and the Hubba tester show that much. But when getting married and having children is an important mechanic, there are some biological issues there. I dunno, maybe I'm just trying to defend it because I like it and the characters really are great and I don't want you to disregard it because of the hetness.

i get it i get it

still disappointing tho

laugh i had a starbucks hw-date with husbando today and we actually got work done i’m so proud of us

/wheeze i was able to get a free drink from Starbucks for filling out one of those stamp-cards tho, so i thought getting a venti drink would be an a+ idea and oh lord i am not used to that much caffeine. 


Just read the RR Live Update...

Is there like a free pass for murder or something? Because I’m feeling very murderous after reading today’s episode and precap.  

How many more ways can they continue to piss us off?