Favourite parts of the video + favourite lines of the song

Play us like pawns and relentlessly confined
Into living up to gender roles and having absent minds
Don’t you think it’s funny how they tell us how to live?
Don’t you think it’s funny how we’re all delinquent kids?
Like hush now. Don’t say, don’t say.

Hush boy, oh hush boy don’t say a word
throw on a jersey no one gets hurt
Hush girl, oh hush girl Just bat your eyes
Play our little game, play our little game

Little game by Ben J. Pierce (x)


I’ve decided to make only one vow to you, because it’s the only one that really counts.


Sona’s Face Just Makes Things Better.


The awkward moment when your twin brother…

  1. tells everybody you have more piercings in your whole body.
  2. makes a song about kissing your girlfriend.
  3. tells everybody you’re a virgin.
  4. pretends to kiss you on a photoshoot.

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Angst scenario with Jimin??? :D


Title: Erase
Characters: JiminxOC

Genre: Solid Angst, slight violence(?)
Word Count: 1583

Prompt/Request: Angst + Jimin’s girlfriend wanting to end the relationship because he’s an idol and she feels like she’s burden to him (as well as knowing that Jimin won’t be able to commit all that time to her)

A/N: Didn’t really turn out ^ that way, but it’s definitely a whole lotta angst and sorry for the mess of a one shot this is bc it’s shit tbh. I don’t like this but if I don’t post it, this will never be written

Slightly inspired by this song (highly rec btw~ ^^)

- Admin Unnie


Jimin dials her number for the nth time and again is put straight to voicemail. Punching his bed in frustration, he grabs his jacket and heads straight for the door, ignoring the maknae’s attempts at talking any sense into the Busan dancer.


This wasn’t the first time his girlfriend, if he can still call her that anymore, ignored his phone calls. It wasn’t his fault that his job required this lack of contact and she knew what she was getting into before they even started this relationship. And it wasn’t that Park Jimin didn’t try. He did. So much. But it didn’t help that they would constantly have the same argument, again and again.


Jimin knew of his girlfriend’s habits. She had threatened him once, attempting to end their relationship by using Taehyung, but being the best friend he was, Kim Taehyung had warned the him about what his girlfriend wanted to do. Jimin had talked her out of her stupid plot and they were good. For that couple of months, things were good.


It wasn’t until their last comeback with their appearance on ASC that Jimin started to see his girlfriend’s true colours. The night after the show Jimin had received a call that his girlfriend was clubbing it up and had hooked up with multiple guys. He didn’t want to believe it, but something in the back of his mind knew that this hadn’t been the first time she had done something like this.


Dragging Namjoon and Hoseok with him, he had found her at one of the younger clubs in the backstreets of Hongdae and to no surprise, making out with another guy. Namjoon had seen the anger seething in the younger dancer and had to tell Hoseok to hold him back while he went to find the dancer’s girl.


Pulling her outside, Jimin had questioned what her sudden motives were this time.


“I saw you,”


“What are you talking about?”


She scoffed and glared, “You were blatantly flirting with that JYP chick on air,”


Jimin could only roll his eyes and again explain that this was his job.


“Is that why you were sucking face with that sorry son-of-a-bitch?!”


She only shook her head, “It takes two,”


It was only then when Park Jimin realised how repetitive this was becoming and what kind of person his girlfriend really was. No matter how much he would try, no matter how much effort he would put in, she always seemed to make some accusation or some story in hopes to end their sorry excuse of a relationship. It had got to the point where she would publicly cheat on him.


But he couldn’t stop it. Stop her. And he didn’t know why.


“This is what our relationship is, Jimin-ah,”


Jimin knew that this was all her doing to break up with him, all just a ploy for him to finally cut ties with her. But every time he tried, there was something that would pull him back to her. And even when they did “break up”, she would always come running back to him, with her pretty manipulative words apologising that she was wrong and stupid to have ever even think of such things. And being the nice guy Park Jimin was, he let her run back into his arms.


It made him sick to his stomach.


His phone rings and he sees Namjoon’s name flash and knows exactly what the reason of this call is.




“I know, Hyung. I’m on my way,”


Jimin arrives at her regular and makes his way to the front of the line. The bouncer recognises him as a regular and can only give him a sympathetic look, moving aside for the younger male to run in.


The strobe lights and booming bass hit Jimin all at once but he doesn’t have time to let his head adjust to his surroundings as his eyes scan the dance floor. He spots a familiar white snapback and red hair dancing with a blonde in a gold and black dress. Jimin isn’t even fazed anymore by her actions as he watches the girl’s hands reach around the male’s waist.


Slipping his way through the gaps of the dance floor, Jimin tries to get closer but stops when he realises who the male is. His eyes lock with Yoongi’s and the rapper tries to motion that this isn’t what it looks like. Unfortunately his girl has slinked her arms around his neck and locks lips with the rapper before Yoongi can even respond. Jimin feels his blood boil. Although he fully expected this from her, Min Yoongi is the last person he would’ve expected her to end up with.


Jimin stalks towards the two, pushing Yoongi off as he pulls at her waist. A smirk briefly graces her lips at the motion until she realises who the body is. She snarls and is about to storm out when Jimin grabs her hand and pulls her out of the club. He’ll have to deal with Yoongi later.


Finding an empty corner behind the club, he pushes her towards the wall and runs his hands through his hair. The girl only taps her foot impatiently and Jimin just wants to fucking scream.


“What the fuck do you think you were doing?!” his eyes bore into hers but she isn’t even remotely fazed.


“What else do you think I was doing, Jimin?”


Jimin can only scream in frustration again as he punches the wall behind her, startling his girlfriend for once.


“But with…” he sighs on the brink of tears, “Yoongi-hyung?”


She only shrugs, twirling a strand of hair on her left index finger. Jimin grabs her wrists, his knuckles bruised and bleeding from the brick wall, as he backs her into the wall.


“Why do you keep doing this?” his grip tightens on the girl’s wrist.


“Ah, Jimin-ah, you’re hurting me…” she manages to squeal, her eyes wavering in what possibly could be a sign of regret.


But Park Jimin is at the point where even his girl’s tears won’t affect him. He’s gone to the point where he never wants to see her sorry face again. All the hurt he’s caused him throughout the course of their entire relationship, he knows he needs to stop it.


“You wanna break up right?” Jimin clenches his teeth, his hand still wrapped around her wrist and he doesn’t even realise how hard he’s gripping onto them until she tries to jerk away.


He knows the only way he can do that is to act like the cold bitch she had been from the start. To throw away that “nice guy” image that made him succumb to all her wishes in the first place.


“Jimin-ah…” she whines, attempting to pull away but that only causes Jimin’s grip to tighten and tug her up towards him.


“Fine,” he hisses. “We’re done,” his voice barely comes out as a growl and the tears beginning to roll down her cheek don’t even have an affect on Jimin at this point.


“Jimin-ah…I’m sorry…” she suddenly squeaks out but all Jimin does is scoff as he drops her hand, letting her fall to the ground. She rubs her wrist as she looks up at him, a sudden wave of regret and heartbreak finally hitting her.


He places his palm in front of her and she tilts her head in confusion. “Phone,” Jimin simply says and she hands it over immediately. He dials a number and directs the line to their current location before scrolling through her contacts and erasing his number.


He throws the phone at her feet.


“Don’t call me.”


She doesn’t have the chance to say a word as Jimin walks off, his back disappearing into the crowd.





Short | Distant Lover


Third Person |

Three Weeks Later

She my distant lover, so far away

Dream of her, since that day

Distant lover, so far away

I wish that I could bring her here to me

Distant lover, so far away

Girl, you so far away, hey

While tucking the white, velvety towel around his waist, Tremaine padded into his bedroom. Heaving out as he sat on the edge of the bed, he grabbed his nearby bottle of lotion. Gradually, he was able to moisturize his upper torso and arms. Yawns seeped past his plump lips, that stemming from work. But, this time, Tremaine was much more than tired. He was horny and missing his woman.

Too bad for him, they were separated from one another by thousands of miles. Releasing himself from this sexual frustration was the last thing that he had in mind. Tremaine was never the one to had to rely on Jill to get by, if you catch the drift. If he wanted it, he’d go get it. Without question. Unfortunately, things were different this go-around. However, what he was feigning for was deeper than sex; he was specifically missing Onyx’s loving.

Standing tall after minutes of fantasizing about his woman, he went to his dresser. Rustling around, he came across his black Calvin Klein briefs and slipped into those. Dimming the lights, he tiredly traipsed to his bed that was adorned with black, silk sheets. It was pushing eleven o’clock on a Saturday night; he had declined his boys’ invitation to chill. In addition to his sexual needs being unmet, he was excited to see Onyx after a week’s time.

For the past week, she stayed at a hotel while attending a teachers’ convention. They didn’t Skype nor FaceTime, due to her hectic schedule clashing with his. Phone calls and a few text-message conversations was all that they could offer one another. While it was better than nothing, being uprooted from their daily schedule was just as bad as when he had to head back to Miami. They just missed seeing each other’s faces.

Miles away, Onyx was in Toronto feigning for Tremaine’s touch as well. Being that she was the reason why they weren’t video-calling one another as much, she felt compelled to make it up to him for the night. For awhile, she had been curious about the idea of Skype sex. In her mind, it seemed kinky and out of her realm. The idea of it had her mind running wild. Tremaine knew how to please her physically but, Skype sex entailed him stimulating her mental and if he could paint the perfect picture with his naughty words, it could go extremely well.

Tremaine had no idea what was in store so, it was her responsibly to get the ball rolling and that made her slightly nervous. But, be that as it may, she started preparing for it. Donned in a black, see-through negligée, she sauntered to the wall beside her bedroom door. She played with the newly installed dimmer, finally getting the lights set to a romantic glow.

She went to the mirror, primping her make-up for this erotic session. The make-up was so light, you wouldn’t even tell she was wearing any. Plus, Tremaine preferred her natural tint over any make-up at all. She grazed her cashmere-pink nails through her wavy hair, a small smile adorning her face at how the curls slightly clung to her cheeks. She loved that the steam from her shower made her lengthy tresses curl into loose-falling ringlets. It made her appearance look more hot and bothered; she wanted to tease him.

Trailing to her King-sized bed, she crawled up on it and placed her voluptuous body against the comfy pillows. The time was eleven o’five and they had agreed that she’d call at eleven. She collected herself and attempted to weasel out her inner freak. Taking a deep breath, she laid a hand out to grab her MacBook and waited a minute for the laptop to come to from its’ sleeping mode.

Going through the same process as usual, she opened the Skype application and went to Tremaine’s name. While it was connecting their call, she glanced down at her perky breasts and cupped them, at an attempt to make the lingerie do her body further justice. ‘Cause she already knew that her body was looking pretty damn good.

“Was-sup, baby?” Tremaine husked, making Onyx want to lose her mind already. Instead, she kept her composure and wiggled further about in the bed until she was comfortable.

“Nothin’… how was your day?” she inquired, stalling until she was ready to unveil her plan. However, Tremaine had already caught on to her ruse. It stemmed from her coy tone, the ambiance of her bedroom, and the black lingerie that adorned her curvaceous body. The sheer was two-layered, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

“Better now than before.” he murmured as he took his bottom lip into his mouth. With ease, he slid his hand down to the rising beast, and tried to simmer down. Both, Onyx’s and Tremaine’s sexual needs were skyrocketing. As they stared at one another through lustful slits, Onyx decided that she’d take the wheel.

“I have something special for you tonight.” she smirked, sitting upright in her bed. Onyx divided her legs, stationing the laptop between them. Tremaine had an impeccable view at her entire frame but, his eyes were aimed at what was below her waist. Dampening his ample-sized lips, he propped himself up against his pillows, preparing himself for tonight’s festivities.

“Oh, yea?” he grumbled, watching her nod slowly. Her small hands roamed up her sides; Tremaine’s eyes savoring every inch of her shapely body. She traveled up to her full breasts, which were covered by the risqué lingerie, and caressed them, slipping into her own world while he sat back and marveled.

“You don’t know how much I wish I could be there,” Tremaine grunted, feeling the pressure gradually rise below, “You so bad.”

“So, if you were here… what would you do? I need you to talk to me.” she moaned, turning Tremaine on even more than he already was.

“That sexy shit would already be on the floor,” he grumbled, referring to her lingerie, “Take it off and let Daddy see.”

Her bashful smile couldn’t be hidden as she pulled the sexy attire from her comely body. Her full breasts fell free and her hands went straight to them for a quick groping, which Tremaine misconstrued for her attempting to veil herself from him.

“No, no. Lemme see,” he rasped, his member hardening by the second, “damn, baby. You so fuckin’ beautiful. Goddess.”

Tremaine had stressed before that he was in love with her chocolate-kissed skin. She was a work of art and her beauty was arresting. It was inevitable for him to get wrapped up in her miraculous features. 

Damn, he was whipped.

“Move the camera a li’l bit, baby,” he instructed so that he could get a better view, “yea, right there.”

“Can you see this?” she asked, seduction dripping from her every word. She couldn’t start her show because Tremaine’s order stopped her short.

“Don’t touch ya’self yet.” he warned once her hand slithered down South. She pouted, both eyebrows caving inward. Still, she moved her hands towards her thick thighs where he could see.

“Please, Tremaine.” she mumbled, scratching lines into her thunder-thighs with need. Being hundreds of miles away, Tremaine still had an abundance amount of control over her body. While watching her fret from the lack of contact, he freed himself from his briefs, allowing Onyx to get an eyeful at what she was missing out on. She was not the only one that could tease and she should have known that.

Her mouth fell ajar, the sight making her sex clench agonizingly tight.

“Mm, I miss him.” she murmured sexily, eyeing the Beast. Tremaine stroked himself slow, just giving her a show.

“He miss you, too.” he whispered. They both shared a senseless chuckle, perhaps over the kinky extents they were going to, to arouse one another.

“Can I?” she asked, pointing downward. She was ready to be at his beck and call for the night, serving his every command with confidence that he would lead her to her climax.

“Aight,” he breathed, gripping himself, “open up for me… use two fingers.”

Quickly, she obliged, having more fun with this than she had anticipated. Her body had went into auto-pilot after being neglected sexually for so long, that she didn’t even feel nervous anymore. She used her fingers to reveal her sex to him, slowly lathering them up in the result of this minor foreplay. Tremaine kept focus, letting out a throaty grunt at the sight of his pussy.

“Lick ‘em clean, like I would do.” he rasped, leisurely stroking himself. He watched Onyx take her pointer-finger and middle-finger into her mouth, sexily sucking them clean. Just like Onyx, the self-pleasure was for desperate measures only — which rarely came — but with her, he felt so comfortable. And, seeing that it was breaking the barrier to his slightly timid schoolteacher, he was aroused beyond belief.

“Now what, daddy?” she teased, making him chuckle lightly. She was definitely actin’ up; it was a tease ‘cause she knew he couldn’t just come over and handle it. Onyx wasn’t slick.

“Slip ‘em inside… in, out, in, out,” he coached her, his eyes falling hazy from lust. She thrusted at an even pace, just like Tremaine would do. An eruption of pleasure unfurled within her core. Gradually, her panting hitched up, as well as his groans and breaths of arousal.

“No, no, no. Don’t touch ya’ clit, not yet.”

She shrilled, upset that she couldn’t make contact with the throbbing bundle of nerves. The sloshing from her fingers prodding her drenched cove enticed Tremaine to quicken his movements, his bottom lip tightly locked between his pearly whites. Eyebrows knitted in concentration, he released an animalistic grunt at the pressure towering up. He continued to coach her; curl ya’ fingers up, go faster, a li’l slower, rub ya’ clit. Amongst some of the commands that he would toss out.

“Wait, wait, wait.” she murmured, removing her thin fingers from her soddened slit.

“Baby, why you stop?” he breathed, eyes squinted at the goddess heaving before him.

“I need more than fingers, just wait.” she said lowly, confusing him some. Be that as it may, he slowed down his strokes, releasing some of the pleasurable pressure that had built up. In the background, he heard her fiddling with something. Before he could beckon her back to him, she was in her previous position, a red toy in hand. She caught his amazement, a slight chuckle leaving her mouth.

“Funny birthday gift from the girls.” she said, biting down on her bottom lip. And, it was. They purchased a whole basket full of vulgar and offensive sex-toys as a silly joke. It was their attempt at hinting for Onyx to get laid. She had never used anything in the basket but, tonight, she would be utilizing the vibrator.

“I’m bigga’ than that, doe. I’m not?” he asked with humor once she pursed her lips up.

“It’ll have to do, babe.” she murmured, turning it on until the buzzing sound filled their ears. While the moment was briefly interrupted, their needs were barely met so, they preserved it without hesitation.

“Turn it off and just rub it on ya’ pussy. Get it wet for me.” he grumbled, watching on as she slid the red, silicone vibrator up and down her leaking cove. Tremaine released a deep grunt, imagining that instead of his hand, it was her walls squeezing his girth.

“Can I turn it on now?” she whined, begging underneath it all. Tremaine nodded, making a thankful sigh escape her gaped lips. With the flick of the a small switch, the toy ripped with speed in her hand. Slowly, she placed the tip against her sex, making her quiver at the intensity.

“Fuck, Tremaine , this feels so good.” she whimpered, slowly slipping the vibrating device between her moist folds. She buried the toy deep inside her, feeling the tremors around her whole being. Her moans rose to higher heights like a crescendo, eyes rolling to the back of her head out of bliss.

“Rub ya’ clit… faster.” Tremaine belched out, gritting his teeth at the fervency amplifying within him. She did as told, feeling the high that was almost close to where he could take her.

“Damn… I’m so close.” she mewled, shutting her eyes due to the indescribable pleasure. A medley of sounds filled the air; the smacks of skin, the pants of ecstasy, his grunts colliding with hers to create a sexy harmony.

“Go harder, baby. I know you close.” Tremaine mumbled, focusing on her getting hers first. Even with this barrier, he was gon’ make sure that Onyx left their erotic session, fully satisfied.

No longer able to sit up for Tremaine to enjoy the show, she laid her weak body against the pillows and writhed under the shaking of the vibrator. Continuously, she told Tremaine that she was reaching her peak and continuously, he encouraged her sweet release.

“Cum for me, O.” he muttered, still pumping his brick-hard length in his burly hand. While surveilling Onyx’s curvy body closely, he felt that familiar throb and knew his time was coming — no pun intended. But, as promised, he wanted her to cross the finish-line before him.

"Yes, yes, fuck, yes,” she chanted loudly, the levy holding her river, finally breaking down. As soon as she opened her bleary eyes to see Tremaine, he was bursting, relief slowly rinsing his face from the built up tension. Through her heavy breathing, a satisfied smile stitched across her remarkable features. As they basked in the aftermath of their messes, they reflected on the rewarding moment that they just experienced. Onyx couldn’t believe that she would do such a thing; Tremaine was bringing out the worst… or best, depending upon how you looked at it.

“That was so good, baby.” Onyx sighed, pulling the drenched vibrator up to her reach to turn off the buzzing sound. Yawning, she tilted her head downward while laid against the pillows, glancing at Tremaine’s face. His eyes were closed, a sleepy smile tugging at her lips at the sight of him.

She was whipped.

“I won’t lie,” he mumbled, “that felt amazin’ as fuck. I still miss you, doe.”

Grabbing the negligée that previously adorned her thick body, she covered her core from the arctic air that began to give her a slight case of the chills.

“Me, too. I can’t wait to see you.” she smiled, staring into his eyes through the camera. For the moment, they marveled at one another and it mesmerized yet, perplexed them how much they had let go to one another in such a short span of time. Tremaine and Onyx met on spontaneous grounds but, there was no denying that they were compatible as if they had years of foundation behind them.

“Real soon, baby,” he drawled, that Virginia twang seeping through and turning her on slightly, “aight, I gotta clean this shit up.”

Chuckling, she nodded while glancing down at her sheets that were submerged in her sticky nectar. Picking her hands up just to drop them back down, she acknowledged that she had quite the cleaning up to do herself before she could get some well-needed sleep.

“Yea, I’ll call you tomorrow morning, okay? Have sweet dreams.” she winked playfully.

“Trust me, my dreams gon’ be sweet.” he smirked, his hooded eyes drifting down towards her barely covered center. As much as Tremaine enjoyed this rendezvous with his distant lover, he was feigning to hold her and once she was in his grasp, he was gon’ give her the best lovin’ she ever had.

Harry's getting head

Ok, this was written in a hurry cos basically i didn’t have in mind writing anything other than Daydream Delusion and i was thrown off by anons asking me to write a one shot over last night’s events so i thought i may as well do it.  Hope you guys enjoy it!.


Everything  happens in such a blur, everyone moves so fast and it gets hard for Louis to catch up with it and let all of it sink in. Quiet literally hard, all he’s been wishing is if he could stop time for a while or fast forward so he could have his very well deserved time alone with Harry. Ever since they left on the way to, probably their biggest event, he had wanted to strip Harry off those clothes even thought he had done so earlier in the day. Harry was no different, he had turn to socializing and paying more attention to the media circus happening around them, greeting people and getting indulged in interviews to get his mind off it.

There was this feeling lingering in the air, between the two of them that as the night went by it kept getting thicker and more suffocating. They turn to sip on their drinks, one after the other to relax and celebrate because they’re still too overwhelmed by the emotions. Their eyes finding each other most of the time and never moving onto anything else, in a room full of people, music and lights they only see each other. That’s how it always goes.

Harry sneaks away to go to the toilette because it gets too hard to handle, because all he can think about is getting out of there and go home with Louis. He doesn’t want to wank it off in such a public place and given the circumstances so he walks back and forth on the oddly empty toilette, trying to calm down and think of anything else other than him and that stare that drives him mad. His thoughts are interrupted when the door is thrown open and in walks none other than Louis himself and Harry instinctively walks backwards as Louis approaches him and throws him into a cubicle, locking the door of it behind him and before Harry can do anything, he’s being slammed against the wall and kissed fiercely. All pent up tension starting to ooze out in that passionate kiss and Harry almost feels violated because Louis’ tongue invades his mouth almost obscenely as one of his hands is gripping Harry’s hip a bit hard so his other hand is in his hair, the strands being pulled a bit too rough,  their crotches are pressed together and Harry moans, pulling away from the kiss almost reluctantly but Louis goes for his neck, biting on it.

“Stop… please” Harry whines and pushes Louis away from his body and into the other wall of the cubicle. When Harry dares to open his eyes he almost regrets it because Louis is looking back at him, like some wild creature about to pounce on him and Harry gulps down, trying hard not to give in.

“We have to go back… we can’t. Not here” He keeps whispering and Louis nods unenthusiastically but he knows Harry is right and management are probably wondering where they are already because they know they have to keep an eye on them at all times, watching them like hawks and they can’t afford to get caught if someone happens to walk into this toilette so he swallows thickly and ruffles Harry’s hair slowly, unlocking the door and stopping momentarily to check himself in the mirror before walking out.

Harry just keeps trying to regain his breathing, licking his lips and leaving the cubicle. Looking over at himself in the mirror for one last check as well and leaves too.

They’re swarm by a few more interviewers and they can’t help all the flirting because it spurs them on and they love a challenge but Harry tries to play it cool when Louis mentions he’s getting head tonight thought deep down he’s screaming, Louis knows this and smiles politely, almost innocently at him. Harry sure wants to punch him and then have his way with him, it’s almost masochistic how much he hates and loves it at the same time.

Once they’re done, they talk to other random people at the after party which serves of enough distraction for the time being for Harry but soon enough it’s all forgotten when a pair of lips press against his ear , whispering “Meet me outside in five” with a hand that’s placed on his lower back and brushes along as the body leaves and Harry gulps the tension back on his chest down his throat for the eleventh time that night.

He leaves a bit earlier than five minutes because that sounds like an eternity, when he’s outside there’s few people out there and a car that looks like one they arrived in stops right in front of him, the passenger’s door opens and Harry already knows when he sees Louis on it so he climbs in quickly. This is basically them sneaking out together, Louis hasn’t told anyone but that’s ok, for tonight he doesn’t care if tomorrow they get an earful for leaving without the others and not telling, right now he has more important things to take care of.

Once Harry is in they just stare up and down the other, biting lips and blinking slowly due to all the alcohol and they can’t wait any longer so they both move forward and their lips crash together, instantly opening and giving access to tongues. Louis moves further on his side as Harry unconsciously leans back a little, pulling Louis to him as his arms came around his neck, Louis placed a hand on Harry’s knee that starts moving further into the inside of his thigh until reaching his crotch, palming him and Harry whimpers into the kiss because it almost hurts by now after trying to hold back all night.

With his other hand, Louis reaches for Harry’s bowtie and tugs roughly on it, removing it and throwing it away and Harry pulls on Louis’ blazer to unbutton it then push Louis off him right after Louis had squeezed his hard on and climbs on his lap. For a second they notice the car has been playing music a bit louder than the usual and Harry by now can tell that James is driving even though he can’t see due to a black window between the backseat and the driver’s seat, he’s a bit relieved because he’s forgotten they were in a car but this wasn’t the first time James had to deal with this situation. Pulling on Louis’ hair he captures his mouth again, sucking on his lips with open mouthed kisses and Louis reaches down between Harry’s legs on his lap and palms Harry through his trousers again, moving his hand back and forth between his legs and Harry pulls away moaning, pressing the side of his face on Louis’ and he pulls harder on his hair as he keeps moaning and Louis squeezes harder so he starts rocking his hips against Louis’ hand. His lips are on Louis’ ear as he keeps moaning repeatedly and Louis grunts when he tries to unbutton Harry’s waistcoat with one hand as the other is massaging Harry’s unsteady hard on, on impulse he turns his head and bites on the weak spot on Harry’s neck and Harry lets out a small shriek and for a moment stops moaning and bites his lip as he grinds harder on Louis’ hand but then the car comes to a stop and the music is more faint on the background and Louis stops his administrations, a small knock on the glass letting them know they arrived home.

 Harry sits up straight and his eyes are shut tightly, taking a deep breath he gets off Louis’ lap and quickly exists the car and runs into their complex, Louis follows suit, he’ll thank James later. He reaches the lift that Harry’s in and instantly goes to work on the buttons of the waistcoat as Harry’s hands stroke his shoulders in a desperate fashion.

The lift stops and Louis runs out of it, taking his keys from his back pocket and quickly opening the door.

“Harry’s getting head” he repeats a little breathless, looking back at Harry walking down the hallway and skips into their flat leaving the door open and Harry stop for a moment, leaning on the all and squeezing his hard on then walking fast into the flat and closing the door.

He sees Louis’ blazer lying on the floor, followed by his shoes and his sweater and he follows the trail until reaching their living room, thought there’s no one there he feels an arm sneak from behind him that squeezes his crotch and he hisses but said hand leaves, both now working on his blazer and waistcoat dropping them on the floor and Louis turns him around, throwing him on the couch and Harry bites his lip a bit too hard.

When Louis kneels in front of him, he starts unbuttoning his trouser and unzipping it as Harry quickly unbuttons his white shirt and Louis yanks at them, pulling Harry’s boxers on the way too and Louis looks up at him, his mouth coming inches away from his hard on, feeling Louis’ breathing hitting the skin and Harry squirms.

“Just do it” It’s all he whispers, almost begging and Louis kisses the tip, just like he had done that night with their award more than twice and he doesn’t want to tease Harry anymore because he wants his release too.

Sticking his tongue out he gives it a small lick to the slit, wrapping one hand around it all the time staring into Harry’s eyes who gasped, refraining from closing his eyes and suddenly Louis wraps his lips around the tip to then lick all the way down and back to making Harry’s member disappear into his mouth, his tongue twisting around it and head slowly bobbing up and down.

Harry can’t help it and throws his head back, eyes shut and his hands come into Louis’ head as he quickens his movements. Harry tries to hold on but he can’t, because he’s been doing that almost all night long and actually feeling Louis’ warm mouth wrapped around his dick along with his tongue is the last straw so he pushes his hips up one time.

“I’m…” It’s all he’s able to mutter before he moans loudly and starts cuming into Louis’ mouth, panting and still moaning occasionally, falling fully on the couch and laying spent and a little ashamed, he wanted it to last longer. He opens his eyes and sees Louis wiping his mouth and smiles sympathetically at him.

“Sorry” Harry whispers as he combs a hand through his messy hair and takes a deep breath. He wanted to apologize earlier but he couldn’t even get the words out and now he’s glad he didn’t because it would’ve sounded odd.

“Don’t… we’re not done yet” Louis slowly states as he stand up and puts his arms around Harry’s torso, pulling him up and Harry hugs back, his legs feel like jelly as he tries to stand but it’s ok, because Louis is there dragging him along and leading the way towards their bedroom.

Harry knows he’ll have to use the small trip from the living room to the bedroom to try recovering when he feels Louis’ hard as a rock against his crotch… and he can’t wait for it because they’re just getting started.

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1. Pick one of your muses.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your muse
3. Tag five people to do this meme~

  • 1. What is your name?

"Name’s Baggy™"*



  • 2. Do you know why you were called that?

"Because my trainer can’t come up with better nicknames for his pokemon…”

  • 3. Are you single or taken?

"I’m in a really serious relationship with food"

  • 4. Have any abilities or powers?

"Well i’m good at using my head… in the most literal sense. I’ve also master the use of fire punches after some serious, painful training”

  • 5. Stop being a Mary Sue!

"I never really understood what does that mean. I’ve gotta ask Zeke to explain it to me in detail"

  • 6. What’s your eye color?

"I sport some nice hazel eyes according to others"

  • 7. How about your hair color?

"Uh… If my crests counts as hair, then it’s red?"

  • 8. Have you any family members?

"How about you mind your own business >:("

  • 9. Oh? What about pets?

"As if"

  • 10. That’s cool I guess, now tell me about something you don’t like.

"Ghosts types, those guys seriously creep me out (Good thing I know some dark type attacks…)"

  • 11. Do you have any hobbies/activities you like doing?

"Eating counts as both right?"

  • 12. Ever hurt anyone before?

"… Yes"

  • 13. Ever….killed anyone before?


… Only because I had no other option left to do”

  • 14. What kind of animal are you?

"A reptile I believe"

  • 15. Name your worst habits

"I’ve been told that my attitude sometimes can be infuriating"

  • 16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

"I told myself to never do that kind of shit"

  • 17. Gay, straight, or bisexual?

"Not your business :D"

  • 18. Do you go to school?

"Zeke told me that a school is a place humans go to learn about different stuff that you’re gonna apply little of it at a later age, but I’ve never been to something similar to that"

  • 19. Do you ever want to marry and have kids one day?


  • 20. Do you have any fanboys/fangirls?

"God I hope not"

  • 21. What are you most afraid of?

"Losing the few guys I’ve got in my life… and food too"

  • 22. What do you usually wear?

"My skin :/"

  • 23. Do you love someone?

"How many times did I say food already"

  • 24. When was the last time you wet yourself?

"Many, maaaanyy years ago"

  • 25. Well, it’s not over yet!


  • 26. What class are you?(High class, middle class, low class)

"I roam with my trainer across every part of the world where legendary pokemon are hiding. His… dream is to see every single one of them"

  • 27. How many friends do you have?

"Quite a few I’d say"

  • 28. What are your thoughts on pie?


  • 29. Favourite drinks?

*is still drooling*

  • 30. What’s your favourite place?

*keeps on drooling*

  • 31. Are you interested in someone~

*the drool has fallend onto the ground holy shit*

  • 32. What’s your bra cup size and/or how big is your willy?

*snaps out of it, but chokes on own saliva*

  • 33. Would you rather swim in the lake or the ocean?

*Cough, wheeze* “ACK”

  • 34. What’s your type?

*cough* “Agh… I have no idea”

  • 35. Any fetishes?


  • 36.  Uke or Seme?

"Ew go away you goddamn weeaboo!"

  • 37. Camping or indoors?

"It’s been so long since I’ve slept in a proper bed and all that…"

  • 38. Are you wanting the quiz to end?

"Yes it’s becoming annoying"

  • 39. Now it’s over! Tag five people.

"Why don’t you do that yourself?!"

spikes-and-shadows asked:


Send me a ⊱♥⊰ for my Muse’s reaction to yours hugging them without warning!

    She was left in an utter daze after she was released from the Tsukuyomi, her eyes still adjusting to the scene at hand and her mind still trying to register where exactly she was. She still hadn’t quite grasped what was going on when she was pulled into an embrace. It was only a few moment later, however, that she realized those very things.

    The last thing she had remembered was being wrapped up inside the cocoon of the tree before she was placed into a dream world where everything was eerily okay.

    Now, she was placed right back onto the battlefield and for a moment she tensed, feeling as if she should be on guard. It wasn’t until an uproar of cheering field the area that she sure what was going on.

    It was all over.

Never had there been such a moment in her life that she felt such… relief. All her muscles eased and she finally felt like she didn’t have to be on guard for once in her life. She could… she could be venerable. Unfortunately, with that relief, with that venerability, came realization of the true reality. People were gone, lives were lost.

Their fathers…. were gone.

    And with that she wrapped her arms tightly around the Nara’s neck, burrowing her head into his shoulder as tears filled up in her eyes.


    Neither moved in that moment, because though the others’ were cheering, though there was an uproar of intense relief and joy that it was all finally over, their brief moment of euphoria had already passed and their grief had settled in. There was nothing that could sway their grief in that moment, because there was nothing that could change the harsh reality they had just been given—-

They were going home fatherless.

Ugh this got deleted and I’m not rewriting it so it’s short now.

”[…] having Sakura switch over to loving Naruto would make her kind of a terrible woman.
Anyway, Sakura really has always just been wholeheartedly about Sasuke.”

How the hell would Sakura not loving someone make her a terrible woman.  This is the most misogynist thing I’ve ever heard.   How does Sakura no longer loving a cold-hearted jack*ss make her a bad person?   I already knew Naruto and Kishimoto’s writing are sexist but this is just too much.

Student sends me a huge list of points that need clarifying because she got a low grade for the assignment. When the list of concerns has thirteen points and at least three lines long each followed by two paragraphs on why she deserves a higher mark because she spent so much time on it, you bet I will fire up a new Word document and write some prose of my own to explain how I graded the paper.