Listened to Enrique’s Bailamos, Ring My Bell and Tonight and just - imagine them with pants dancing. Yup. Put the songs on and just imagine them swaying their hips hard.


Listen To Time

Theta/Koschei rewrite of the Gallifrey scene in 'Listen'

 ”That day. You’re right it hurts, but it is also unique don’t you think, Theet? Right there you could have seen everything. Every way, every possibility and the entire universe as one whole thing. You can’t even see it, but you just know you do see it. That’s what we are you know. We have the advantage and responsibility of knowing.….You can be scared. Fear makes you more alert, but I won’t be. I saw it all. The power, the chaos and what we could do with that knowledge.” Koschei said on the edge of quickly and let his head roll to face his best friend. “You can fear instead of me and call me if it’s too much. I will take it back.”